Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Finding Joy

"It is the compelling zest
of high adventure and of victory,
and in creative action, 
that man finds his supreme joy."

  -Antoine De Saint-Exupery

**Dave is doing so much better! He is on the road to recovery!!! I am sooo happy:)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

From the Heart

Dave is doing better. 
He is still being stubborn.
And even though the swelling in his arm has gone down sooo much.
And even though he doesn't feel like death warmed over.
He is still sick.
And he is doing too much.
He assures me in a few hours he will come home and rest.

He is off to the Doctor, too.
We still don't know what is all going on.
They have told us Dave has some kind of bacterial infection like E Coli or Salmonella.

It all sounds scary to me.

"The best and most beautiful things
in the world
cannot be seen
or even touched. 
They must be felt with the heart."
  -Helen Keller

I feel your prayers and love and concern.

Thank you so much.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Please say a prayer...

Please say a prayer for my dear husband Dave.

He has a VERY BAD infection. We had NO idea. We thought it was the flu. He is very sick....

I believe in the power of prayer.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Working Together

I believe in lifting others up.

I believe in friendships
and partnerships 
and teamwork.

I believe the best way to grow 
as a human being
is to love one another
by embracing our differences
 and recognising that it's
because of our unique styles,
personalities and beliefs
we can become who we're meant to be.

I choose to be kind
and cheerful.


I choose to lift up
rather than
tear down.

Throughout the 2 years I've written "Words of Me Project" I have had several series of posts where I interviewed fellow artists..."Make My Monday" or promoted a favorite blog I followed..."Who Do You Follow?"

I am a HUGE believer in building one another up.

So many times women in a creative position will allow jealousy to ruin a friendship.
Many years ago that very thing happened to me. Someone I considered my best friend became very successful in the scrapbooking world. While I was sooo very happy for her...she became nearly unbearable to live with. All the "fame", jobs and hoopla went to her head. To this day we no longer speak. It always makes me sad...

One of my goals with my blog is to promote YOU. I continue to be amazed at all the talent in this world of ours. So many of YOU have uplifted me by your comments. I can feel your love:)

Yesterday on my Face Book fan page I did a little experimenting...I posted that today was Share Thursday and asked you to share links to your blogs, your artwork, anything. I was absolutely thrilled when a few of you did just that!!

So beginning today and everyday...PLEASE feel free to post your Blog links, give aways, artwork, ideas, etc. on my  Fan Page. Let's talk and learn and grow together!!

"Alone we can do so little;
 together we can do so much." 
-Helen Keller, Activist

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Fear/Doubt Monster

Two words.

Two ugly, little words.


I've always been a writer.
Writing is my first love

I've written for  radio and
newspapers most of my adult life.

I'm very confident 
and rarely afraid to
share what I write.

But my art.
Oh, that's a whole different ballgame.

Even though in my heart I just 
know if I didn't create.
If I didn't paint
and doodle
and try...

I wouldn't be honoring my 
authentic self.

 I wouldn't be the ME, that 
my Heavenly Father intended.

But oh, that
and Doubt.

It's here, in my heart
reminding me of one of those
scary monsters that lived in my closet.

It's staring me down
and telling me ugly, nasty things.

It laughs at me.

"You are wasting your time,
your money
and making a fool of yourself."

The Fear/Doubt Monster 
whispers this to me most days.

And most days I just tell him to be quiet.

To leave me alone.

But then
there are those days
he yells.

His scary voice seems 
to surround me.
I can hear him 
no matter where I am or
what I'm doing.

"You can't draw like so and so."

"You call that art?"

"What a joke."

Fear and Doubt.
Doubt and Fear.

A piece I made during Soul Restoration One

I wonder
if we knew what other
artists are thinking
if we would be able to chase
the Fear/Doubt Monster away...

for good.

Do you suppose that mixed-media artists like 
Pam Carriker
 Misty Mawn
Nancy Lefko
ever experience
the Fear/Doubt Monster?

