Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On Creating

I am on a journey...an art journey...and I'm learning and growing and surprising myself with all that I can do.

"Life is pure adventure, 
and the sooner we realize that
, the sooner we will 
be able to treat life as art."

  -Maya Angelou

Each and every week I find myself digging deeper inside of me...challenging myself to create by writing, drawing, painting, collaging....doing what I love.

"Everyone is creative.
Creativity isn't learned,
it is released. 
Stop measuring how creative you are. 
What are you afraid of?"

  -Patty Digh

I am no longer afraid. I am no longer holding myself back....

How about you?


  1. You are just so cool (have I told you that recently?) Love this post, and these quotes . . . perfect! I'm missing my creative time. And realize that only I can change that. so perhaps, just perhaps, this weekend I will dedicate some time to create - just for me.

    (Thanks for your comment this morning ... LOVE it!)

  2. Love it... you are a brave girl!!!! I am too... <3

  3. I love the quotes! So true. And I am going to make time today to create! Have a good one! :-)

  4. I just love this quote and post! We do hold ourselves back because of fear. I must remember to go boldly in the direction of my dreams!

  5. I love the quotation that creativity isn't learned, it's released...isn't that the truth?! Thanks for sharing these inspiring thoughts.

  6. Such wonderful bravery and spunk!

  7. Yay! Thank you for agreeing to a guest post! No pressure, just e-mail me when it's ready! THANK YOU!!!! :-)


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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