Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Art Journaling Love:Getting to Know Me

 “Journal writing is a voyage to the interior.” 

This was my first Art Journal Cover.

 I created for my very first on-line class I had ever taken..."Soul Restoration" with Melody Ross. 
I was SUPER excited to not only learn how to restore my soul but to create an ART JOURNAL!! I had kept a written journal since the age of 9...writing is a HUGE love of mine...but this whole Art Journal thing was a completely new concept!

It's been fun looking back at my first journal...my love of writing really shows!!

This page was created on January 11th, 2011

 As you can see I was ALL about the Words. Writing what was in my Heart. 
I had a few swipes of paint and two word strips and I was done.

The second page in my Brave Girl Journal.

Created on January11th, 2011

 I was a bit more adventurous with this one...adding an image and using a Heart stamp.
(I love how my use of Hearts showed up right away in my pages!)

My third page....
paint, butterflies and lots of journaling. 

Another page from my Brave Girl's Journal

 Again...so cool to see another image I use in my pages often come out so early in my journaling...butterflies.

I like how I tried being a bit more creative here with my handwriting, placement of images and even creating a little side-bar for journaling.  

Page created January 31st, 2011

The thing I remember the most about my first art journal was how it made me FEEL.
I still get emotional when I think about it.
This was a very dark time in my life.
We were in financial chaos, our kids were making poor choices,
I was in deep depression and
 my husband was in panic mode
trying to keep us afloat.

My Heart and Soul were completely drained
 and I honestly didn't see any light at the end of any tunnel.
In fact my sweet Mama bought me this class and my journal for Christmas.
 It was the BEST gift she ever gave me.
I needed it so much!! 
As my love for Art Journaling grew I got a bit more courageous.
I visited several blogs and found the first issue of Stampinton's 
Art Journaling Magazine.
I had no idea until reading through that magazine there were so many mixed media artists in this world!! It was eye-opening and life changing for me.

An early page from my second journal. I use birds often in my work.

 Art Journaling came into my life JUST when I needed it!
And as I ventured into mixed-media my AMAZING and GENEROUS Mom 
gifted me more classes so I could learn new techniques from two of my favorites...
One of my FIRST hand-drawn images in my journals. I LOVE drawing sweet little birds!!!!
I learned how to draw a few simple things (like that cute bird above!)
and really stepped out of my comfort zone.

I used my journals to work through my Fear and Anxiety by creating pages 
as reminders to myself that it WOULD get better.

This page has so much meaning to me!!

When it comes to journaling I have supplies that I use nearly every single time.

My love of Hearts shows up often in my journals.

Almost every page begins with acrylic or watercolor paint.
I use the cheap stuff from Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby and Michaels.
I have used the nicer stuff (Golden and Liquitex) 
but I just can't bring myself to spend 
that much!! 

The minute I found Dylusions Spray Inks from Ranger I bought a basket full!!
I LOVE how messy they make my pages look!!!!

One of my FAVE pages ever!!

Let's talk gesso for a minute...lol. I had heard a lot about this stuff in my early days of journaling
and just didn't know what all the fuss was about...until I bought some and tried it.
And I will be sharing all things Gesso with you soon!

Along with paint and sprays and gesso I LOVE stencils!

In the early days you won't see one stencil but as I grew in my Art my supplies grew, too!
Stencils are EVERYWHERE...big box stores, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Etsy,
Amazon, Stencil Girl, Dina Wakley, the list is endless. 
We will be talking stencils later in the class.

Other things I use often in my pages are washi tape and die-cuts.
A recent page using magazine images.

The more I journal the more I LOVE using photo's of ME.
It just adds so much more depth and meaning to my pages.

A small journal I created for "I Am" statements.

Back in my early days of creating I remember promising myself to make time to create.
In fact I would leave little notes for myself to remind me that my Heart NEEDS that time.
Now....six years later I don't need any reminders.
Creating has become who I am.
It's just a part of ME.
My daily life.
Time spent with myself in my studio means time spent with others will be better.
I need that time to think.
To pray.

I invite YOU to join me on this journey of "Art Journaling Love".
It doesn't matter one bit if you have created a thing in your life.
Grab a journal or notebook, swipe a bit of paint on the pages and just START.