I think so.

I mean they have to.
We're all human, right?

We all can be so very hard on ourselves.

I think it's time to say
"Bye, Bye Fear/Doubt Monster."

You may scare me...
but you can't hurt me.

You can't stop me from
being my very best.

I may not be like Pam
or Misty or Nancy...

But I am ME.

I am Leslie.

My goals and dreams are just 
as real and as important a theirs.

I am willing to learn
humble myself
and practice more
to make them come true.

Fear and Doubt.

This is one woman who knows where 
she's going and what she 
needs to do to get there.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We have 3 Winners!!

THANK YOU so much to everyone that participated in my 400th post/300 followers contest. Thanks to YOU I reached my goal!! So happy:) And the best part? The very best part? I have lots of new blogs to visit. I will be stopping by throughout the week and saying Hi!

Okay...let's get to business, shall we?

**I took each name, wrote on paper along with how many entries they received. I came up with 162 entries total. I then went to Random and TA-DA! Here's what happened....

Prize #1 

*Voice recorder for scrapbooking
*Felties from KI Memories
* Bird stamp
*Handmade mini book from me

Prize #2

*Water Color Pencils
*2012 Date Book

SOY PRINCESS 2 {Maggie!!}

Prize #3-THe BIGGIE!!!

*Watercolor pencils
*Bird chipboard stickers
*Vintage postcards
*Cloth. Paper Scissors Magazines
*Soooo much more!!
*Valued at $50

MAGGIE from Love My Scrap

Girls, be sure and stop by these blogs today. Each one is inspirational and artsy!!

Congrats to all winners!! Be sure and send me your address,

Have a GREAT DAY!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

I Have Arrived

My Business cards are IN. Here they are...

I found this awesome website that let's you take your Art and put them on your Biz cards.

 I was able to choose 6 images...

I knew exactly the ones I wanted. And I knew I wanted rounded corners on my cards. It cost $4 more but so worth it!

The quality of the cards is excellent. They are heavier than a playing card!

I thought long and hard about the name of my Creative Biz...
I just kept coming back to this...

Brave Girl Art. 
  When I'm creating
and putting myself out there 
I just feel so...BRAVE.

I mean this is NOTHING I would have
ever considered for myself
just one year ago.


However, because of the classes 
I've taken,
blogs I've read, 
techniques I've learned...
I can do this now.

I have learned how to be BRAVE. 
I am a BRAVE GIRL and I create.

**If I ever decide to sale on Etsy or anywhere else on the Web I will not use this name for obvious reasons.  This is local for me at the moment and at this time I have no intention of selling on Etsy.**

Here are a few things I've been working on...

Golds, browns and dark greens are becoming my favorite colors to use in my projects.

Lots of ink
and lace
and texture.

Butterflies keep popping up all over my work,  too.

Something so simple...but I really love it.

Couldn't you see this sitting on a nightstand in your bedroom?

Remember all those wooden blocks from a few weeks ago? Here is what I'm doing with them.

These are meant to motivate and inspire you.
Perfect for your desk top
or sitting on a shelf.

I must say Thank You 
to my friend and fellow creator, Jodi
for the inspiration here.

If you haven't seen Jodi's work...
be sure and stop by. 
She inspires me daily.

With your help I'm so close
to reaching my Follower goal of 300.
You girls are AWESOME!! Thank you!!!

The contest closes at 5PM CST tonight. I will announce the WINNERS tomorrow!!!!!!

What shape or word or symbol keeps popping up in your ART??

Friday, August 19, 2011


A background I created for one of my pieces.

Success isn't a result 
of spontaneous combustion.
You must set yourself on fire.

~Arnold H. Glasow

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Word &Goals-Update

I've been thinking a lot lately about my WORD for 2011. After all there's just 4 and a half more months of the year left! Pretty crazy, right?

So my WORD is Reinvent. Here is an excerpt from a post last January...

