Monday, November 30, 2020

December Challenge: Writing Down Our Prayers


I believe in Prayer. 

Not a day has gone by in thirty-five plus years that I haven't prayed.

 But it was just in the last four years I began writing down my prayers in my journal. 

That has been the single most powerful thing to change my life I can think of. 


December is here..the most magical month of the year!

I am obsessed with all things, movies, retro specials from the 60's and 70's, family get-togethers and of course...the birth of my Savior, Jesus Christ. 

And while gifts under the tree are nice, 

the only gifts I truly need are my family and the love of Christ in my Heart. 

I invite you to join me along with the Brave Heart Faith Warriors Community in our FREE December Challenge. 

I know you are already busy this Season 
but I PROMISE this is gonna be so EASY and SO fulfilling! 

What you'll need:

*index cards
*colored pencils, paint pens, ballpoint pens, pencil
*words cut from a magazine
*word stickers
*letter stamps

Our challenge is to write a WEEKLY prayer for the next five weeks on an index card.
Feel free to write on both front + back, decorating it any way you are inspired to. One index card a week.
If you are like me you may want to write your weekly prayer in your journals. You do what 
feels right. 

Try to focus your prayer on the Christmas Season. Here are some examples...

*Your relationship with the Christ Child during this Season
*Ask Him to inspire you to help someone in need
*Pray to KNOW Him like never before in 2021
*If you struggle during this holiday season, pray for His guidance
*Pray for a GIVING HEART
*If there is someone you need to forgive, ask Him to help you

There are endless topics you can go to God with! The main thing is you GO!!

Along with positive and uplifting motivation from our Community you will also receive a few freebies from me! Be sure and click on the title "5 Ways to Journal on Purpose" so I can get your email and send you the FREE Printables!

Click here to join our Facebook Community Brave Heart Faith Warriors.

I am so looking forward to writing down our prayers, growing closer to Christ and sharing them in our Community!!!!


Saturday, November 28, 2020

Hello and WELCOME!


Hello. My name is Leslie. I have been the Author of this Blog, Words of Me Project for over ten years. Throughout that time I have shared my family, my art, my words and my faith. I am passionate about each of those things and look forward to sharing with you again! 

A few years back I decided to switch it up a bit and moved over to another blogging platform. While I enjoyed my time there and wrote consistently for a year, it never quite felt like Home. There is just something about THIS place that brings me peace, comfort and joy. I think it's because this is where I began. This is the place I met so many wonderful women from around the world. I also wrote dozens of FREE courses and shared them all with YOU. My first year long course...52 Weeks of Being Me brought women from all over the globe to my little spot here on the web. It's still my most pinned course...being pinned nearly 100,000 times! You can find it here. It's completely FREE and guaranteed to add inspiration to your life!

These days I am known as Brave Heart Faith Warrior. My Faith is something I am fiercely passionate about. I am currently writing my first manuscript about the power of writing down your prayers and connecting with God. You can get a taste of that as well as a Community of the most incredible women in my Facebook Group...I invite you join today! 

You can also click on the SUBSCRIBE button below my blog title or on the link on the top right that says Free Art Journaling Ideas Newsletter...add your email and I will add you to my BRAND NEW Newsletter list! You can expect those at least twice a month!! You will also be the first to know about my new classes, products and MORE! Come be a Faith Warrior today!!!

You can expect to see more of me as I am diligently learning and working on growing my business. God has placed a Purpose in my life to connect with women and help them by encouraging them to connect with God. It is my prayer that you will go on this Journey with me. I am so happy you are here!

Much love,