If you haven't been here before please stop by my FB group...Mind.Body.Soul Art Journaling. 
We are a group of AMAZING, creative women sharing what's in our Hearts.

You can read my first "Art Journaling Love" post here.

You can go to our Files Section Here for the list Words, Mantras and Shapes for the Week.

Thanks for being here!!
Please these hashtags when posting work...

Monday, January 23, 2017

Art Journaling Love: Week One...In the Beginning

 “And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” 

 Welcome to my Four Week art journaling class.."Art Journaling Love".
I am sooooo Happy you are HERE!

Over the next four weeks I hope you will be inspired to start
 your OWN art journal or keep up with the one you have.

Join me along with five other artists as we share with YOU our pages, favorite techniques, the reasons WHY we journal and more.

I am so proud to introduce these AMAZING ladies to you...

Jen Morris is a creative Life Coach, writer and journal artist from New Zealand.

You can find out more about Jen and see some of her work on her Facebook Page
So happy you will be joining us Jen!!!

Meet Leanne Wargowsky!! I hope she doesn't kill me for using this photo...but I LOVE it!! 
It showcases her absolutely FUN and CREATIVE Spirit!!

Patty Radish is one of my FAVORITE art journalers. Her use of retro images is divine!!

Rae Missigman....oh my goodness still pinching myself that she will be sharing her AMAZING creativity with us!!

And last but not least my friend Sherry Canino.
Sherry and I met a year and a half ago at Art Beach and connected INSTANTLY!!

 The minute I saw her at work in her journal I KNEW she was going places!! 

We will be hearing from each of these artists in the next four weeks!

Here's how Art Journaling Love is going to work....

*Each week I will be posting a minimum of THREE posts. 
*One with our Artist
*One with techniques from me
*One with various ideas, studio tour, random art journal pages, etc. 
*Each Monday I will post FIVE Words and FIVE Mantras/Affirmations to use as a starting point for your pages...These will also be in our FILES SECTION on our Mind.Body.Soul Facebook Group page so you will have them all together once the course ends.
*We will also have TWO shapes of the week...(i.e. starts, triangles, etc) to inspire your pages.
*If everything goes as planned I will have video's sprinkled throughout our four weeks showing you how I go from a blank to finished page.
*I HIGHLY encourage YOU to share your pages with us in our GROUP. If you are not a member of our group yet be sure and go here and send me a request! 

Ok....I think that's all the information out of the way!! Now let's BEGIN!

This was my VERY FIRST Art journal page...


  When I see this I cringe. I mean it's NOTHING like I would do today.
But that's the beauty of keeping a journal...to see our growth. Not only in our art but in ourselves.

This is in that same journal...look at the FEAR I had!! 

 Again this looks so kid-like to me...
but it's been interesting going back. 

This was my first journal...
a book I found on clearance at Barnes and Noble I think.

 Not really an art journal but rather a blank notebook. Back then I wasn't into using gesso, paints, scraping tools, modeling paste, etc so my pages could take it! HA!

If you are new to keeping a journal you may be wondering...
"What the heck kind of journal do I use anyway?? What size, what kind of pages?" 
There are hundreds more products now then there was six years. But really all you need are a few basic things to begin.

Obviously you need a journal. Here are just a few of MY journals.

 Through the years I have used spiral bound...

 Book bound


 Little ones like this Dylusions 5x7 journal from Ranger...

 or my preferred size...

 Just a bit bigger than 81/2x11.
I really like the spiral bound journals like these, too. The best part they are CHEAP and you can find them at Wal-Mart and other Big Box stores for around ten bucks. Be sure and get the ones that say MIXED MEDIA so your pages can withstand lots of layers!! 
We will be talking layers later in the week!

If you really don't want to spend a ton of money on your journals...
it is possible to use a plain old, one dollar composition book.
That's what this one is and honestly it's one of my all-time favorite journals!

The best way to use a notebook is to cover each page in gesso to create a sturdy page for paint, glue and anything else you want to add to your page. We will talking gesso this week!

Here is a page from my notebook'...

 A few more early pages....

  Oh my! I was trying here!!

And LOOK! My attempt at "mark-making"...lol. All those circles!!

 Enough of my early pages (for today anyway...HA!)

Along with a journal or notebook there are a few things you will want to gather this week...

