Art Journaling Embellishment Ideas

“I suppose I was artistic as a child. Our house was so full of art and artists that it never occurred to me not to be constantly making things. I just assumed that all kids liked to work with their hands as much as I did. I was an only child so I did have a lot of time to be creative by myself and with my parents.” 
― Wendy Froud

When I began art Journaling six years ago my pages relied primarily on 
store bought products...stickers, papers, etc.

But as I began branching out, the more creative I became. 
And instead of adding a star or a heart that came from
a package...I wanted to actually 
MAKE the star.
Make the heart.

My inspiration for painting my own background papers
came from using my Gelli Plate. While I enjoyed making papers this way...
I really LOVE my own style and am excited to share it with you today!

It's so FUN making your own creations!!

I start with plain old cheap copy paper and acrylic paint.
I usually paint 10 to 12 sheets at a time, using at least two colors per sheet.

I don't put any thought into this part.
I just paint.

Let's take this yellow and green paper and see how it goes!

So after randomly putting yellow and green on the page I take tools 
like these to create my Marks...

A used paper towel roll, a plastic fork, random foam stamps,
bubble wrap and a paintbrush are my go-to supplies.

Now the fun part...
randomly adding Marks to the page in various colors.

During this phase I put on my favorite tunes and just go with it.
Making these papers are an activity I find to help me get unstuck 
when I just don't feel creative!

Once my page is finished...and it shouldn't take too long don't need to think
about what's on the page...
after all you will be cutting it up very soon...
I pick out the stamps I want to use.

Some of my favorite stamps you see here are by Artist Dee Dee Catron. 
She designs for Viva Las Vegas Stamps. 
I had the chance to take a class from Dee Dee in September and visit the stamp shop. It is AMAZING!! I HIGHLY recommend both!!

I ALWAYS use this ink...

In my opinion it is the BEST and will not smear when gel medium is put on it.

I stamp the images I want on the paper I just made...

Isn't that ink gorgeous?? So vibrant!!

Once you are finished stamping you can cut out!!

Now you have all kinds of BEAUTIFUL embellishments to use in your art journals!

Here is a BraveHeart card I created using that green flower...

Here is another example...
I take my favorite color pink...

Randomly put marks on the page...

Again take my stamps...

Cut out...lots of treasures for your pages!!

Recognize that pink flower??

The bird and green border were also created the same way.

Dina Wakley's Star Stamps were used on this page.

I keep these cute little embellishments in a baggie within arms reach.

Stamps are my ADDICTION so I always have dozens to choose from!!!

See this paper towel roll??

You can do something very similar with it and pick up your messes at the same time!

This is what my paper towel looked like after "picking up" my drippy messes from the spray ink I had used on a page.

My favorite mixed-media artist Dina Wakley shared this tip in one of her journaling books....
take the entire roll of paper towels and roll over the ink. Keep your towels and do something fun with them.

So that's what I did!!

Creating paper towel embellishments has become one of my favorite things to do!!

My tribute to one of my favorite 80's Icons Prince.

I used a star stencil to trace on the inked paper towels, glued onto my page then traced around each star with a white gel pen.

These stars were created the same way.

I hope you have been inspired to create your own papers and embellishments.
Art Journaling is about stretching ourselves...mind, body, soul.


Thank you for being here!!!

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