Friday, March 11, 2011

31 Days {Weekend Challenge}

Instead of a Saturday/Sunday weekend challenge I am giving you 3 days to complete these assignments...yes, there are two!

I have been looking forward to this particular Challenge all week...I think it is one of my favorites...sure hope you like it as well:)

Weekend Challenge #2

"To choose clothes, either in a store or at home, is to define and describe ourselves."  -Alison Lurie

I adore clothes. If I could go shopping every single day and have all the money I would ever need...I would spend a good chunk of it on clothes and accessories. Unfortunately, in today's economic state my clothes shopping has become less frequent. And even when I do get to splurge a bit if I want to get more than a shirt or two I must be frugal. Sales racks, thrift stores and yard sales have become my new best friends.

It really has all worked out though. You see, because I can't buy every little thing I think I need it has forced me to really take a look at the clothes I already have. {and let me tell you...I have a lot}Over the past two years I have learned to put outfits together that look brand new all with the change of one undershirt or cardigan. Even a chunky necklace can transform a worn out sweater into something fresh and hip.

Sarah Ban Breathnach, author of "Simple Abundance" says this about the clothes we wear...

"Remind yourself today that you are an artist. In searching for your authenticity you will uncover your own signature look. It may be the great way you wear hats, highlight stunning eyes with smoky gray kohl, showcase a chic short cut with fabulous earrings or have enough pluck to pair a white cotton T-shirt with a tailored wool jacket."

Chances are you have a closet full of clothes that fit your style...and  chances are you have dozens of "new" outfits just waiting to be put together that you didn't even realize you had.

This weekend we are gonna go through our closets!! I want you to take everything out. Make piles for sweaters, tops that could be layered with other pieces, jeans, pants, skirts, jackets and cardigans and t-shirts.

Go through your jewelry box and find your favorite pieces as well as stuff you haven't worn in awhile.

Then the true fun begins!! It's time to "shop". It's time to look at your wardrobe in a whole new way! Start creating outfits. Oh, and be sure to have your camera handy because I want you to take photos of the outfits you put together...tops, bottoms, jewelry and shoes. Take a photo and keep on hand for future reference!! You know what I'm talking about...all those times when you look around, sigh and say to yourself "I have nothing to wear!"

"This year, be willing to experiment to find out what works for you and what doesn't. then stick with what works, no matter what everybody else is wearing. Your own sense of style may come in fits and starts, but trust that it will come and when it does, it will be glorious."  -Sarah Ban Breathnach, "Simple Abundance"

This weekend, find your style. Create outfits that tell the world who you are. Pair a cardigan with a shirt and skirt you haven't worn together before. Wear a dressy shirt with a faded pair of jeans and and "loud", colorful jewelry. Pretend like your a fashion designer and go wild!!

I would LOVE to see what you find. This is a GREAT challenge to share in your Blogs next week!! I will have photos of my "new" outfits on Monday...Be sure and leave link in the comment section if you post in your Blogs.


  1. What a great challenge! Especially for today's economy. :-)

  2. Thanks, Joyce!! I am working on it as we speak!

  3. Thanks Leslie ... it's so past time for this to be done ... I do this for my children on a regular basis ... but never do I stop to do this for my self ... off to gather & purge

  4. Well, I'll have no time to do that, but I will share this with you. While at work on Wednesday, I looked over and saw one of our teachers wearing pearls. I turned to a co-worker and said, I love pearls. Why am I not wearing them?? Co-worker said, "Wear them tomorrow". And I did. And I felt so dressed up. I love pearls!
    It's so true that it's a good idea to look at your closet once in a while to see how your tastes have changed! And to find the authentic you!

  5. Great idea! It's amazing what we can create form what we already have.

  6. how hubby will love you for piles are all lopsided and blending into each other...theres some on the floor and the hung up ones are in dissarray!!!!!i have 2 dresses hanging on my wall in my room...they were new and cost only 4 dollars at a target sale...they are just a little tight and my inspiration will be great for me...i'll do this one for sure...i am limited on shoes tho...never enough!!!i am so tough on them i wear them for one season then they are wrecked..oh well...ok...take

  7. What a great idea!!! I love that challenge. I'm sure I have so many outfits in my closet that I've never even tried before.

  8. Leslie-you are not going to believe this...but I have been cleaning out my closet!! I love all the handy tips you gave us here, and yes! I have been thinking about jazzing up my wardrobe too:)just re-using what I already have in new ways. thanks for this post:)


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!