Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The ABC's of Inspiration

"Tell the negativity committee that meets inside your head to sit down and shut up."

I know that not only creating Art heals...
But looking at the Art you have created
can Uplift and Encourage you
to keep on going 
through life's struggles.

Keeping an Art Journal has been one of the 
most rewarding artistic endeavors
I have ever undertook.

If you have no idea of 
what an Art Journal is 
or are thinking about starting one
or just want some ideas...

It's time for a Brand New Challenge in our Facebook Group...
I LOVE coming up with ideas for our challenges
and am just so grateful for 
everyone who participates and shares their Art!!
Thank you!!

"The ABC's of Inspiration" Challenge begins
Wednesday March 23rd...
yep, that's tomorrow!

This Challenge is meant to Energize and Refresh your Spirit 
by creating 26 tags, index cards or journal pages with ONE Word
for each letter of the Alphabet.

Here is my "A" example...


I chose the Word ABLE for several reasons...
First and foremost I want to remind myself
that no matter what the circumstance I am quite ABLE to 
persevere and do what I set out to do.
Synonyms for my Word include...

My Word for the letter "B" is

Sometimes I need reminding
that there truly is BEAUTY in all things. 
I chose two of my symbols...
the butterfly 
to further get my message across to myself.

Each week I will post TWO letters of the Alphabet long with my 
projects and thoughts on the Words I chose.

As always I would LOVE to see YOUR work...be sure and share in our FB group!!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Step by Step Journal Process

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.” 
― Walt Disney CompanyMulan

Most times when working in my journal I just start spreading down paint...not really having a direction...just letting my mind wander...waiting to see where it takes me. 

This page started out a bit different.

This is the last week of our Mind.Body.Soul "Take Three Challenge" and Sherry's challenge this week was to use stencils and paint and the Word FRAGILE. 

Stencils and paint are my art journal staples so I was excited!

I began with four stencil and three colors, using a make-up sponge to apply. I did swipe my pages with gesso before starting.

The Word Fragile, however was not a word I felt very inspired by.
I was equating the Word with being weak and scared...topics I don't usually cover in my journals.

Next I added some book pages, pattern paper and neon pink paint around the edges. I also added one more stencil:)

But the more I built my background the more my mind let go. 
I began thinking about my vintage girls...the angels in particular.
I use wings with my "girls" more times than not so I grabbed these and glued them down.

As I cut each image out I thought about my sweet, kind and very talented daughter, Emma.
She had said something to me just a week ago that was beautiful...

"Mom, you know I have two angels that watch over me and one of them 
is Grandma A."

After I laid the girls down I took my black and white gel pens and added a few doodles/outlines.
I then thought about ALL my sweet daughter has been through the past four years and how HARD she has worked to HEAl and then it came to me...

"My fragile heart is given strength by the wings of others."

My thoughts were pouring out of me as I stamped a few images
on the background for depth and shaded each angel-girl.

I have always been inspired by this gorgeous girl...this time around I put wings on her.  She represents Emma.

I first stenciled the wings with gold then used a stabilo pencil and white gel pen to highlight

Here are my finished pages.

Stop by my FB group for MORE fun challenges!! Mind.Body. Soul. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Start Where You Are

I was overweight most of my childhood, did not participate in 
any kinds of sports, was always picked last for 
gym class and had the self-esteem of Charlie Brown.

I didn't feel like people believed in me so I didn't believe in myself.

In spite of all my insecurities I became quite successful with my high school speech team, was president of FBLA and landed all the leads in my high school play. Heck I even
landed the child lead in a traveling production my Sophomore year. 
Acting gave me confidence like I had never known.

I wasn't happy with 

I constantly obsessed about my weight...
my hair...

I never felt good enough.

When my Dad was dying in June 1996 I made him and ME a promise.
I was going to set a goal and RUN a marathon and dedicate it to HIM.

I had never ran a day in my life.

Not only did I REACH my goal...but I raised $4,000 dollars for the Leukemia Society...the awful disease that took my father from me...and I gained respect for MYSELF. I had a confidence I had 
never known in MYSELF.

It was a beautiful thing.
At the finish line in 1999. I ran the Mayor's Midnight Sun in Anchorage, Alaska.

But somewhere along the line
I have lost my way.
The confidence I once knew has gone.

I find myself self-conscious and fixated on my body flaws.
When I look in the mirror I see an aging, frumpy-looking woman.
I FEEL like an aging, frumpy-looking woman!

But that's changing...
slowly, but surely.
And it feels so good.

This quote is such a wonderful reminder for me...
when I was training for my first marathon (i have ran two)...
I never, ever focused on the finish line. 
I took each day and focused on the run THAT DAY.
It was a powerful thing to see myself grow stronger and stronger each day.

And it can be today.

If you have lost your way...
If you feel bad about yourself...
your body...
where you are in your fitness life I have the book for YOU!

I have followed Tosca for over 10 years. She is AMAZING!!

This book is life-changing in soooo many ways! She shares HER journey and the
way she went about getting back in shape in her 40's is nothing less than motivational and inspirational!

I turn 50 this year.
It is my intention to set a goal, make a plan, get to work, stick to it and

If you would like information on Tosca's book you can go here.

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