Monday, March 7, 2011

31 Days {Day 8}

Whew! Life is crazy here at the Ackman house but I am still making time for my art...I especially need it when I'm stressed. Art brings me peace...I am grateful for even 15 minutes with my Art Journal, paint and Mod Podge.

"Creativity not only invigorates, it re-balances and energizes mankind."

Congratulations to Kristy!! She is the lucky winner of the Brave Girl Prize Pack from our Brave Girl Blog Hop over the weekend!! Thanks again for all the comments. I appreciate each one and am enjoying stopping by so many new and inspiring blogs.  

Challenge #8

I am a list maker. There is always a list running through my mind, on scraps of paper laying around my house and in my planner. Without my list I am lost!

There is this really great book called "Journal to the Self" by Kathleen Adams. I have talked about it before on Words of is my absolute FAVORITE book!!  So many light-bulb moment type journaling techniques. Genius!

Chapter 12 is called "Lists". Here is an excerpt...

"In our society, we most often use lists as a time-management or memory jogging tool. There's certainly nothing wrong with this task oriented approach; lists have done long and faithful service to help keep us organized and on top of the multitude of details inherent in any busy life. But journal lists...ah! That's another species! Journal Lists are wonderful for:

*clarifying thoughts
*identifying patterns or problems
*brainstorming solutions/ideas
*getting below the surface
*getting past the obvious
*gathering a lot of information very quickly
*focusing attention on what's really going on

There's a catch, though. Make your journal list in 100 entries!!!"

About now you must be thinking 100 entries?! Yes! I want you to make a list of every creative thing you want to accomplish, have an idea for, dream of, etc. 

It can be done!

To help you on your way here are a few of Kathleen's tips:

*It's okay to fact it is an important part of the List process.
*Write as fast as you can. Writing as fast as you can allows you to capture the essence of the thought and move along to the next.
*You don't have to write in complete sentences.
*Your entries do not have to make sense.

I am going to make my list in my Art Journal...I may not fancy it up...but rather just write, get every creative thought down. By keeping them in my Art Journal they will always be close and I won't risk losing the list.

Enjoy this Challenge and see you for Day 9 Tuesday night!!


  1. I adore lists... and love the idea of this one. Thanks for the assignment!!!! :)

  2. I do not like to do lists like clean out the garage, buy tires, etc
    I do like dream lists and dreams of creative projects wow this is great !
    100 ... ?
    easy peasy

  3. Hi, Jen! Glad you are here!! And Marianne...Dream Lists are the BEST! I am up to 60 so far!

  4. love this idea, i'm gonna do it!


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