Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Fun

Just had to share a fun holiday memory from The Carpenters. Enjoy!

My Word for 11/23-11/29

With great JOY I share my WORD of the Week with you...


1. an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply: an abundance of grain.
2. overflowing fullness: abundance of the heart.

My heart is overflowing with love, peace and happiness as a result of last week. My family and I spent some much needed time's a recap.

Wednesday-No school. Em and I spent the afternoon at my Mom's house, baking pumpkin pies and just hanging out. Mom helped Em with her new sewing machine.

Thursday-The day began with a workout for me. I needed that!! Then I turned on the Macy's Parade (our tradition), woke the kids up and starting preparing our dinner. I enjoy this ritual so much!! Soon our home was filled with smells of turkey and and sweet potatoes...Heaven:) That afternoon my Mom and I walked outside and just visited. It was so nice to be out in the crisp air!! That night we went to see the movie "The Blind Side"...GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!

Friday-Woke up at 4 am and left for St. Louis for our High School's State Championship football game. Got there around Noon, saw tons of people we knew and enjoyed the game. Guess what?! Our Hounds WON!! Final Score-35-0!!! Got back in the car around 4PM and headed home. It was a long day...

Saturday-Em and I shopped all day and night in Kansas City with friends. So Much FUN!

Sunday-Church from 10-1 then a lunch of leftovers. I decided to nap for about an hour. So NICE! Dave and I watched the Vikings game and then the Ravens that night. So relaxing!!

My family and I are so very blessed and I am so very grateful!! I would love to hear your WORD from last week. Please share!!

BTW, I Sarah and Leanne BOTH won a stamp from me!! E-mail me ladies with your address!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So I just gotta say

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love and adore the is holiday so very much. Tomorrow I will wake up, turn on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and begin to prepare our feast! On the menu?

A yummy smoked spiral ham
Sweet potatoes with lots of brown sugar and marshmallows
Stove Top stuffing (I'd make homemade but my family would never eat it)
Mashed potatoes
Freezer rolls or Crescents...haven't decided yet!
Cranberry Sauce (the jellied kind)
My Mom's cranberry/orange salad-YUM!
Pumpkin Pie (which we are making this morning at Mom's!!)

We'll eat, laugh, relax, watch some football, maybe play a game or two then head to the movies. We're seeing "Old Dogs".

We are so blessed!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

My wonderful WORD for 11/16-11/22

Oh, joy!! It finally happened...I had such an amazing, happy and FUN week!! This past week was filled with time spent with my children, my husband and learning a lot about myself. Here is my WORD for the week...


1. full of cheer; in good spirits: a cheerful person.
2. promoting or inducing cheer; pleasant; bright: cheerful surroundings.
3. characterized by or expressive of good spirits or cheerfulness: cheerful songs.
4. hearty or ungrudging: cheerful giving.

Here is a bit of why my week was just so CHEERFUL...

*My son Jackson was in his first HS play Thursday and Friday night. I was so proud of him. Just watching him, a bit nervous, yet doing his absolute best brought me such joy. My son has struggled in school his whole life. This year has been so different!! Seeing him on that stage helped reassure me that Jackson is going to be okay. Our whole family just laughed and played right along with the play that was called "The Ballad of Gopher Gap". It was a melodrama so we got to play along. VERY FUN!!

*My daughter and I along with several friends got to be the first people to see New Moon in our town. I felt like I was in HS again, standing in line, giggling with my girlfriends then oohing and ahhhing over Jacob!! Such fun:)

*Dave and I shared some time together Saturday night watching our favorite show at the moment Dexter. We just finished up the 2nd season. We also had several good talks this week. I sure do love my husband!!!!

*Christmas music started on XM/Siruis radio Monday. I've been listening to it daily and bursting with the Christmas spirit.

*We have picked our 2 families we are going to help this year. I know we have chosen well and look forward to helping these 2 young ladies out and bringing a bit of joy to them during this difficult time.

*My Mom, Em and I spent one late afternoon/evening at a HUGE craft auction!! We not only got lots of bargains but we had fun just spending time together.

*We had the YM and YW over to our home Wednesday night for dessert and a devotional.

What about you? How was your week? What word would you choose to describe it? Remember to leave a comment or share your word to win a stamp from Hero Arts!!!

I'll leave you today with another fun RETRO holiday memory!!! Enjoy!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

What's Inspiring Me Right Now

This has been quite a cathartic week for me. I've been letting go of all my "ghosts" from my past and feeling such peace and comfort because of it. I have this community to thank.

Letting go has allowed a whole new world to open up for me. I can feel my writing coming back, my creativity starting to flow again. I find myself listening and learning and finding "stories" in others again. All of this is quite exciting for me.
My heart is full of love and gratitude...just in time for Thanksgiving, right? Thought I'd share what is inspiring me right at this very moment...

