Monday, December 19, 2011

The Amazing Danielle!!

Today's Featured Blogger  is Danielle Daniel. Her Blog "Her Painted Word" has brought me smiles, joy and such peace these past few weeks.

Danielle has a way with words. She speaks from her heart-100% and you know it. She tells stories about her family and her art. Each of her beautiful girls has such a story to tell.

Danielle has been published in two of the latest Somerset Publications {i have them both!}

I have never read this magazine before...simply because I have never sewn...but Danielle is changing all that! I picked this issue up last Friday and made a goal to begin stitching in 2012!!

You can also find her work and a wonderful article in this magazine. If you've never read Somerset are in for a REAL treat!! Not only does Danielle have a truly remarkable tale to share but Sweet Soraya is in this issue as well. In fact both Danielle and Soraya are on the COVER!!:)

I love it when a Blog not only inspires me with their artwork but also with their heart...their words...their stories. Danielle does that and so much more!!

Photo from Danielle's Blog

Be sure and stop by "Her Painted Word" when you have a chance. You will love it!!


  1. Oooh, I totally agree! I LOVE her work and love this post! I'm sure she will be thrilled to read it - and congratulations to them both for the awesome feature!
    I was thinking about you this morning, and then there you were! Thank you for your visit and I hope you and your family has a very merry Christmas!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Thank you for introducing me to Danielle's's always fun to discover new artists to enjoy! (And yay for you, with your resolve to try stitching in 2012!)

  3. I LOVE her work . . . have for a LONG LONG time! Great spotlight, my dear!

  4. Dearest, sweetest and kindest woman, thank-YOU for this beautiful honor. I am deeply humbled by this loving tribute and I am SO happy to learn that my journey is inspiring yours... We are all here to share and to learn. Thank-you for the gifts of encouragement and kindness you have given me along the way. Your words always make me smile.I am deeply grateful dear girl and I am cheering you on as you continue to venture towards your North Star.
    Love, d xoxo


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