Wednesday, March 31, 2010

HCG & Me {& Wordy Wednesday}

So last January my 15 year old son Jackson [aka Jacks] announced to the world that he was giving up pop, sweet treats and getting buff.


I was happy for him. I was supportive fully expecting him to give up pop for a day or two...maybe living without candy a whole week but other than that returning to his old, unhealthy habits. But you know what?

Jacks has lost nearly 20 pounds! And his acne is virtually disappeared. No pop, no junk. Last night he ate 2 pieces of pizza and got sick. He told me, "Mom, I'm so used to eating healthy's crazy." He proceeded to fix himself a lettuce salad and tall glass of water.

Holy Cow. I am so very proud of my son! And he has inspired me.

Just a bit of MY diet history. I have always been on one. It's true. Started out as a chubby kid, turned into an average size teen {i didn't know it though}, a fat college student, an athletic 30 year old {and all the way through my 30's} and now, here I am a frumpy, chubby 43 year old.

I hate it. And okay, so I don't always look this's Christmas morning and I had just woke up...but still...
None of my clothes fit right. You should see everything in my closet that is waaay too small. Depressing.

For the past year I have been following Bill Phillips. Love him and his philosophy. But ya' know what? The scale hasn't budged. I eat 6 small meals a day. I workout 5 days a week. Nothing. Sure I'm stronger and I feel ok...but I'm not seeing any real results.

Last week I just gave up. I decided to go on an "Un-Diet". That was probably stupid of me. I ate whatever I felt like...chips, chocolate, green salads, fruit...honestly it was mostly healthy.

Now my pants REALLY don't fit right.

I've been watching Jacks...he's so committed. I've been asking myself "What am I doing that is not working?"
I think I just blame everything on the daily hormone pill I have to take and my age. BLAH!

Since January I've seen a few friends out and about that I hadn't seen in awhile...they were all skinny. I mean they looked so good! I asked every single one what they had done to lose the weight. They all said the same thing....


One of my neighbors lost 42 pounds last October and has kept it off eating healthy. She looks GREAT!! And like me she was on hormone replacement therapy and had been eating healthy, working out and nothing. But the HCG jump started her weight loss and she feels amazing!!

So my DH and I decided to try HCG for ourselves. It shipped today...we should have it by the weekend and plan on starting Monday!!!!

At first I wasn't going to share this here with you all. But then I, this is going to affect what I write about, how I feel, etc. I've gotta share it. So here I am, going on this journey. I'm not sure what will happen. I'm keeping an open mind. I have decided to share everything here with you. The good, the bad and the ugly. I'm even going to post a "before" pic.

All of this leads me to "Wordy Wednesday". I picked a WORD to focus on for the next few weeks


**the act of refusing to give up or let go.
**the act of outlasting the competition.
{my fave} steadfast determination to resist distractions in order to reach your goal.

Richard M. DeVos says this about persistence....

"If I had to select one quality, one personal characteristic that I regard as being most highly correlated with success, whatever the field, I would pick the trait of persistence." 

Love this one, too...

"Let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not." -Galatians 6:9

Here is YOUR challenge for the week...pick a WORD that empowers you!! Perhaps you are struggling with something in your life like me...your weight, procrastination, depression...whatever. Find a WORD that you can focus on and use it to EMPOWER you!!!

Would love to hear some of your struggles. Please let me know I'm not alone!!!:)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Make My Monday, My Word and HAPPY!

It's Monday. I wasn't too happy about that first thing this morning. You see I spent too many hours late into the night surfing the net. I did find all these amazing blogs BUT that just makes for a waaaay too tired morning.

THEN I hopped on my Blog this morning, checked out my "Girls" and clicked on Rhonda's blog (I told you about her last week) and {GUESS WHAT}?!

