Word for 2012

Happy New Year!

I am ready to let go of those things that hold me back
and keep me down.

I am ready to create a strong, fit body.
I am ready to open my heart 
I am ready to become all that I can.


All of it.
Every last little bit.
The next 365 days will be real.
No fluff.
I will share my accomplishments and strengths
My failures and weakness's.
I am ready to write my heart.
Share my story.
Be real.

This is the year I live my truths.
This is the year I will forgive myself for not being perfect.
For not always doing my best.
For mistakes I will make.

I will take my time,
be patient
and give myself some slack.

This is the year I will share my STORY...

*I will submit my art, my blog and my stories for publishing
*I will write guest posts for others and ask other bloggers to share here
*I will spend time in my Art Journals weekly
*I will get in shape by eating clean and working out, inspiring & encouraging along the way
*I will read my scriptures and other church publications daily, making sure to share

This year my family and I have a very big STORY we wish to share. To celebrate Jackson's graduation in May 2013 we are catching a plane and headed to....

Disney World!! 

Sure, Disney is pretty cool on it's own...
but what makes this story different is
what we need to do before we 
get there.


and run

We are training for the 2013 Disney World Marathon
the second Sunday in January!!

This isn't something we decided on a whim.
This event has been in our hearts
for 7 years.
We were there during the race in 2005 
and couldn't stop talking about it.
We promised one another that someday we
would be a part of this race.

That someday is 

I know all about marathons.
I ran two in my 30's.

I know the time and effort it takes to train.
It's hard to run 26.2 miles.
But you know what?
It's do-able.

And I can do it!

My kids can do it!


My Year.

My Word?

What's your Word for the year?


  1. What a great goal to have..you go girl....our dream is to do Disneyland one day for the kids...no marathon tho..what a fit family you will be...xxx

  2. Good for you guys!! What a huge and reachable goal! Cant wait to follow the journey.

    I do need a word. Not sure what it will be yet tho. Still working on that.

    Happy new year!

  3. That's an awesome goal to run a marathon and what a great place to do it. We just returned from Disney World - it was awesome! I'm looking forward to reading your STORY in 2012!

  4. So special! Doing this as a family is a wonderful memory you will make. I am super loving the idea!

  5. awesome! what a wonderful family goal! when i was younger i ran a marathon with my brother. my dad and my sister ran a half marathon. we trained for a year! go for it! have a great year!

  6. omg that is AWESOME! I can't wait to hear about your journey to get your whole family to the marathon - inspiring!

  7. Yeah!!!! Thanks for sharing your word and your heart. It takes courage to express your story and I have no doubt you will continue to share. Your story matters. My word for 2012 is CREATE.....

  8. Very cool! I'm glad to see you will be sharing your writing even more. My husband and I are hoping to run a Disney race, too. We were thinking 5K or half marathon at Disneyland. The 26.2 miles seems a bit scary for us (but it would be so cool to have an excuse to meet you). My hubby and I both started running last year, and have taken a little break for moving to a new home and the holidays, but I look forward to starting again once we get officially moved this weekend! 2011 was a big year and I feel 2012 can be just as big! After the big move I will be rejoining the blogging world, too, so I look forward to keeping closer tabs on all the stuff you're doing. You're an inspiration!

  9. Woohoo! I could feel your energy and enthusiasm as I read this post! Awesome!!

  10. Wow... you are off to Disneyland.... lucky you.

  11. Leslie...how awesome it will be to walk beside you in blogland as you share your story, how awesome for your family to train and run and in one of the coolest places on earth no less!! How fun! My word for 2012 is ACTIVE. I waste too much time being lazy and sedentary and spend way too much time on unimportant things. I am going to be ACTIVE in each area of my life, will I be perfect...heck no, but I will make progress! Thank you for writing your words and for not being afraid to share. I have connected with so many things you have written and love being able to call you friend! Here is to a great big wonderful 2012!!! love ya! :)

  12. You sound like an ambitious soul, full of life. I love how you start each of your goals as "I will..." No doubts at all - you will achieve them all! Have a great year and good luck in the marathon.


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