*Your favorite pens (i use InkJoy)
*magazine image (especially images of women and words)
*a paintbrush or two
*old scrapbooking supplies (die-cuts, pattern paper, stickers)
*acrylic paint (you can buy these at Wal-Mart for 50 cents a bottle)
*alphabet stamps

Again, as the weeks go on I will be sharing my favorites as well as where I purchase them.

Our Words for the Week...


Our Five mantras/affirmations...

*Today I will act out of Love
*Yes You Can
*I allow myself time to create 
*I will make choices that demonstrate the care I have for my body
*Today I am enough

Our TWO shapes to use in our journals this week are...



***Let these Words, Mantras and Shapes be inspiration for your journals this week!! Be sure and post your pages, comments, questions in our FB group.

Be sure and join me TOMORROW for my interview with myself.
I will be sharing my art journaling story along with how putting paint and pen to paper
 I was able to HEAL my Broken Heart.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Fitness Fridays...Keeping it REAL

It's Fitness Friday.
And honestly I have REALLY fallen off the wagon.
Very little exercise and not caring at all what I eat.

I promised myself that I take each Friday and hold myself accountable.
So here I am with no progress for the week except this....


Day One.

Last year I joined Weight Watchers on-line.
I LOVE the program...
but quit.

It's a pattern with me. I start something, start seeing results then quit.
It's frustrating.
I am still paying for WW (sad right I am not using it??!) and when I had set up my account I had put Fridays as my weigh-in day....
so TODAY is Friday...
So today I am weighing in and STARTING FRESH.

I bought Oprah's new book...have you seen it?? OH MY.
I am going to read it and try out the recipes. Each recipe has the points value which will be so helpful!!

I woke up early today and walked with Leslie Sansone. I enjoy these videos so much and they are all on You tube!!

Try this one!! It will get you motivated!!

I really don't want to put my weight out there...
but I am. I want to have a record of my progress.
So here goes...
It's the highest I have ever weighed and I am wearing the largest size I ever have.

Size 14/16 jean

My goal is to lose 30 pounds this year.

My Word for 2017 is Perseverance.

I really love that Word...Steadfastness.
This is difficult. I love food and I am out of shape. But despite difficulty I WILL Persevere!!

If you are on your WON journey I would LOVE to hear about it!!
What kinds of things are helping you stay motivated??

***One more thing...one of my FAVORITE artists Rae Missigman is having a Birthday and giving her readers a chance to WIN!! You can go here to enter!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Art Journaling Love is in ONE Week!

“A personal journal is an ideal environment in which to “become”. 
It is a perfect place for you to think, 
feel, discover,expand, remember, and dream.”
Brad Wilcox

Sooooo many WONDERFUL things coming your way in my Art Journaling Love class. I am SUPER excited to be offering this FREE class just for YOU! Four weeks of inspiration right here EVERYDAY!!!

*DAILY Word Prompts
*Affirmations for your NEW YEAR

*A tour of my BRAND NEW STUDIO
*Interviews and ideas from FIVE other artists
*Plus a few other goodies!!
I look forward to YOU joining me!!!

This is going to be my BIGGEST class yet!!
And the best part is...

I hope you join me on this journey!!

“I don’t want to live in a hand-me-down world of others’ experiences. I want to write about me, my discoveries, my fears, my feelings, about me.”
-Helen Keller

Friday, January 13, 2017

Fitness Fridays: Starting Slow

For several years I sat on the couch. 
I was depressed.
I ate popcorn with half a stick of butter for comfort.
I gained nearly 20 pounds.

Now here I am at the highest weight ever 
the Change.

Last week I shared my ONE BIG GOAL for 2017.
It's to become a Runner (again!)

To start on my Journey to health I was tested in November for food sensitivities.
What I found out is changing my life.
I am sensitive to wheat, rye, barley...which means NO bread, rolls, pastries, etc. etc.
Also NO dairy.
No cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream, etc.
I am soooo happy about this. 

I have been on this plan for three weeks as of today.
My energy is returning.
I feel like doing something!!!
I am getting more steps into my day.
I am waking up to work out.
This is gonna be GREAT.
And honestly it hasn't been that hard and I am not missing any of those foods.
Which, btw, I ate all the time.
Cheese was a daily food for me.