I WON a custom Blog header!!!! WHOO HOO!!! I am beyond excited! THANK YOU, Rhonda!:)

And speaking of Rhonda...since she made MY Monday...I want to make hers! Here is her link...please stop by her blog "Life as I See It". She shares amazing sewing projects, crafty inspiration and yummy recipes. {her specialty is baking-YUM}

NEXT week be sure and check in for the "Make My Monday" featured blogger. I'll have an actual excited about that!!:) {and the blogger-a very creative gal}

Let's get to my WORD from last week...drum roll [please]...


verb (used with object)
to carry out, or bring to realization, as a prophecy or promise.
to perform or do, as duty; obey or follow, as commands.
to satisfy (requirements, obligations, etc.): a book that fulfills a long-felt need.
to bring to an end; finish or complete, as a period of time: He felt that life was over when one had fulfilled his threescore years and ten.
to develop the full potential of (usually used reflexively): She realized that she could never fulfill herself in such work. 
I accomplished quite a bit last week. From judging the high school speech contest to working in the store again [part-time] to making my family feel loved {by cooking them soul-satisfying meals, listening to them and playing together} life was pretty darn good. I even managed an hour of working on Project Life!
So, how was your week? Is there one word you are working on? Leave a comment and let me know!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Favs

Can't believe it is Friday already. Lots of cool stuff to share.

So a few weeks ago I received an e-mail from a woman who said she was a rep. from "Pom". Said she wanted to send me a sample of their amazing pomegranate juice. Of course I said..."GREAT!"

Last week the UPS guy dropped off these...

These were the {cutest} little bottles we had ever seen! The POM people sent us 8-8 ounce bottles to try. They came all icy cold and ready to drink. So drink we did...

Jackson enjoying his POM juice

Check out Em...I think she could be the official POM mondel:)

Within a day these delicious little bottles of juice were GONE and we were ready for MORE!
I want to thank the POM people for sending us their 100% pomegranate juice. It was soooo very, very yummy!

Just yesterday Jackson got home from school, opened the fridge and was rummaging around. "Son", I asked..."what are you looking for?"

"That juice, Mom. Don't tell me it's all gone?!"

Poor, Jacks was mad.

Will I actually go out and purchase POM juice? YES! I suggest you try some. You won't be sorry.

My next Friday Fav are a few blogs I found while surfing the net this week. Just love this one, especially...and her name just happens to be Leslie, too:)

Another Blog I found while hopping from site to site was this one..."A Moment Cherished"

I haven't spent a lot of time reading yet...but I plan on going back. Just loved the "feel" of her blog.

Another fave of mine would have to be Maryville High School!! Go Spoofhounds!!
I spent two days at the school judging their speech and debate tournament. What good, good kids we have! They are talented, respectful of adults and I truly enjoy hearing their goals and dreams for the future.
I was very proud of Jacks...he placed 5th in his debate!! {he does Lincoln/Douglas}
Last night was the annual musical. They performed "Bye Bye Birdie". Everyone did a fantastic job!!

What are some of your favorite things this week? I would love to hear about them!!!

Have a great weekend everyone:)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wordy Wednesday {and a chance to win}

Happy Hump Day!! Lots going on in my world today. All good though so I can't complain:).

Today's Wordy Wednesday actually doesn't come directly from me today. As I was reading through my favorite Blogs this morning I came across Stacy Julian's post about moms. I have been a fan of Stacy for YEARS. For those of you who don't know her...she was the Editor {and founder} of Simple Scrapbooks Magazine. She has written several books on simplifying your scrapbook style and gives you a whole new way to look at the hobby. One of my favorite books on the subject is "Big Picture Scrapbooking". Pure Genius!
If you haven't read this out and buy it!! Seriously it is THAT good:)

Anyway, I just loved what Stacy posted today. Please read all about it here.

She asks us to write down 22 things we've learned as a Mom. Below is my list...{and like Stacy says:PLEASE don't read mine until you create your own!!} goes....

22 Things I've learned Being Mom
1.It's okay to say you're sorry.
2. That I can {and do!} love somebody unconditionally.
3. I need to live in the moment more
4. I need to have lots more fun!!
5. Nothing is better than a big bucket of sidewalk chalk {and a sidewalk!}
6. Running around in the rain can be a blast!
7. Snuggling on the couch is the best way to spend a Friday night
8. The Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause really are important
9. The sweetest prayers ever said come from children
10. You can't be a good mom and be selfish
11. There are seasons in your life. You have to learn what is okay for you now at this "season" in your life
12. Having family meals together should be a priority
13. Kids don't like cleaning there room:)
14. You MUST be an advocate for your child in all things {I'm thinking school here}
15. Kids will try and get by with a BUNCH! You gotta be on your toes!!
16. It is okay to be their friend...but being there parent is most important in some circumstances
17. Children watch EVERYTHING we do. You must live by example!!
18. At first kids may not want to do something but soon they will be fine.
19. Big Birthday parties aren't as important as just remembering and make it really, really special. Make them feel like a King/Queen for the day!
20. McDonald's and other fast food don't have to be a staple in your home. Children love to cook and try new foods.
21. It's best to let them help whenever they can. Whether it is cooking, cleaning, wrapping presents, whatever. They enjoy it and they learn so much.
22 Being a Mom is a gift!! One that I treasure and thank my Heavenly Father for daily!!!!

