Tuesday, March 22, 2011

31 Days {Day 22

Lately I have been filled with gratitude, sadness, joy, love, peace and inspiration. Such a range of emotions each and everyday. I think so many of my feelings come from where my family is in life right now. My kids are growing up. My sweet little girl starts High School in the fall...we just signed her up a few weeks ago.

Can it be?
How did this happen?
Where did the time go?

There are times I feel like I am suffocating with sadness...I miss my children. All little and cute and needing me to be their everything. Lately I find myself unable to look at photos of them in that stage of their lives...it fills my heart with such a heaviness.

Just writing this is soooo hard. As I type, tears are rolling down my face. I miss that time in my life.

But, just when it seems too much...when it seems like I will never be able to accept the fact they are growing up I am reminded of the fact they are becoming the most incredible young adults.

Jackson wants to be a High School Drama teacher and Debate Coach. Emma is leaning towards the medical field...dermatology at the moment. Both of them are looking forward to their life. They will say to me...."Mom, I am just so excited to live my life!"

I am so grateful for them. They have brought such a meaning to my life. I love them with my whole heart and then some.

Challenge #22

It has been months since I've scraped one photo. Like I said...it's hard right now to see my kids so little...but I also realize how important it is to keep a record of their lives. So I am committing myself to scrapping again. Just the basics. Photos, maybe an embellishment or two and my favorite Sharpie pen. That's what scrapbooking is after all...it's about getting the moment down for posterity, right?

I challenge you to scrap a few photos today. Nothing fancy...nice and simple and meaningful. 

**NOTE: So many of you are worried that you aren't keeping up!! Girls, this Challenge is not about keeping up! It's about adding a bit of creative inspiration to our lives everyday. All 31 Challenges will be posted at the top of my Blog in April!! No worries!!


  1. awwww leslie...those of us who made raising a family the center of our lives seem to feel this the most. our job is to raise our kids as god would have us, and sounds like you have done an amazing job.
    it may not feel like it, but the best is yet to come. for your kids, for your marriage, for yourself. yes, time to concentrate and nurture YOU!
    dry your tears, sweet friend...

  2. I am right there with you. My youngest son leaves for college this fall. So happy he is healthy and happy, but sad that my little boy will be gone.

  3. Thanks ladies. Your words mean so very much to me...

  4. The other day I was just thinking about my girls getting older and not needing me as much (the thought scared me a bit). I think I was trying to regroup after my 3 year old had a tantrum. Life goes fast and I already feel that they are growing up too fast (and they're only 3 and 6). It's important for me to stop and appreciate what I have. I need to stop and enjoy them now while they are little because it is going so fast. I so need to scrap, too. It's been forever since I've actually made a page (over 3 years.......my poor 3 year old). Thanks for the reminder and the inspiration to get scrapping again.

  5. Oooh, I so understand. I am looking for schools for First Grade next year and it all seems like such a big bad world! And it does go so fast. How wonderful that you are still recording their milestones in scrapbooking. I know that Kendra would love me to do the same. Thanks for the reminder - and the share ;)
    Wonderful organizing too - your room looks great! xo

  6. Here I am, on the other side of it all...my daughters are grown. My oldest daughter is married and expecting her first baby. I shed tears every single time I spend too much time with their childhood photos. Being home with them was a blessing. That said, I love my new life as an empty nester with my dear husband. I've lots of photos to scrap with, more memories than I can count. I'll enjoy this challenge.

  7. i so know where you are coming from...

  8. I too am on the other side of life. My son just left here after spending time with Mom. He will be 31 this May. I am so proud of my only child and all he has become. He is amazing,inspiring and such a beautiful heart. It is at times hard to see how the time has flown. But trust me.. there are many rewards ahead. My son is an amazing Music teacher... I am so blessed. Count those blessings.. Journal them and remember!! Our memories are a gift !!! xxxxx

  9. Years and years ago I started scrapbooking...
    I like this challenge. I have been going thru old photos and scanning them into my computer in order to organize them...it's taking forever.

  10. I am there with you too ... my video girl starts HG this Fall (summer) as well


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!