Each day I am remembering this....

It's only January 13th. 
I am doing this.
I haven't lost weight yet...
but this weight didn't come on overnight.
It gradually crept up on me...
and it's gonna gradually melt away.

This year my Word is Perseverance.

And I will keep coming back here every Friday to update you (and myself) on my progress.
Along the way I would LOVE to hear about YOU.
What BIG GOAL are you striving for this year.
How are you doing?
Let me know here or in my FB group...Mind.Body.Soul Art Journaling.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What's on My Work Desk Wednesday

“I think that you’ve got to make something that pleases you and hope that other people feel the same way.” 

 It has been YEARS since I participated in Work Desk Wednesday...and I MISSED it!!
Soooo happy I made the commitment to start blogging more in 2017
AND so fun to be back sharing what I am working on!!

What is Work Desk Wednesday?? It's an awesome idea created by Stamping Ground! 
She has been doing this for YEARS and YEARS and it's just a really neat way to connect with other artists and see what they are up to!

Now on to MY Desk...

Last week I re-did my ENTIRE studio!! And I LOVE it so much. It's like a Dream come true! So much space to CREATE in!

I made three stations...

one for painting and all things messy
one for stamping
and one for working in my planners and writing in my blog.

Here is what is on my messy table today...

I haven't been creating much at all. All my focus has been on my family and our home this past month. I did take a minute to work on an Angel for my Faith Journal.
I ADORE everything Dina Wakley...and I use her girl stamps so much. Those wings are her stamps, too. Have you seen them?? WONDERFUL! You can take a look at the entire set here.

Right above my angel are the NEW Jane Davenport face stamps. 
Oh I have sooo many ideas for them! Looking forward to using them soon!!!

My other desk has my planner...

I have been using the Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planner for several years and LOVE them! For 2017 I am trying their BIG planner out. So far I like it!

And that's it...Not a whole lot at the moment but I intend on changing that as the year moves on!!

Looking forward to seeing YOUR desks!!!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Fitness Fridays: Finding My Truth

The secret to living the life of your dreams is to start living the life of your dreams today, in every little way you possibly can. -Mike Dooley

A New Year.
So many promises made.
So many BIG ideas.
Goals, Dreams, Excitement.

I have set myself up for failure many times at the start of a New Year.
I have all these GRAND ideas...
I make a list of 20 goals I VOW to keep...
only to forget about most of them by the second week of January.

In fact only about EIGHT PERCENT of all Americans actually keep their New Year's Resolutions.

But this year is different.
It is.
Because this year I am following my Heart.
This year instead of setting the goals I thought I SHOULD...
 (you know, lose weight, get in shape, write a book, etc. etc.)
I asked myself 
"What am I most excited about in the Year ahead?"
 I thought it would be opening my Studio and getting Brave Girl Certified.
I mean...duh, that's a no-brainer, right??
I thought so, too.
Until, as I was writing those words down in my notebook I could feel my Heart going in a different direction.

This is ME...

Back in 1999.

And YES...
The moment this photo was taken I was in mile 15 of 26.2 miles.
It was the HARDEST thing I had ever done.
But it was also the most EXHILARATING,
event of MY LIFE!

Running taught me to BELIEVE in myself.
That I COULD set goals and actually ACHIEVE them.
I had never been an athlete in high school so this was a totally new concept for me.
And it was AMAZING! 
I was a better wife...
a better mom...
a better PERSON 
when I ran.

So THIS year
in 2017...
my Number One Goal is to become a Runner again.

I have set a goal to Walk/Run a thousand miles this year.
And yes, I know I am in TERRIBLE shape.
Terrible, terrible, terrible.
(well, maybe not so bad...but I DO need lots of work!)
I KNOW what it takes to become a runner.
Baby steps.

I did it before and I WILL do it again!


In 2017 I WILL RUN.

And I KNOW as I walk...
then power walk...
then start jogging intervals...
then start running...
everything else will just fall in place.
My studio...
Brave Girls Certification...
weight loss...

I would LOVE to hear from YOU. What BIG Goal do you have this year? Were you surprised (like me!)? What steps are you taking to reach your goal?? Please share in our Facebook Group!! We would LOVE to have you!!!
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