Okay, so there was my list. What about you??? 


Please go check this out over at Rhonda's blog...what a cool thing to win, right??

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Check out this Blog!

So one of my favorite Blogs on the Web is one called "Life as I see it" by Rhonda Steed. I can't even remember how I found of those deals where you click on one link then click on another then another then BAM you find a really site and just sit for hours reading through it.

That is how I found Rhonda:) 

Rhonda is having a give away over at her Blog today...the CUTEST ruffled apron. Why not check it out? Oh, and while you are there...stay awhile, look around and be inspired!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

{NEW} "Make My Monday" & My Word

Happy Monday!! Oh, how I LOVE the Blog World. Makes me so happy to read up and see how ya' all are doing. The sea of inspiration that is out there boggles the mind. The past few weeks I have found several Blogs that are dedicated to helping us "Mom Bloggers" network with one another. SITS and Lady Bloggers Society. Love these sites! Not only have I benefited from having more readers here BUT I've been able to find, read and connect with dozens of blogs I would have never found without the help of these two sites.

So, all of this gave me an idea for MY blog. The idea of connecting with other woman is so inspirational and I want to do my part in spreading the word about other bloggers I come across, am inspired by and/or read daily. SO....

Welcome to "Make My Monday"

Here is how it works...

1] Every Monday I will choose a Blog to highlight. I'll share a bit about the blog along with the link to it. Eventually I will have an interview with the Blogger to share here.
2]  Leave me a comment, letting me know you plan on stopping by the featured Blogger...also leave a link to YOUR blog in your comment.
3] Head over to the featured Blog, leave a comment, letting them know you are stopping by from "Words of Me Project" (Please link!)

That's it! So now for our very first BLOG!!

Good Life Eats

I found this Blog just last week and fell instantly in love!! I have become quite the collector of recipes and food blogs are some of my favorites:) The day I visited she was featuring "Quinoa Stuffed Peppers". They looked and sounded so good I made them for my family Sunday. DELICIOUS! Her blog focus's on clean, healthy foods and her upbeat attitude is contagious. Her whole blog is just FUN!

Remember to stop by Good Life Eats today, leave her a comment and let her know you are stopping by from here!! 

Also when you leave a comment below be sure and leave us a link to your blog. I want to come visit and "Make your Monday", too-LOL!


My Word

So very happy to report to you that MY WORD from last week is a positive one!! Not only did I get some much needed housework done but I enjoyed blogging and scrapping!!:) I needed that creative boost and plan on making that a permanent weekly treat. So here is my WORD from last week...

I love that word "Bright". Happy, festive, joyful...BRIGHT! That was my week. At last:)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Favs

Oh, boy quite a few things on my mind this morning. So let's get to a few of my favorite things from this week!

1. We actually had BLUE skies on Wednesday and saw the SUNSHINE!! I loved it so much I went for a looooong walk just to take in the birds chirping, the brilliant sky and sun and to feel ALIVE. Loved it! And thanked my Heavenly Father along the way.

2. I love to read. I mean LOVE it!!!!! I have hundreds of books {many of them how to be a better person, creativity tips, writing ideas, etc.} I have to say my absolute favorite book on creativity and finding the time to be creative is this one by Gail McMeekin  "the 12 secrets of highly creative women"
 READ this book!! It is so very, very good and so inspirational. It's like a roadmap for living creative lives. LOVE IT!

3. Cleaning closets. I know, sounds weird but it's true. I enjoy going through my clothes!! Yesterday [thursday] I took all my shirts out of the dresser, my closet and spring storage. Went through everything! Then I made the following piles

give away
workout clothes
jammie shirts [these are shirts I still love but are either really wornout or a bit too "kidd-ish for me to wear out!]

