Monday, March 28, 2011

31 Days {Day 28} and HELP!

Thank you to everyone who has donated to helping my friend's 11 year old daughter, Lizzy. Two weeks ago today she suffered a major stroke!! She is currently paralyzed on her right side and is having difficulty with her speech. One-third of her brain was damaged. She is undergoing intense physical therapy in Kansas City. To help cover the family's medical expenses my friend Kristin and I are putting together fundraiser. If you have something handmade you'd love to donate please email me at  Thank You!!!!!

Here is a little something I've been working on....

I am not finished with it...just playing around with stencils, doodling, adding different elements to my page...just exploring. It is has fun so far...looking forward to where this page ends up;)
A little photo from our weekend....

Jacks and his girlfriend Sarah. She is darling. He is darling. They are darling together.

Challenge #28

Let's play catch up again!! Finish up a few Challenges you may have started but haven't finished. Try  something new today. Take your art journal and just play. New colors of paint, beads, punches, maybe try using stencils or masking tape. I did this all day on Friday and found some new techniques I will be using more! {i will share tomorrow} Oh and keep working on that list of 100 creative projects you want to work on. I am up to 70!!

Squeeze your loved ones today. Things can change in an instant!


  1. Hi there! How sweet of you and your friend Kristin (!) to do that! 11 years old - I can't believe it! I am so sorry to hear that. I will definitely do something - what do you think would be best from me?
    Oh, and YES YOU SHOULD join SPA! I love the size as it is very manageable and it really is a great way to keep the art flowing (not that you aren't doing that already ;) Keep up the great (motivating) work! xoxo

  2. Dear Leslie-I just can't believe it!!! What happened 11 year old with a stroke...was it a genetic thing? I will e-mail you right now...anything I can do to help; of course I can donate apiece of art!...prayers and healing thoughts to little Lizzy and her family xxx

  3. hi there...just sent you an

  4. Prayers going out for your friend's daughter. Loved your last line/reminder. So true.


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!