Monday, April 28, 2014

The Many Faces of Being Brave

"Only one feat is possible: not to have run away."  -Dag Hammarskjold

"Being Brave." 
We heart that phrase so often these days. 
"She did it anyway." 
"She was a brave girl."
All phrases I know by heart and use often in my journals and my art thanks to one of my favorite artists and people Melody Ross of Brave Girls Club.

If you don't know about this phenomenal group of over the top TALENTED and INSPIRATIONAL women then PLEASE, PLEASE go here. You will be so HAPPY you did:)

To me, Being Brave has always meant one thing...that despite the obstacles, the hard work, the FEAR  I would just do it anyway. I would 100% Go For It! But after taking all of Melody's amazing on-line classes, I have learned that Being Brave means so much more...and sometimes we are the Bravest when we just WALK AWAY.

If you read my last post {which seems like I wrote an eternity ago} then you know all about some big changes going on in my life. My son Jacks moving to Texas, my weight loss journey AND the biggest change of all...purchasing an existing art studio..."The Art Experience".

Before I go any further...I want to back up a little bit. We are talking about "The Many Faces of Being Brave" today. Being Brave means SO. MANY. THINGS.

That's my Mama in blue:)

Mom knocked on my door one afternoon last week, a bag of cat food in hand, with tears running down her face. She had just been to the vet for one last moment with Baby, her beloved cat of 12 years. For my sweet Mama Being Brave meant saying goodbye to a dear, sweet friend.

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball...something so unexpected it takes our breathe away. That's exactly what happened with my father-in-law Dave. Since February he has been living with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. His doctors have given him 3 to 6 months. We are hoping for much more. For my father-in-law Being Brave has meant facing this ugly disease head-on. Taking chemo, being sick and still managing to enjoy his family. Last week he made it up to Maryville for a turkey hunt with his sons.

I love this photo and will cherish it!! My father-in-law is SO BRAVE!!

Oh my SWEET, AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL girl!! Being Brave for this one has meant saying goodbye...For such a young girl she has had her share of goodbyes and I know how hard they have been on her. I am so PROUD at how she has handled them and SO PROUD of the COURAGE she has shown in the face of adversity. Love my GIRL!!!! Emma truly is one of the BRAVEST Brave Girls I know!!!!!

So let's get back to me and MY changes...what Being Brave has looked like for me these past few weeks. 

This is the art studio...the one I was GOING to buy.

It's beautiful. It has everything an art studio needs. The past month I have filled notebooks with ideas and To-Do's...class ideas and products. I was beyond excited with all the support and love people were giving me.

But then...
something happened.

When I got really still...
and started to really listen to my heart...
it didn't feel right.

Not one little bit.

I couldn't believe it!
How could this be??
This was my dream come true!!

Or so I thought.

When I really stopped to listen...
my heart was telling me what was important
and what it was I truly wanted.

I want to be here for my girl {she needs me so!!}
I want to reach my fitness goals {almost half way there!}
I want to teach at art retreats {ME in South Carolina this fall!!}
I want to HAVE an art retreat.
I want to create and write and inspire.

I can do all of those things here, in my studio at home.
I can reach out to all of you on my blog and on Facebook.

Being Brave for me has been so much more than listening to my HEART.
Being Brave has been ACTING upon what my heart was saying.
It has been telling people my decision to NOT buy the studio. {i have gotten so many funny looks}

Being Brave has felt so right.

So now I am ready to see where I go from here. I have so many things planned for my blog and our Facebook group. 

I feel free and happy.
I am at peace.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Have a Blessed Easter Friends!!

The Easter feeling does not end.
It signals a new beginning,
Of nature, spring, and brand new life,
And friendship, peace, and giving.
The spirit of Easter is all about
Hope, love, and joyful living.
Author Unknown

Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 39: Embracing Change

"The art of living does not consist in preserving and clinging to a particular mood of happiness, but in allowing happiness to change its form...happiness, like a child, must be allowed to grow up."  -Charles L. Morgan

The last month has been a whirlwind of change for me. It all started when  my 19 year old son Jackson moved to Texas.

Us last April in Kansas City

It is so strange not seeing or talking to my boy everyday. Yet I am managing OK and text or Snapchat him daily!

A welcome change has come in the past month...I have said NO to Can't and dropped nearly TWO sizes and feel fantastic about myself!! I am eating more veggies and fruits along with lean proteins and exercising regularly.

a page from my art journal

This month I went from sharing my son's laptop to having my OWN iMAC!!! It is pretty dang exciting!!!

I also rewarded myself with a new cut and color last week!! It's shorter and makes me feel young and free!

But perhaps one of the biggest changes this month is the making of a DREAM come true....

I am taking over an established art studio in my town of Maryville..."The Art Experience"!!

I still can't believe it's happening...yet when I look back on my artistic journey I realize it's what I have been working on for so long!

All the classes I have taken, the classes I have taught, the people I've met, this journey I have been on for nearly 7 has all led to very own place to do what I LOVE...what fills me up and gives me wings!!

I officially take over May 1st and am SO EXCITED to begin making the studio MY OWN!! Lots of re-arranging and things to add over the next few months!! By the end of summer we will be in a totally NEW location with new colors (aqua, yellow and red) and whole new feel!!! But for now I will be patient, take one thing at a time and teach, teach, teach. I just know I will be learning, learning, learning,

You can stop by our website and check out all we have to offer and be sure and "Like" my Face Book page, too.

As we continue on our Being Me journey I want you to think about Embracing Change this week. We ALL go through change...sometimes it's all good stuff....other times it's hard and scary and yucky. I want you to talk about YOUR changes in your journals this week. How are you growing? What are you learning? Did you see the changes coming? Are you at the end of the changing process, the middle or the end??

Girls, I am so grateful for each of you and love reading your comments and seeing your work. I hope you have a happy and creative week!!! Be sure and share your journals with us in our FB group Mind.Body.Soul.

And are NEVER behind!! Stop by here to start your Being Me journey's free!!:)
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