Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday Photo Shoot

Howdy, Girls!! What a week it's been. Some good, some bad. Through it all I've grown and realized that all that matters in life is my family. Without their love and support life would be a very dark place.

We had such a wonderful Holiday! As you may remember we shut our business down one week before Christmas. Honestly...I wasn't sure what would happen. We hadn't bought many gifts before that and while I know Christmas isn't all about the presents I still wanted to have gifts for my kids. It all worked out so great...and yes, Jacks and Em wanted more...but were quite happy with everything.

Here are our Holiday Highlights from the past few weeks....

Here are Jacks and Em from TEN years ago making cookies at Grammies. Weren't they cuties?

Here they are NOW!

Gotta LOVE Grams! That's Sarah on the left. She and Jackson have been dating over 1 year now.

My Em is just so darn pretty!

You can NEVER put too many sprinkles on sugar cookies!

Christmas Eve was very low-key this year. Loved it!

We played Monopoly and ate munchies. The best:)

After Church on Christmas Day we came home to open presents. Santa was very good to us this year.

One of our favorite parts of Christmas are the stockings. They are always stuffed full! This year I found a white chocolate coconut bar, orange chocolate bar, DVD's and a Barnes and Noble gift card. YES!

Jacks gave Dave a hunting hat with built in lights. Perfect for the man that has everything:)

Toy Story has always been Jackson's favorite movie. When I saw this shirt I had to get it. He loved it!!!

What an awesome big brother!! He knows his sister well....

Christmas afternoon we headed over to my Mom's for a feast and more presents. Doesn't she look like Mrs. Claus?!:)

Jackson with one of Grams'presents.

That night we went to "The Hangar" to watch "We Bought a Zoo". LOVED that movie!! I give it 5 stars!!!! So inspirational.

The next day was our Ackman Family Christmas Get-Together Extravaganza!!

Here we are!

We had a wonderful time.

All the cousins along with Jackson's Sarah and Ali's Cody...

We have such AWESOME kids!!!

The next day...December 27th was Jackson's 17th Birthday!!

How did my little tag along get to be 17?!  He has always been my buddy. Even now when I need a smile or a hug Jackson just knows and lifts me up. He is a good kid!!

Now because of what's going on in our world we really didn't expect to do a whole lot this day. husband is the miracle worker and we were able to go to Kansas City for a night of BBQ...

Oh this was soooo yummy!

Then we headed over to "Dave & Busters" for hours and hours of arcade fun!!

This night was exactly what we needed!!

There is no doubt I am blessed. I know the Lord is watching out over me and my family. I am so grateful.

The past 2 days I have been in bed with the flu and migraines. Today I woke up still a bit ouchy but ready to BEGIN my New Year!! I can't wait to share my 2012 WORD with you!!

How was your Christmas Break, girls? What was your favorite gift?? My wonderful mom gave me an Ott Lite for my art space. Love it!

Please share!!:)

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  1. Great family photos, looks like you all had a wonderful family Christmas...just like it *should* be! I love the cousin photo with your cousins and I love to get together, and don't get to do it nearly enough!!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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