Monday, May 9, 2011

Lizzy's Benefit

Ladies, we did it!! Lizzy's Benefit was a SUCCESS!!! So much time and energy was put into should have seen my house. Oh my, what a mess;) I spent the day cleaning and doing laundry. Felt so good to get our home back in order.

And even though I have more to do...I am calling it quits for the day and sharing the Benefit with you. Oh, what a night....

Kristin and I arrived at Horace Mann {Lizzy's school} around 2:30 and unloaded all the auction items and tables for the event. We were sooo grateful for teacher's and friends and that showed up to help.

That's Kristin on the right...we made quite a team!

Thanks, Sheridan and Kenton. They made "We Love Lizzy" darling!

Here's a few photos of the gym before 6:30...

We had approx. 300 chairs inside the gym as well as outside. There were plenty of tables both inside and out, too. We were blessed with a gorgeous night and figured families could choose to stay in or go out.

Gina Bradley from Northwest Missouri State University created this amazing banner for Lizzy. Everyone signed it!!

These lovely journals were donated by my friend Peggy. THANK YOU!! My friend Laureen bought all 4!!

 Girls, you can't believe how beautiful these journals are!! 

Soraya...I wanted your print so bad but so did lots of other ladies....;)

Uhhhh, Leanne....we were all fighting for your scrappy bag of goodies....I lost out...but it was for a good cause and my friend Zana  ended up with it!!

There were several other items donated by my Blog friends...thanks to Jodi {i purchased hers} and Mandy {the Smith's have both the purse and the artwork!!}. And Kristin..I had to have your Baby Face!! My son Jacks loves it, too:)  You are ALL sooo kind and generous and talented!!!

Here is a sampling of the crowd right at the beginning of the Benefit.

All in all we served nearly 400 people!!!
Oh and here's our Guest of Honor...

That's Lizzy in the middle!! She had a blast with Gabba and Miriam.

She is still in Rehab and will be for several more months. The Smith's are a wonderful family full of faith. I admire them so much.

All in all girls we raised over $7,000!!! I am very proud of our Community!!!!

Thank you so very much again for your kind words here on Words of Me Project!!!


  1. What a wonderful success! Congratulations on all of your hard work paying off in such a big way. A very inspiring experience.

  2. Just Awesome, Leslie! Congratulations. It was an honor to donate, and I am so glad that you got the Fly Anyway block. It is one of my favorite little pieces with big meaning.
    Love to you,

  3. leslie that is amazing!!!! way to go!!!!

  4. Thanks for the pictures! I have my own set of pics to upload so this inspires me to do just that! I was super impressed with the outpouring of love from the community. You and Kristin did such an awesome job!

  5. Lots of hard work paid off, Leslie!! You are an inspiration!

  6. well done...that is so cool...look at that smiley face...seriously..that says it all....sit back and have a well earned

  7. YEAH!!! So happy it was a success! I knew it would be!! Thank you too for taking mine home - what a nice surprise. I actually saw this on my cell phone while out of town and had to wait to respond when I got home. But I was really eager to hear how it turned out. Unfortunately, my "smart" phone is smarter than I am and I still haven't figured out how to return comments from on the road, lol! Congratulations to you all, xoxo


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