Found some shirts I forgot I had {wearing one today} which was cool. And hey, with today's economy we need all the help we can get, right? 
Then I went through my pants and my shorts. And guess what??? I could wear several that haven't fit me in years! Whoo-Hoo!! [This exercise thing is really paying off!!} 

I highly recommend going through your closets, too. It's like getting new clothes! 

Well, I'm off for the day. Need to run some errands then coming back home to enjoy the day. No school today and the kiddo's are home.

Happy Weekend!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ok, so I think I'm done {for now}

Pardon me as I continue to search for a Blog background that is ME. I keep switching them up which must be very annoying for you, my faithful {and much appreciated} Blog reader.

I dream of being able to create my own header and background but haven't got a clue how to. There is a class coming up here and I dream of taking it. I'm hoping we can swing it!!

So please, understand, as I keep switching backgrounds, fonts and colors around.

***If anyone wants to give me a few lessons on creating my own backgrounds and/or headers let me know:)!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wordy Wednesday & Scrap2010 {finally}

Top o' the morning to ye'!! case you missed the last post...we have a winner!! It's Sarah! And the NEW name of "Friday Five" is now "Friday Faves". Thank you, Sarah. Send me your your addy so I can get those MAMBI stickers right out to you:)

Not only is it St. Patrick's Day but it's also {Wordy Wednesday}-yahoo! In case you have forgotten what Wordy Wednesday is all about...each Wednesday I'll share a favorite word, quote, journaling prompt, music lyric, etc. with you. Now let's get to it.

Today we're talking about lists. The following idea comes from my very favorite book on journaling EVER. "Journal to the Self" by Kathleen Adams. Found this little gem at a yard sale a few years ago for a quarter!!!

One of my very favorite parts in this book is the chapter entitled "Lists". Kathleen writes about the importance of writing down 100 Things. She says it can give us invaluable information about our inner process. Here are her "rules" for creating a 100 Things List:

1. It's ok to repeat
2. Write as fast as you can
3. You don't have to write in complete sentences
4. It's ok to repeat!
5. Your entries do not have to make sense
6. Just get it down!
7. Number your entries
8. Write the list in one sitting
9.After you have created the list, read over it looking for themes
10. [this one is my idea!] HAVE FUN! BE CREATIVE! SCRAP YOUR LIST!]

Here are some ideas for your 100 Things List:

Things I'm Grateful For
Ways I Could Nurture Myself
Ways I Sabotage Myself
Ways I Can Make Money
Ways I Can Serve Others
Achievements I am Proud Of
Things I Miss
Things I Believe In
Things I'm Good At
Things I Need or Want to Do

**Pick a list {or create your own} and get busy!! Remember the rules above for making your list, have fun and share your thoughts when you're finished here at Words of Me Project!!!


Scrap2010! I haven't posted a layout in a few weeks. Why? Because I haven't completed a layout in a few weeks. But yesterday was different. I took time for me, cleaned up my space and got busy. The result?

2 layouts!!

Just to jog your memory...Scrap2010 is a project I started to challenge myself. I'm scrapping my through the book "What about the Words"...a book focused entirely on telling your story. Love that.

Here is a layout using a dictionary definition...

The word is "personality". That's me, {waaaaay back when}in 1988 on the air. You see, I was a DJ on the radio for lots of years. This pic was taken during my Junior year of College at the campus radio station-KDLX. So happy someone snapped this!

I chose the word "personality" for this reason "a famous, notable, or prominent person; celebrity"

No, I'm not famous here ([nor was I ever-LOL] but it's kind of fun to think I kind of once was...[I'll have to share some of my DJ stories later!!] To accent the photo I used Making Memories Wordfetti stickers with words and phrases like...

it's an attitude
up all night?
she's all that
rockin' the boat
say what's on your mind

Just so you know...Wordfettin stickers are the BOMB! I could buy them by the case full and use them on everything.

Here's the next page...the challenge was to scrap a milestone in your life or someone you love.

I chose to scrap my son Jackson's first play from last November. Here's the journaling...

"You have had quite a time fitting in-finding your niche in this world. This night, for me, was a turning point in your school career. This was your first play...and you did great! Yes, you were nervous, but watching you up on that stage with your friends I knew you had found a home. Just like me, Jacks! Drama meant the world to me! It's where I found my voice. I can see a passion in you like never before. I am so proud of you and happy!!"

