Tuesday, March 1, 2011

31 Days {Day 2}

How are your Art Journal covers coming along? I know some of you already had something in mind...remember what I said...this is all YOU! Whatever makes you happy and feel like creating...do that!!:)

I also wanted to let you know that during the Challenge I will reply to every comment made here. Be sure and stop back by. Okay, let's get to Day 2!!

Challenge #2

Have you heard of the amazing and very talented Melody Ross?

She has created this wonderful site I visit frequently called "Brave Girl's Club" I was sooo blessed when my Mom surprised me with a spot in Melody's "Soul Restoration" class. I am just finishing it up this week and can't say enough wonderful things about it!! She will be offering this very same class again in April. I highly recommend it! Click here to sign up!!

I came away from this class with my heart full and a clearer vision of what my purpose on this Earth is. I am so grateful for Melody and the rest of her Brave Girls. They really gave their all in this class.

Anyway, throughout the course we listened to our "Truthteller". This can be God, our guardian angel, perhaps a loved one that has passed on. Melody told us to use a bird or something else that has meaning to us {like a butterfly} to represent our Truthteller. This one idea has made me a better person...{there is really so much more about this Truthteller...you MUST take the class!!}

During "Soul Restoration" I realized that I had been surrounding myself with birds for several years. Here are just a few I have around my home...

This little sweetie sits on my bedroom dresser.
One of the first Bird images I picked up...found in a quaint shop in Utah a few years back.
My fave little birdie:) Sits on my armoir with her house in my bedroom. She makes me smile.
A friend made me for collaging.
Love these stickers. They are pinned up on my bulletin board.
A friend made me years ago. It is on my bulletin board, too. Such a nice reminder:)
An image I printed off from Graphics Fairy. I plan on using it in my Art Journal one of these days.
Without knowing it I had been collecting bird stamps, too. 

Each of these is from a different set except for the owls.
My favorite stamp is that tiny bird on the upper left side by the owl. I use him on everything!

Since taking Melody's class every time I see a bird I think about Truth...I think about what is the Truth about what is happening in my life right now. It seems a bit crazy that something so simple can have so much power...I know. But it does.

So, here is your Challenge for Day #2...go back through your craft projects, your layouts and supplies. Is their one object or theme you keep repeating? Does that image show up throughout your home, too? Are you like me and have birds {or butterflies or sunshines or stars or moons or whatever} on your walls, your dishes...even on your favorite t-shirt? If you don't have one...I want you to really think about this. Every time you see this image I want you to think about your creativity, what it means to you and what is the TRUTH about it.

You are talented.
You are worth it. 
You are perfect just the way you are.

What image can be your Guide throughout this creative journey?
Take today and think about it and have an image chosen by Day 3. You probably already have several images in your art supplies. Be sure and gather everything you have so you can use them throughout your journey.

Be sure and leave a comment or if you have a question about the assignment please ask!!


  1. WOW. I will watch from afar - due to a lack of time - but know I am watching! (And admiring)

  2. Well that's it !
    My word / phrase HAS to be
    Branching Out.
    And the images I use ALL the time are trees and leaves.
    awesome challenge
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Your comment made me laugh.
    And yes, if you are careful you can bake your journals.

  3. Oh, Nicole-LOL:) So happy you stopped by and left a comment!! Maybe one of these days you can do a few of the Challenges;) Thanks for your kind words.

    And Marianne...seriously I had NO idea you could do that!! I am less than a year into Art Journaling and have so many techniques to learn. Love that I know that now:) And COOL on the Branching Out and the leaves and trees. Isn't it neat how we are just drawn to certain images over and over again?


  4. I already know...mine would be birds too! I love them! And I love you're connection with them. :)

  5. This is so cool! I have heard about Brave Girls - and really want to go to one of their retreats - is your class online? I am really interested - I will check it out - thank you ;)
    AND me too! Birds are my thing for sure. I too have them everywhere - it would be cool to do a post just on all the birds I have in my house like you did here - and I love your blog background, natch ;)
    Thank you - have a happy Wednesday . . . xoxoxo

  6. Thanks for doing this challenge again! I am going to be a bit vague on the object and say nature. Because I just moved into a new house and hubby and I are butting heads on our sense of style. I'd like to make sure in his modern style and my traditional style that I incorpate as much natural objects as possible. Branches, leaves, birds, moss etc...

  7. I love that so many of you love birds. They really are so fun. My Mom is an avid bird watcher...she knows like every single one that comes to her backyard {she has dozens that visit her!!}

  8. Oh and Kristin, that class is on-line. I have the link in the post above. The next class starts in April!!

  9. I've finally posted my Day 1 on my blog! http://mypurejoy.blogspot.com/
    Day 2 is actually challenging for me, but I'll see what I can find! Thanks so much Leslie for this; it's just what I needed! :-)

  10. Joyce, I am off to check out your creation!! Glad you are enjoying it. Sooo many fun challenges to come.

  11. My repeatative images are butterflies. I once actually said that I didn't like them before my daughter was born, and they have since become so much a part of my art and my surroundings. 14 years later and they are still all over my work and home. I'm going to write something about that -- thanks for making me think about it, Leslie!

  12. Cindi,I use butterflies in so many of my projects, too!!

  13. Serendipity! Thank you, Leslie, for stopping by and commenting on my blog. As a result, I came here. I would love to join in your challenge. I'll need to get my feet under me but it is just what I have been seeking post-Soul Restoration. Like you, I am a lover of birds and have quite a few collected throughout my house. Now to go and explore my journals for the theme I need for your challenge!

  14. Oh, Kathy...WELCOME! And remember you are NEVER, EVER behind:)

  15. It's always been butterflies for me!!!! I'm going to check out her class, I could really use some soul restoration!!!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!