Twenty Prompts to get YOU in your Journals again!

Here is a list of 20 Prompts to get you EXCITED about Art Journaling. Enjoy! xoxo

1. Write down five things you did GREAT today
2. What is your Dream trip?
3. List five of the hardest trials you have gone through
4. What movie character would you like to be?
5. List five of your favorite ways to spend an afternoon
6. Create a page based on your Faith/Beliefs
7. Write down your favorite Word and go from there
8. Describe your perfect Summer day
9. I miss...
10. Journal about your hometown
11. Once upon a Time...
12. One year from today I will be...
13. List five ways you can help others.
14. Describe yourself in one sentence.
15. Write a short story about an encounter you have with your famous crush.
16. Write down your daily routine
17. I really AM Brave enough to...
18. List your top five phrases you use all the time
19. Repeat one word or phrase over and over again on your page.
20. Using one word...describe your mood at that moment.

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