I chose REINVENT because I want to become a better me. I want to take a look at my life and know that I have been successful in many areas of my life and I know I can use those success's to help me find my way with future goals. I love many parts of me but there are those areas in my life that need help. In 2011 I want to become whole. I want to take my passions that fuel my spirit and fly!!

I really love the part that says "I want to take my passions that fuel my spirit and fly". Have I done that? Absolutely! I have taken 3 different on-line art courses, signed up for my first Craft Show and am planning my first e-course for this Christmas.  I am pursuing my passions and trying to live my very best life. My spirit is definitely flying!

I set lots of goals for myself this year. Below is my list I created last January 1st along with a note if I have completed or am working on the goal.

Goals for 2011


1) Write quality posts at least 3 times a week {did it}
2) Become more active in LBS, read other blogs, comment and share ideas {did it}
3) Promote women Bloggers on Words of Me Project with "Blogger of the Week" along with interviews
4) Grow "Skinny Me" to 100 plus followers while encouraging women to feel good about who they are and where they are going in this life and to BE HEALTHY!!
5) Support and encourage my friends who blog by reading, leaving comments and promoting their blogs here {see #3} {did it}
6) Uplift, encourage and inspire {I try my best!}
7) Post more scrapbook ideas, art journaling pages and other projects with directions {did it}
8) Write an art journaling with words e-course {Coming this Christmas!}


1) Write honest posts on "Skinny Me" sharing my journey with others {sometimes}
2) Get my teeth work done as well as the tests I need to start feeling better physically {YeS!}
3) Focus on whole foods rather than processed {YeS!}
4) Cut out diet soda {going on DAY 4 without a diet soda!!}
5) Cut out sugar in my diet {gives me migraines!!}
6) Workout 4 to 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes {Did it}


1) Family Home Evenings at least twice a month {did it}
2) Be kinder to one another{yes}
3) Continue with monthly menus...this helps so much when we are busy!!! {yes}
4) Take each Monday as my "Weekly Home Blessing Hour" {love this!}
5) Remember Fly Lady's "7 in 2011" I can do it!
6) Continue family prayer on our knees every night
7) Take time for a family game night at least 2 to 3 times a month {getting back to that}


1) Draw closer to my Savior Jesus Christ by studying His Word, reading the Ensign magazine and prayer {yes and continue working on that}


1) Learn and try new painting and art techniques this year {Yes}
2) Take Soul Restoration starting January 11th and FINISH it!! Do every single activity!! Put the time and effort in!! {yes}
3) Share my art on Words of Me Project {Yes}
4) Give a piece of art to a friend or family member {yes}
5) Take time this year to tackle the book "The Artist's Way" {Goal for 2012}
6) Do another "31 Days" creative challenge here {look for this in March! {yes}
7) Submit one piece of art to a magazine or blog for possible publication {Still thinking about it!}
8) Submit an article to an on-line magazine {still thinking about it!}

Wow! I hadn't gone through my list in feels good to know I have accomplished so many of my goals-WHOO HOO!

Before this year ends I have several more goals I hope to make happen.

1. Have a successful show in Clarinda
2. Keep drawing and sketching and try my hand at doodles
3. Submit a piece of work of Stampington
4. Finish my e-course and offer it this December-FREE!! {be on the lookout}
5. Announce my "Smash 45" {can't wait to share this with you!!!}
6. Write my first course about Art and Healing and teach locally in 2012
7. Create a Blog Button for my e-course

It is a most mortifying reflection
for a man to consider 
what he has done,
compared to what he might have done. 

~Samuel Johnson, in Boswell's Life of Johnson, 1770

Did you choose a WORD for 2011? What was it? Is it time to reassess your goals and see how far you've come this year? Please share!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WOYWW-My Daughter

Happy Wednesday!! I have a little something different on my Work Desk today.

No crafts or artsy projects 
for me this week.
My mind has been 
on one thing lately...

This girl....

My darling, sweet and beautiful Emma.

