Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Project Re-Do

 **This is an artsy Challenge I first posted in December 2010. Feel free to print off and enjoy!!

I wish we could put up some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every month.
- Harlan Miller

 12 Days of Christmas Project
Cover of my book
The point of this happy, little book is preserving some of your fondest Christmas memories along with using photos and supplies you already have. {you may wish to purchase a few items, but keep to a minimum}

I seem to have the most fun scrapping when I gather a basket of supplies, my photos and a few idea books and just start scrapping. For this project I am using a few different Christmas, word and alphabet stamps, glitter Christmas trees, rub-ons and stickers along with holiday patterned paper. The photos are from Christmas's past....some from my childhood mixed in with some of my children.  

Day 1

Day 1: What does Christmas mean to you? When do you get into the Holiday Spirit? Is it when you hear your favorite song, watch a beloved holiday classic or taste your first sip of eggnog?

The photo on this page is from 1979. It's me, at Grandma Jackson's house Christmas Eve. The journaling reads: "I love Christmas! It's a time for family, my fave music, kids out of school, seeing loved ones we haven't in years, Jesus Christ, our fave Christmas foods and movies! As I've gotten older Christmas is a time I reflect on my childhood. So many precious memories of 3211 Ave. J with me, Mom and Dad. I realize how special family traditions times. I get into the Holiday Spirit best by listening to music. Everyday I blast carols throughout our home!:)"

Day 2
Day 2: Think about ways you can give that don't cost much. Is their a charity you help yearly or would like to start helping? Maybe you spend a few hours in a nursing home each year singing Christmas carols. Be sure and make a list of all you do or would like to do.

The photo on my Charity page is our family tree from my High School days. My journaling reads: "During this special time of giving, it's important to have Charity in our hearts for others. We will...*sing carols with the missionaries at the Sr. Center *visit at the nursing home. Feels Good!!!"

Day 3
Day 3: It just wouldn't be the Holidays without food, right? What are some of your fave food related memories from Christmas past? Do you have a traditional item you bake? Write a fave recipe down, maybe include a photo from your childhood or when your kids were small of you enjoying it.

My Mom has a real gift for table decorations so I had to do a page on that. I mean she goes all out! Journaling: "Grandma always creates a beautiful table for Christmas! I am grateful for her gift of decorating. It's festive and full of so much love."

Day 4: Share a typical childhood Christmas. From the smells, to the shows you watched, the way the house was decorated, etc. 
Day 4
My photos are from 1982. Many of our Christmas's were spent in our newly built upstairs. I can still smell the kerosene heater my parents used to heat it! Journaling: "Grinch on TV, sugar cookies with sprinkles only, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Mom and Dad's anniversary Christmas Eve, decorating the tree, Dad putting $50 bills in a box full of bricks, waiting for Gram and Gramps, me waiting on the couch, looking out the window...her gingersnaps in a box with wax paper...."

Day 5: Make a list of your family favorite Holiday movies and TV specials. If you play games over break make a list of those, too.
Day 5

Journaling: Some of our Faves....Jim Carrey's "Grinch", Rudolph, Santa Clause is Coming to Town, Jingle All the Way, Elf, Christmas Vacation, It's a Wonderful Life, Scrooged and Frosty. We ADORE movies!!! Every Holiday we play lots of games! Tripoly, Monopoly, Life, Uno and Skip Bo. The Best!"

Day 6: What is the absolute BEST gift you've ever given? Was it hand made by you? Or did you save the whole year long just for this one perfect gift? Who received it? What did they think? What about you? What is the most AMAZING gift you ever received? Who gave it to you? What made it soooo special?

Day 7: Christmas Carols. Some people love them, some hate them...I personally ADORE the music of the season and have my personal favorites. Make a list of your favorites...or share a few you can't stand. Be sure and share any special stories that go with the songs.

Day 8: If you could choose one treat to eat this time of year what would it be? Why? When did you first eat it? Who made/makes it? Is is now a tradition in your family?

Day 9: Describe your home THIS Christmas Season. What decorations are up? What decorates your tree? Do you like the handmade look or are you into lots of sparkle and the perfectly matched look? Is their a certain fragrance you like to have in your home during the Holidays?

Day 10: Where is your favorite place to celebrate the Season? Do you usually stay home or travel far away? 

Day 11: Share what your magical day would be like in a perfect world.

Day 12: What is on your Christmas Wish List this year? What about when you were a child? List everything!!

There you go...all 12 prompts to create a special little book!! I love doing projects like this...not only will I have something for generations to come but this is soooo easy and soooo do-able even during this hectic time. One photo per page, a few embellishments, journaling and your done! Please take time to get this done!

This week I encourage you to DO your best. Give your all in everything. Your family, your blog, your friendships, your Christmas Spirit!!

Be a DO-ER!!! 
What will you DO this week? 


  1. Journaling is so important, but I have such a hard time getting to it. I know I just need to calendar it for times when I'm not so busy. Cute project!

  2. What a great project, especially as my family starts developing our traditions with our little girls!

  3. I looooove the Harlan Miller quote and I love this project. My christmas scrap booking pages just get lost in the mix I think they need their own place to shine :)

  4. this is a great idea...i always plan to do something like this but never

  5. I really love this project. I actually am not doing a December Daily this year (have done one the past two years, and am sort of missing it right now.) But perhaps THIS will be just the thing I need. I've been working so hard on creating for the business, that I'm missing doing these sort of projects. I am going to print this off right now and DO IT!!! Hugs.


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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