Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ArtBeach Retreat: Amazing Experience

"It was only a sunny smile, and little it cost in the giving, but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living."  -F. Scott Fitzgerald

Last January I answered a call...both to my heart and to my on-line artist friend Sherri Welser. She was hosting her second annual ArtBeach Retreat in Folly Beach, South Carolina and needed teachers. I KNEW in my HEART I wanted to say YES!!! Pick me, pick me!! But in my head???...well that was a different story. In the end my heart won out and what a FABULOUS time I had!!!

One of our teachers was Denise Baldwin. Have you ever seen any of her work?? WOW!! So dang CUTE!!! Here is her Etsy shop in case you are interested...she makes these AWESOME face stencils...

A canvas I created using Denise's face stencil and wings technique

Yes...that face started out as a stencil...I did make it my own with colors, lashes, hair, etc. But if you are like me and just can't seem to get the whole face thing down...her stencils will help you a BUNCH and make it FUN!!

Thursday night we had a night out on the town..my 48th Birthday was in just a few days so I decided to celebrate a bit early with these lovelies...

That's the Retreat's founder Sherri...she is AMAZING!! Denise is on the right. What a FUN time we all had...enjoying drinks, delicious food and one another's company. There is a photo of all of us somewhere but I can't seem to find it today...lol.

Sherri was such a gracious host and let me have the first day of the retreat to create! Yay! I was so nervous and just wanted to get to know everyone. By the second day we were all best friends and very comfortable with one another. This is me teaching my first class Thursday morning...Soul House.

See that darling little denim apron I am wearing?? I won that from Miss Angie!! LOVE it:)

Honestly, being here was like a dream...THIS was our view throughout the retreat!!!

Right our our backdoor...there is nothing like the sound, the smell and sight of the ocean.

By Friday we couldn't stay inside any longer...we all moved outside for my Stencil Class...talk about Heaven!

These wonderful girls are all so TALENTED!! We had a blast playing with stencils!!

Another photo of my Tribe creating. These girls are thoughtful, sweet, creative and inspiring. What I learned from each of them is that I AM OK. I AM CREATIVE. It is OK to be ME. And most importantly these BEAUTIFUL women taught me to LOVE myself again and say GOODBYE to FEAR!!

Hee, Hee...another photo of me being a dork...HA!

Me and my Soul Houses

Sherri taught us how to create the CuTEST Beach Houses...this is how mine turned out...I LOVE it so much and hung it in my bathroom! There is even a real seashell from the beach:)

This is sweet Sandy...she flew all the way from Queensland Australia to play with us!! Her art was so much like mine...we really connected!! This was her piece she created in my Stencil class...love it!

Awwww....these girls all have my heart....

Cute Lucinda...she picked me up from the Airport...we bonded right away...she calls me Precious Buns....:)

 I can't tell you HOW GRATEFUL I am that I DID NOT LET FEAR stop me from saying YES to this retreat!! This was LIFE CHANGING for me in SO MANY WAYS!!! Oh my heck!! 

Saying goodbye to Folly Beach until next year....

"She allowed herself the space to believe in her beauty and strength..."