This page was super simple to create. I used 2 pattern papers from Cosmo Cricket and cardstock, dimensional stickers from MAMBI. Love how it turned out!!


Finally I want to leave you with a goofy little pic I took Monday night...

Happy St. Pats Day!!!!!

{p.s.} I have decided to change my background to something that is not normally me. I saw this though...and it just said "Try me out". So here it is. Different and fun. I need that this week!:)}

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And the winner is...

Sara said...
I was thinking "Friday Favs" and you could list as many as you want each week. It's simple and to the point. And "fave" has always been favorite word of mine. So perfect!! Thanks, Sara! Send me your mailing address and I'll get you your MAMBI goodies right out:) Thanks everyone who played along.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Here's my sweet little Emma just a few hours after her oral surgery this morning. She looks so worn out and tired.  That's her Grandma {my Mom} who stopped with a SURPRISE SHAMROCK!!! How cool was that?

It sure did brighten up Em's morning:) My Mom is so good at that...I swear that  is why Heavenly Father put her on this earth...

Em is resting now and already getting bored [even though the Doc swears she is still so loopy on meds that she may not remember most of what she says or does today]!


I'm so hesitant to share my Word from last week...Why? bECaUse it is sooooo blah and boring and the same old same old...ho-hum.


Great word-huh? The past like 4 weeks it's been grouchy, lazy, weak and now frustrating.

Good Grief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is my life really that boring and uneventful?

Well, I wouldn't say my life is boring...but I would say I'm spending way too much time doing boring things. It seems like I have added zero fun to my days. No creative time just for me. No time spent scrapping, creating and just being me. No cozy movies on the couch. No marathon reading sessions. Just laundry, dishes and picking up after everyone else. BLAH!!

Here is a quote that speaks to me...

"Eternally, woman spills herself away in driblets to the thirsty, seldom being allowed the time, the quiet, the peace, to let the pitcher fill up to the brim."  -Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Writer

I am creatively thirsty. I have had very little in the way of "filling my pitcher up".

This is what I'm gonna work on this week.

What fills up your "pitcher"? For me it's working on my scrap projects, blogging and just having time to read, to dream and fill up my journal.

Leave me a comment...I would love to hear what you have to say!!

**Also, don't forget to tell me what I should call my Friday Five. [see post below] You can win a few "Me and My Big Ideas" goodies!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Five and giveaway [at bottom]

Happy Friday!! My favorite day of the week. A day that gets a bit more relaxed as it goes along. A day filled with possibilities, creating projects and preparing for the weekend {all the while listening to the BEST 80's music. Hey, mopping my floors is easier with The Go-Go's  in the background}

This is my first "Friday Five" post. Each Friday (or there abouts) stop by for 5 of my favorite things from the past week...maybe even a rant or two [like today-American Idol eliminations anyone?]

For most of today's post I'd like to focus on gratitude. I read this really awesome article on gratitude this is a bit from that article, taken from "Ensign" magazine...

"Gratitude is a positive experience that comes from recognizing gifts or blessings and feeling thankful. It is also an attitude, a way of perceiving life, in which individuals are willing to receive and acknowledge the beneficial actions of others on their behalf. It is also a habit that can be cultivated, causing one to focus on the blessings of life."

Don't you just love that part the part that says "It is also an attitude, a way of perceiving life..." Gratitude is not what happens to us but rather how we see our life.

The article goes on to share what effects gratitude has on our lives.

"Grateful people tend to generate more positive memories, reminding them of the good in their lives. Those with higher levels of gratitude are viewed as more empathetic and supportive, more forgiving, and more likely to assist others. Grateful people report feeling less envious and more generous with their possessions. They enjoy better quality relationships."

This article has really made me stop and think about my own attitude. Am I grateful enough? Do I tend to dwell on the negative rather than the positive? And how do I feel when I'm being negative? When I'm being grateful?

The afternoon before I read this I had a major grumpy attack. I've had this annoying cough all week, my house was messy, we had a guest coming for 5 days that I wasn't exactly thrilled with...and the list just kept going. I went to bed that night anxious, uptight and feeling like Oscar the Grouch. It was this night I read this article. I felt like it was meant just for me!! I went from being really grumpy to really grateful. I grabbed my "Little Book of Possibilities" and began listing all that I was grateful for from that day. Okay, so my house is messy...but I spent time with Dave today. Yeah, we have a guest coming that I may not be happy about BUT it will allow my thoughtful husband to enjoy his favorite hobby...hunting.

