Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Are you Disconnected from Your Heart?

"Many women today feel a sadness we cannot name. Though we accomplish much of what we set out to do, we sense that something is missing in our lives and fruitlessly search out there for the answers. What's often wrong is that we are disconnected from an authentic self."  -Emily Hancock

Years ago when my kids were babies I was lost. So sad and lost and so lonely. I spent everyday with my kids (which I loved) but had nothing just for me. I remember the moment when things began to change...my fog began to lift and my sense of self emerged...I was sitting on the couch talking with my husband. It had been a long day of changing diapers, feeding children and cleaning house...all of which had to be done again tomorrow. I was restless to DO something...anything but be in that house. As I sat whining to Dave he just looked at me and said "Babe, what you need is a hobby. Something you can do when you put the kids down for a nap or something you can do on a Saturday afternoon with friends." 

Well, yes I knew he was right..."I KNOW that Dave...but what??! What do I do. You have your hunting...what do I have? I don't know what to do!" I remember saying this in utter despair. I honestly didn't know what to DO. I didn't sew or paint or draw or do ceramics.


But then I was at the grocery store waiting on a prescription. As I looked at magazines to pass the time I ran across "Creating Keepsakes" magazine.

Do you remember this magazine? I LOVED it and miss it so much!! It's this magazine that changed my life in SO MANY ways! That day in the store I KNEW I had found my new hobby..."scrapbooking". I had always kept one in high school and I loved taking photos of my family....plus playing with stickers and glue...all of it just spoke to me. I jumped in with both feet, bought every scrapbook supply out at that time (crinkle cut scissors and stickers...lol) and became obsessed.

Soon wonderful things were happening...Not only was I spending a few Saturdays a month scrapbooking with new friends but my creativity was growing by leaps and bounds...my writing was improving and I was itchy to get published and start my own scrapbooking business (which I did). 

I never dreamed that less than 10 years later I would not only meet the founding editor of Creating Keepsakes, but would become lifelong friends with her and her lovely family.

This is us from 2009 in her front yard.

Lisa continues to inspire me in so many ways!!

As the years went by I continued to scrapbook, grow my business, teach classes and even get published....my hobby had grown into a passion!

As much as I LOVED to scrapbook...I longed to branch out creatively and try my hand at a thing I found while surfing the web one night...mixed media. It was the AMAZING Melody Ross and Brave Girls Club that launched my NEED for art journaling, paint and Mod Podge nearly 5 years ago!! You can read a bit about my Brave Girl journey here and see some of my early pieces.

In the past five years I have learned more about myself and found my TRUE calling all through my art, your blogs and my wonderful Facebook groups and friends. I have taught locally and was honored to teach in South Carolina last October at my first art retreat...(Thanks, Sherri!) This winter/spring I continue my passion for teaching with three classes "Art Journaling Basics", "With All My Heart" and "Do Brave Things". All available to my local friends:)

Girls...as I continue on my art journey I am SO grateful for my husband who loved me enough to tell me to listen to my heart. I am grateful for his love and support throughout our marriage...he inspires me to be my best! What he did for me was set me on my path to becoming my AUTHENTIC SELF. Finding Words and paint and images, putting them in books and on canvas...feeds my soul. teaching and inspiring you is my LOVE. 

I encourage YOU to find your Authentic Self...if you haven't already. REALLY listen to your Heart. What is it saying? Are you bored or tired or uninspired? DO SOMETHING!! Join an on-line group, start walking or just type in something you want to know more about and start learning about it on the Web!!

I am so grateful for this art journey of mine and I am grateful to have you here to learn and grow with me.

Here's to a passionate and inspiring 2015!!