Monday, March 21, 2011

My Space and Day #21

Helllloooo, you beautiful girls!! How are you today??! I am divine and ready for a brand new week!!

How did it out your space or a drawer or a bin? It was just what I I can't wait to head to my space and work!! So many ideas...let's look at what I did over the weekend....Here is the before....

Little bits and pieces everywhere. I couldn't find anything!
Here is the after...

Not so congested here. Plenty of room.



My basket of journaling labels and favorite word stickers and rub-ons. My Brave Girl stamps are to the left and there's my Soul House. Not finished yet but repainted. I am still deciding on what I'm gonna do with it. I have a few ideas...
 This sits right in front of my workspace. So nice and neat now. My fave stamps are organized in those silver bins. They are a must in all my Art Journal pages!!!

That 2 drawer unit on the top right holds dozens of words, tags, remnant rub-ons and all things tiny!
I moved all my paint, glue, brushes and tools to this unit. I picked this up at an auction last spring. I adore this thing!!!

Each bin has something different in it....acrylics, Mod Podge, extra brushes, my embosser, etc.

My Grandpa made this for my Mom back in the 80's. So happy it is mine now...I love that I am creative like Gramps!:)

That's my Pooh Bear I got when I was 9 years old. He reminds me that anything is possible...anything!! 

Just a small bookshelf with mini albums and a few of my idea books....

That red box is full of letters I use to create Words for my blog photos. It's my new obsession;)

And then here's a Before view of the space...

No wonder I was feeling overwhelmed!! 

Here's the space today!

Soooo much nicer don't you think?
I would LOVE to see your space!! If you took photos why not write a post in your blog this week? Then be sure and let me know so I can stop by and visit;)

Challenge #21

Our Challenge today is soooo simple, fun and you can do it anywhere!! Even while you're watching your favorite show....
We are gonna start an Inspiration File this week. Something you can refer to again and again. I just use one of those manila folders you can buy at any discount store {I LOVE to alter these so I have a ton on hand all the time}. Grab a few old magazines and /or books and start looking through them. Anything that catches your or cut out! These look soooo cool in our Art Journals!! Next week I'm gonna show you some really awesome ways to use these get to work!! Rip away!!!

Along with these images and words you can add ideas, quotes, notes, anything you may want to add to your Art Journals to your Inspiration File. This is an ongoing process!!! 

Challenge #22 will be up by 10 Pm tonight!!:)


  1. I've been cleaning and organizing my space, too. I may just need to share some photos in the future. Your space is looking great! A clean space makes it so much fun to dive in and get dirty :)

  2. Your space looks fantastic!!! (the before shots look like mine looks MOST of the time) (especially during Soul Restoration)

  3. wow, what a transformation! making art in a clean space makes all the difference, doesn't it?
    although, most of us start out clean and end up in a big mess! lol!

  4. No before and after photos BUT I remember I had an old make up case of my Grandmother's that is perfect for my more exspensive paints. I also went through my garage and put all my ready to paint canvas in one place!

  5. Wait until I post a photo of just how many pages I've already torn out of magazines!! ;)

  6. I've been steadily working through all of the stuff in my studio. It will be pretty very soon and I'll post some pictures. Great challenge!

  7. Every time I see your name it reminds me of how I am so not good at these challenges. I am so behind....I have been tidying up my space for 12 years and it's still as messy as the day I started...I need a studio maid....hmmmm I wonder if I could hire one thru Craig's List

  8. are all so amazing!! And you are NEVER behind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!