Monday, June 1, 2015

Life is an ADVENTURE

“Do not fear the unknown, dare to be adventurous in life.” 
― Lailah Gifty AkitaBeautiful Quotes

I have never been out of the country...until today. My 18 year old daughter and I are embarking on a trip of a lifetime and over a year and a half in the making.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think
my girl and I would be traveling to a foreign country.

I never do things without my husband. 
I ADORE my Dave!!
He is my rock.
My True.

But when Emma and I popped the...
"Can we go to Paris with the French Club" question
my guy was ALL IN!

So here I am...
traveling without my sweetheart...
the one who takes care of EVERYTHING!

So, yes I am a bit scared.
It's all up to ME to take care of the passports,
the money
where we go
what we see.

Laugh if you must...
but this is a whole new adventure for me.

This trip is about so much more than seeing France...
it's about making memories with my girl...
being inspired to live my life to the fullest...
and living BOLDLY, with out fear.

I will see you soon!!!