Just for fun I snapped a few photos around my home of what I'm thankful for today...THIS is my NEW computer!! Just got it this week. LOvE iT!!

My sweet little doggie that follows me everywhere Gizmo...

My living room, which when every other area of our home is in chaos, I can come here and know that it's clean and comfy.

My faith sign that greets me as soon as I walk in the front door.

And this darling, wonderful art piece I bought at the Maryville Art Festival a few years ago. I adore sunshines so this is perfect!! It sits on my kitchen counter. Makes me SMILE!

I also promised myself I would keep my gratitude list in my Possibilities book a few times a week.

[Look for more ideas on expressing gratitude in later posts!!]

Now just ONE rant today...this girl, my FAVORITE girl DID NOT MAKE THE Top 12 on Idol!!!!!!!! WHAT???????????????????????

Ever since the second season of Idol {when I started watching} I have rooted for the guys. Bo Bice, Ruben Studdard, Adam Lambert, etc. But this year...this year I actually was rooting for the girls...this girl in particular Lily. Love her.

And voted her off. *sigh*

So, let's see...My Friday Fives are gratitude, Lily being voted off Idol and, let's see...oh yeah...

Check in on Monday for the fabulous new "Make My Monday". Whoo Hoo!! Am I excited!!! I will tell you all about it...Monday!! {or maybe not. I just remembered by sweet Em has oral surgery on Monday! Hmmmm, I may have to tell you all about it on Tuesday!!} soon as I tell will be sooooo EXCITED!

Just had to tell you about this woman her!! I found her on SITS. Today is her F.A.B. Friday...why not check her out??

And last but not least...what is SITS, you ask? It's this truly awesome, cool blog I found that helps promote women bloggers!! I stop by daily now and have found some remarkable blogs. I tell you...we women got it going on!

There ya' go...Five things I think are just great this week...well, not Idol so much...but you know what I mean:)

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**{written at 4pm CST} I just realized that one of my favorite Bloggers Stacy Julian uses the term "Friday Five". I really don't want to be a copy cat so I need to think of another name. Any ideas?

Leave me your ideas to be entered into a drawing for some Me and My Big Ideas scrappy goodness!!! I'll pick a winner next Tuesday!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

Welcome to my first Wordy Wednesday post. Stop by my Blog every Wednesday for some "wordy" inspiration. Everything from my favorite words, journal challenges, using inspirational quotes in our scrapbooks, song lyrics, etc.

Today let's think about a phrase, that no matter how down we may be...lifts our spirits. Just by saying it out loud we find our heart swelling with possibility. I have a phrase that makes me feel like singing. In fact I can't NOT say it with out singing or wiggling or grinning from ear to ear. It comes from this movie...
Do you recognize it???  Pete's Dragon!

The phrase?  "Have a Brazzle Dazzle Day"...

This morning I woke up, still feeling under the weather (I have this annoying cough) and wishing I felt better. I got up to see my kids off to school when this song popped in my head. I started singing to my 15 year old Jackson "Have a Brazzle Dazzle Day" and dancing at the top of the stairs. Jacks just started laughing and shaking his head. But secretly I know he loved it:)

Now this may all sound super silly to you and you may be thinking to yourself  "Wow, this woman really needs to get out more. What a NuT." And ya' know what? I am a little nuts. But I'm happy nut. And anytime I can change my attitude for the better I do it.

{Even if it means singing a goofy little 70's tune from a movie about a boy whose best friend is a dragon.}

PS...Please tell me what your favorite phrase or song lyric is...the one that can lift you up!

Monday, March 8, 2010

My Word, Why I Love Blogging and Spring!

Oh it feels so very good to be BACK! No, I didn't go anywhere but I DID take a "Blogcation". Really, I took an overall internet vacation. I just stayed OFF the computer. Let me tell you what I learned...

1. I truly enjoy{ connecting} with fellow bloggers. I mean truly. I missed reading all your blogs. They inspire me to [do better, to be better], to live life with GUSTO! I never quite knew that until I didn't have you anymore.

2. Writing. Oh, my how missed my passion...{writing!!} I found myself thinking of stuff to write about. Ideas were swirling around in my mind and they had no place to go. So FRUSTRATING!

