Trusting Myself in 2011

Oh how giddy I am about this New Year.


Somehow it doesn't seem possible
to even be in the 2000's...
ya' know?

I remember when I was in high school
and my friends and I 
would talk about how old 
we'd be in the year 2000.
I think that all came from the 
song "1999" by Prince.
Remember that?

I am 45.

This is the year I take my life up a notch.
No more waiting.

I learned so much this year.
It began with finding Brave Girl's Club
and taking Soul Restoration 1.

That class was life changing...seriously.

And this Time Line in particular allowed me 
to see my life...

This page in particular changed my life.
I know it sounds so strange
so over the top dramatic...
but it's true.

It's 100% true.

I realized that those 5 years of my life
between 1972 & 1976 made me 
who I am today. 
The events that happened in those
young years made me see life 
very differently.

I found the Spirit here.
 I learned how to pray here.

Those 2 things saved my life.

I took another on-line class this year...
just for fun! 

This was my first girl...Claire.

Christy's class opened my mind and my heart.
Her class along with all I had learned in 
Soul Restoration really helped me
find my artistic voice.
I began making my Brave Girl's like CRAZY!!

 The more I created the better I became.
And the more I found my own style.
I was so happy putting words with images.
I began creating art to "Uplift, Encourage & Inspire".

I found out that to tell 
my story and 
share what was in my heart
I used birds and butterflies.

Collage painting
fabric scraps
sheet music
all became my staples.

2011 was the year of the Art Journal as well.
In June I signed up for another
Brave Girl class...
Soul Restoration 2.

Melody taught me that in order
to live my Big, Bold, Beautiful Life
I had to make better choices.

I had to to choose how to use my time.
I took this to heart and am 
still trying to watch less TV, 
limit my computer time
and spend my time doing
what makes me truly happy...

Reading Scriptures
Taking care of me.

Despite all this encouragement

But then
using the tools I learned in SR1 & 2

I realized I truly was a 
Brave Girl!!

And I began living MY LIFE

I was determined to live my
life in the best
way I knew how...

And I did.

I even sold my Brave Art in
2 craft shows
and gave many pieces as gifts 
to friends, family
& complete strangers.

I found myWINGS
in 2011.

I am on the right path
going into 2012.

I have sooo many new and 
exciting goals...
so many areas of my life
I want to GROW in.

My WORD for 2011

I think I did a great job of
reinventing my art.
The way I think about myself as an artist.

Where will 2012 lead?

What WORD will I choose to lead and guide me in the New Year?

I will share on Monday, January 2nd.

Happy New Year Girls!!


  1. wow 2011 was a big year for you! I am so glad that you found your art and your confidence in it! 2012 is going to be great!

  2. Absolutely LOVE watching you FLY in 2011, and I can't wait to see where life takes you in 2012! Hugs and Happy New Year, my friend!

  3. What a great, reflective post. I'm planning to take Christie's class in 2012. I took the 12 Artsy Ornaments e-course and loved it (my first online course).

    I've been thinking of my 2012 word - several are speaking to me, I just need one to holler!!! hee hee

    May 2012 be a blessed year for us all!

  4. I love your work. It is inspiring and so creative. Happy New Year.

  5. What a great look back on your progress through 2011! I chose "wings" as my word for 2012, after using "begin" to get me up and running with my blog and my art in 2011. I look forward to hearing about your word...happy New Year!

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