Wednesday, April 29, 2020

I am Home

It's been AWHILE.
I started this little blog of mine back in 2007.
WOW! So much has changed since then.
My kids are now adults and spreading their wings.
I work full-time as a Paraprofessional in an elementary school.
My husband and I own & operate our shaved ice biz...Kool Kats....
and..... we are going to be GRANDPARENTS this summer!

ALL pretty big changes since the last time I was here...
Even though I wasn't using THIS space to write...
I had switched to Word Press.


Not only was it a harder learning curve, I had to pay 
if I wanted to use some of the best features.
So I made the decision to come back HERE.


I have some grand plans for this blog of mine over the next few years.
First and foremost I want to get back to writing. It's ALWAYS been my
first love. I wrote a weekly newspaper column for five years 
back in the early 2000's and enjoyed every minute of it.
Sharing what's in my Heart is my passion!

What can you expect from this blog?

*LOTS of FREE art journaling ideas, handouts to print off
and more!

*Uplifting and inspiring ways to make your life filled with JOY!

*Faith stories, messages and quotes.

*Faith + Fitness


I invite you to join our on-line Facebook Community...Brave Heart Sisterhood Art Journaling.

Let me know you stopped by!!