*LOVE this Blog called "Good Grief". It is filled with heartfelt ways to scrap your loved ones who have passed on.

*Thanksgiving week is coming up! For as long as I can remember the week of Thanksgiving has been my favorite. As a kid I looked forward to the extra days out of school along with spending time at home. Now I love having my children home and filling our home with the cozy smells of turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. There is also the Macy's Parade, our annual Thanksgiving movie night and shopping with my Mom and daughter. This will be a GREAT WEEK!!

*Christmas music is on full blast in our home!! We are fortunate enough to have a music system throughout our house...that is our favorite feature and one of the main reasons we bought this house!! XM/Sirius radio started playing their Holly and Christmas Traditions channels this week which have been on everyday here. Christmas music brings such joy and comfort to me. I LOVE it!!

*Ali's "December Daily" has inspired me to create one of my own this year which means I've actually taken the time to scrap the past few weeks. I've never participated in this challenge before so really looking forward to this!!

*These 2 kids of mine
continue to inspire each and everyday. They make me want to be the BEST wife and mom I can be. They make me want to live the Gospel. They make me want to be the best ME there is! I love these 2 and am so proud of them!!

So what has been inspiring you lately? Leave me a comment below and you'll have a chance to win a cool Autumn stamp from Hero Arts!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Here's My Word and more Retro

I know, I know...I'm one day late posting my WORD from last week. This was just a hard one for me to decide. I mean all in all last week was good. But along with the good were a few bumps in the road and honestly I couldn't decide what to pick. So, I've picked a very boring word which I'll never use again (because, after all, we can't use a word twice anyways)...

typical; common; ordinary: The average secretary couldn't handle such a workload. His grades were nothing special, only average.

The highlight of last week was going to Columbia for the Show Me Games so Em could and her team could play 3 v 3 soccer. That was so exciting! I do have lots of photos to share...I'll do that a later time.

So, how are your WORDS coming? Are you scrapping them? Do you keep a journal? Right now I have this super cute little book I altered and all my words are in there along with a few notes about my week. Need to post that book, too...

Before I leave you today I had to share another favorite Christmas memory. This one is from the late 70's...remember Donny and Marie? I was a HUGE fan of their TV shows. I still have my Donny and Marie dolls!! I found this Christmas video on YouTube this put a smile on my face and reminded me of a simpler time. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Getting so Excited!!

Driving home from the Show Me Games tonight we put on Star 102 and listened to Christmas music all the way home!! Boy, did that get me in the mood. And yes, I know it's not even December yet...but I LOVE the holidays. And besides...what the heck is wrong with getting giddy over them before Thanksgiving? The way I see it Thanksgiving and Christmas are GREAT holidays and just because I may enjoy "Jingle Bells" before we carve the turkey doesn't mean I'm "skipping" Thanksgiving.

So with all that in mind I'm gonna start my "Retro Holiday" tradition a bit early with today's post...hope you don't mind!

Last year I had a blast finding old Christmas shows, music videos and movies and sharing them on my Blog. I was going to wait till December 1st to share the fun but like I said...I just can't!! So here goes...

There was just something about the 1970's Christmas commercials. Here is one of my favorites from McDonalds. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank you Vets

Yesterday while waiting to be seated at our favorite restaurant, my husband and I noticed the dearest older gentleman sitting in a booth chatting with a younger woman. His smile lit up his whole face and his eyes twinkled liked Santa.

A bit later as we were eating I peeked at that man again...just to see what he was doing. There he was, all alone enjoying his meal. He looked my way, I smiled. Then I noticed his ball cap. It said..."World War II Vet". Without warning I got a lump in my throat and tears sprang to my eyes. What that man must have seen was all I kept on thinking.

By the time we left the man was gone. I was so hoping he was still there...I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!

Today is Veteran's Day. I say to all the men and women fighting in past wars and the one going on now...I APPRECIATE YOU. THANK YOU SO MUCH. GOD BLESS YOU.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Check out this AWESOME Site!!

**This article is from the Scrapbook Trends Blog.I not only love this blog but I love the Scrapbook Ideas they talk about in the following article...***

Scrapbooking from the Inside Out
November 10th, 2009 Ana

Scrapbooking from the Inside Out has launched their November kit Generosity, perfect for this time of year. This kit is so graceful and stylish – full of rich, deep color and elegant design, with coins, copper accents, shimmery self-adhesive mosaic tiles, and pretty Prima.


This month they’ll help you explore how you give of your time and money, inspiring a generous spirit in yourself and your family, positive self care vs. selfishness, and the big and small gestures that create connection in your life.

Scrapbooking from the Inside Out’s industry-exclusive content will help you explore your inner world with a music playlist, journaling prompts, moving photos, inspiring quotes, and meaningful monthly challenges.