3. Checking my news on-line. I usually spend a few moments reading the top stories on YAHOO! I missed that.

4. The one thing I didn't miss much? Facebook. Sure, it's fun to post my day to day happenings and catch up with friends but I learned that Facebook is something I can spend about 5 minutes a day on or less and be just fine:)

Here's what I did instead of Blogging, FB and just surfing on the net...

1. Totally cleaned out my daughter's room (ok, wow...what a Gigantic mess that was!)

2. Cleaned and organized my son's new room (Jackson moved his room from downstairs)

3. LAUNDRY! I've been washing all our bedding, our "sofa" blankets, anything and everything that needs washing.

4. I have been hanging out with my kids more after school. I used to check on the computer but now during that time I'm with them. Think I'll keep that up:)

*The biggest thing I noticed here was the way I felt.  Sure I missed Blogging...but before the internet break I found myself getting stressed when thinking about all the housework I had to do and the blog entries I wanted to write and those I wanted to read. I was becoming perpetually grouchy (my word from last week) and that is so not good (or me). Not having the internet as an option allowed me to just get things done. Workout, shower then get to my work. But ya' know what? I found myself stressing over the house so much, even though I was getting stuff done, that I never took the time to{ SCRAP}. No Project Life. No Scrap2010. So really, truly what you can get from my little experiment....

 It's all about BALANCE!!!

Here's my weekly routine for finding[BALANCE] in my life.

I grab my planning notebook and write down the following:

Stuff to Do [here I write everything down that comes to mind that must get done or that I would like to get done]

Workout Schedule [here I write down what my plans are for my workouts, what I want to do, how many minutes I want to workout each day, etc.]

Menus [here I create a list of dinners for Monday through Friday. I also create my grocery list at the same time. Knowing what we are going to eat ahead of time saves me so much stress!!!]

     Cleaning    [here I write down those rooms I want to focus on cleaning/decluttering for the week. This is on top of the daily cleaning I do...the kitchen, living room, laundry, make beds, etc.]

After writing all of this down I think my WORD from last week has to be


I hope some of this has helped you  this week.


On a whole other note, one of the FUN things I did last week is go shopping for YOU! Yep, YOU! I am getting ready for some give aways!! Em and I had a blast picking out some brand new scrap goodies just for YOU. Stay tuned for details.

Also, Spring has finally come to Missouri!! It's about 50 out there today. It's gorgeous! 

Hope Spring has found you today, too!!!!

Good Golly! What a WEEK!!

So much has happened to in the past week. Can't wait to get back at it here. The best part? My Wonderful husband bought me a BRAND NEW computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  I'll be back to post my Word and catch up!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Blogcation and one Grouchy Word

Having no break in the snow and cold weather I was quite a grouchy soul last week.There were a few glimpses of happiness but for the most part I wasn't very nice to be around. So, sadly I must say the word that describes me best from last week is


Bah HUmBUg!

"Some days the dragon wins." -Anon.

The dragon sure did win more times than not last week.

{However}THIS week I'm taming that silly ole dragon and becoming pleasant. I've made a committment to be kind  and loving in all I do. In all I say. I made that promise not just to myself but to my friends. You see they all had grouchy weeks, too:)

"To live as fully, as completely as possible, to be the true aim and end to life." -Llewlyn Powers


This Thursday I've been asked to give a talk on Facebook and Blogging at my church's women's group "Relief Sociey".  
I am really looking forward to sharing ideas on creating a Blog, writing stories, sharing photos and projects as well as keeping in touch on Facebook. Writing and connecting with people is my passion so anytime I get to talk about it is AWESOME!

Along with my talk this week I have quite a mess to clean up in our home. With all this grouchiness from the past 2 weeks I spent quite a bit of time on the computer, trying to lift my spirits (and just plain procrastinating...I mean who wants to clean when you're in the dumps, right?!)

Anyway, I've decided to take a vacation from blogging and Facebook until Friday. I MUST get some work and organizing for my sanity. When my home is clean I'm so very happy!!

So, have an amazing, fabulous week and I will be back FRIDAY with more of Scrap2010 layouts to share and an update on Project Life.

Oh and by the way...I am so grateful for all my followers I've received lately...THANK YOU for stopping by, reading my Blog and all the comments. You all just make my day!!!:)