Once upon a time she was my little shadow...
tagging along with me everywhere.
She never left my side.
I swear there were some days I thought I'd go nuts...
just wanting to have a bit of time to myself.

Awww, it's funny how life goes. 
When they are so little and full of 
"Why, Mommy" and
"How come?" and
"Can I go with you?"...
well, there are times when you just get
so exasperated you just could scream.

But then something happens.
One day you realize they aren't your little shadow anymore.
They are growing and learning
and venturing out a bit more on their own.

And you are happy. 
You watch as they seek 
and find what their passions in life are.
You watch as they become more and more independent.

They still need you...
yet, you feel the difference.
It's not like it was.
They look over their shoulder to see if you're there
less and less.

Their friends and activities start to take the place of you.
You swear it won't happen...
but it does.
And it's hard.
It's hard to watch your "little shadow" grow up.

My precious "little shadow" starts High School tomorrow.
And as much as she's ready for it...
I don't know about me.

I look around my office as I type this...
looking at photos of my Em.

Where did the time go?
Wasn't she just sitting beside me?
Wasn't she just asking me to play "Little Pet Shop"
and go to the pool with her?

Where did my little girl go?

Ahhh, there she is.
She may not be so little anymore...
but she's there.
She's still that sweet
and thoughtful
and goofy 
and fun-loving girl.

She's my Emma.
And I love her.

A daughter may outgrow your lap, 
but she will neve
outgrow your heart. 

~Author Unknown

Stop by Julia's to see some awesome Work Desks:)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Busy Monday-WIN!

Today is a busy one. I am headed to St. Joe with my daughter's HS golf team. They want to do a little bonding before the year starts. Taking them out to lunch then putt-putt golfing. Should be fun.

A few reminders...

I am trying to reach 300 followers by next Monday!! To celebrate that milestone along with my 400th post I have a HUGE give away going on!! Click here to enter...I will draw THREE winners one week from today!!:) Be sure and Follow me here, on FB and/or Twitter for your chance...tell your friends, too. I would appreciate it!!!

"Fill your thoughts 
with what you 
want to create,
and you will have it."  

-Sanaya Roman, Writer

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Heart Spilling-Link Party

Welcome to What's on My Work Desk Wednesday. 
I love showing you my space and all my projects!

This week I have kept busy....

"My work is giving space
to the creative spirit-
learning to get out of its way 
and be in its service at the same time." 
-Gabrielle Roth, Dancer and Healer

Working with all of my favorites...

vintage ladies

"Just don't give up trying to 
do what you really want to do. 
Where there is love and inspiration, 
I don't think you can go wrong."
  -Ella Fitzgerald, singer

Busy as a bee and making quite the mess.

"I think the creative process
is not about creating something else; 
it's about the process itself creating who I am."
  -Mayumi Oda, Artist and Writer

Remember a few posts back I told you I have been flexing my courage muscles?

I am.
And it's hard and scary 
and I'm trying not to be too cautious.
Not to be nervous and second guess my self and my abilities.

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage."  -Anais Nin, Writer

This October I am headed to Clarinda, Iowa for my very first show.

I have been signed up for months.
Planning and prepping and creating.

"To fear is one thing. 
To let fear grab you 
by the tail and swing you
around is another." 
-Katherine Paterson, Writer

This week it was official. My business cards finally arrived!

Soooo excited to share them with you along with where I purchased them later this week.
Even my teenagers think they are pretty sweet;)

Ya' know what's crazy...I have been so frightened to share this here with all of you.
I guess I thought if I put it out there...
it would be "real".
I would have to follow through with it.

But I am following through.
I have found my passion in life.
And I am so ready to see where this all takes me!

"Courage is the power to let go of the familiar."  -Mary Bryant

Day by Day I am letting go.
I am exploring.

My art is spilling out of my heart into my work.

"When you have a dream, 
you've got to
grab it and never let it go."
 -Carol Burnett, Actress and Comedienne 

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