To enter to win one of these great kits, repost this post on your blog and link it back to Scrapbook Trends, then give us a link to your blog post in the comment section of this post, and you could be exploring what GENEROSITY means to you!

Monday, November 9, 2009

I've had the flu...and my Word

I'm feeling yucky...oh so yucky...Last night I had that rumbling feeling in my tummy. You know the one that says "Tomorrow's not gonna be a very nice day". I was in bed by 7:30, woke up at 6:00 this morning and continued to sleep off and on all day. BLECH!

Now I'm all hot and sweaty, so tired of just laying around all day that all I've done is toss and turn in now I'm up, it's late and I'm writing in my Blog. I hope tomorrow is a better one.

So, last week was a another good one. while life is still going full speed ahead, I made some time for fun!! My favorite part of last week was helping at my 14 year old son's Speech and Debate Tournament Friday and Saturday.

I had so much fun listening to Public Forum Debates, Storytelling and Dramatic Interpretation. Brought back a million memories from my HS speech days.

I fit in a night of scrapbooking with a couple of old friends Friday night and Saturday after the tournament Jacks and I went and saw "Paranormal Activity". All in all an awesome weekend!!

I've decided my Word of the Week is


2  /kənˈtɛnt/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [kuhn-tent] Show IPA
1. satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else.
2. British. agreeing; assenting.
3. Archaic. willing.
–verb (used with object)
4. to make content: These things content me.
5. the state or feeling of being contented; contentment: His content was threatened.
6. (in the British House of Lords) an affirmative vote or voter.

Last week was just a good, content week. I was happy just being a wife, a mom and puttering around the house, picking up kids from games and practices and hanging out with my family for down time. No drama, no trauma...just good, normal stuff. It was nice.

This week has started out on a bad note with me being sick...but I have a feeling, as the week progress's it will get better. I have a few "big" ideas I want to start working on plus Thanksgiving is right around the corner. And this weekend we all head to Columbia for Em's big soccer games at the "Missouri Show Me Games".


Remember I would love to hear your words. Please share them with us!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

My Girl

Oh this girl of mine!! How I love her so!! She is at that age that is just fun yet moody...not quite a teenager yet not a little girl either. My dear sweet Emma is 12 and on the verge of teen-dom. *sigh* Where in the heck did the time go??

The other day I got a few of her scrapbooks out and just enjoyed flipping through them. Em has always been a special little girl full of magic and creativity. She can turn anything into a masterpiece. Whether she's using crayons and paper, scrapbook supplies, cardboard or cooking...she just adds flair to everything!!

I love my girl!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

This touched my heart today

I enjoy reading all different kinds of Blogs. From scrapbooking and cooking to fitness and inspirational...I love them.

My absolute must read Blog on my list is the NieNie Dialogues. You may have read it or perhaps it's your favorite, too...whatever you do please take time out of your day and read today's post. It touched my heart and I know it will yours.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Look

As you can tell I've got a new "look" to my Blog. I like doing that...changing things up. Since it's fall and Thanksgiving is right around the corner I thought a more "homey" feel was in order. Hope you feel right at home here.

Been working on my "December Daily" album from Ali Edwards. I've got through December 7th done. My goal is to finish the album by the end of next week so it will be all ready to put a photo in by December 1st.

This is by far my favorite time of year. I love the shorter days, colder nights and all the holiday festivities. From church Bazaars and programs to shopping for gifts and family gatherings...I enjoy it all!! Especially grateful for my home, my family and my Heavenly Father this time of year. I'm always counting my blessings that's for sure:)

What about you? What are you loving about this time of year? Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Monday, November 2, 2009

My Word for Oct. 26th-Nov. 1st

It's finally happened...I had a GOOD week!! Not only did I make a major decision in my life that has totally freed my spirit up and helped with the mind clutter but I got the house cleaned (it's ready for another overhaul today *sigh*) and I got my Primary organized. All that has made me so very happy:) So here word for last week is...


1. full of hope; expressing hope: His hopeful words stimulated optimism.
2. exciting hope; promising advantage or success: a hopeful prospect.

I really love the part that says "promising advantage or success." What I learned this past week is it is okay to say NO. Now you don't have to be mean about it. You can be gracious and kind and loving and say Thank You but No. Doing this has released much tension in my life and has freed my spirit. Seriously. It wasn't anything bad I was doing...just the opposite. It was something very good. However, it wasn't good for me at this time in my life. I am grateful for finally coming to my senses and just saying No thank you.

As the weeks go by I'm striving to perfect my life, trying to live up to the word I'd like to have for myself. I have a feeling that doing this WOMP is so much more than just another fun way to document my life. I think I'm gonna grow and learn so much about myself by doing this project.

Pretty cool.

I would love for you to join me in this year long project. Start today!! And if you are playing along I would love to hear how it's coming. Leave me a comment!!:)