Monday, May 30, 2011

Being in the Right State of Mind

"You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair."
                          --   Chinese Proverb

The past few weeks have been full of stress. I have overwhelmed myself to the point my headaches are taking over my days and I spend more hours with a frown than a smile....
This is just not working for me...ya' know what I'm saying?

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I have felt trapped and full of sadness at my behavior.

You see, I know that I get to choose...
I do.
It's all up to me.

It's my attitude towards my days that decided whether or not I'm going to have a good one...
or not.

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I can choose to find the happy in my day.

And lately...even though I tell myself this over and over...
I haven't been listening to well.
In fact I've been ignoring myself.

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Until yesterday.

Yesterday was Church...
and my son Jackson gave a talk.

He sure is a gifted speaker.

christmas 2010
Yesterday as my son Jacks talked I could feel the Spirit enter my heart.

It whispered this to me...

On what's right...
what's true...
what's important.

Feel the Spirit...
Hear Me.

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 I realized I had been going about my situation all wrong.

I was focused too much on all the particulars...
all the stuff.

Not what was important.

I understand now.
I can do this camp thing.

It's not about the tents and the sleeping bags 
and the firewood and the food.
I mean, sure those things are necessary and important to have...

But the real thing...

the thing that's TRUE...

is the Spirit.

These beautiful Young Women must have a Testimony in Jesus Christ.
They must know that he is their Savior.

And in order for them to have an amazing, spiritual experience at Camp
I have to have the Spirit with me. 

I have to look at my own life with a grateful and willing heart
so I can experience joy and pass it on to them.

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" Charity is the ability to make life more meaningful for others....
There are times when we need to be lifted. There are times when we need to be strengthened. Be that kind of friend and that kind of person who lifts and strengthens others. Never make someone have to choose between your ways and the Lord's ways. And always make sure that you're making it easier to live God's commandments for those who are by your side and who are your friends. Then you will understand whether you have charity" (Ensign, Feb 2002, 12).  -Robert D. Hales

Enjoy your Monday, girls.


  1. Dear Leslie-Oh! it makes me so sad that you are stressed out and worried..and have a heavy heart. But you have the right can do this!!! I just know that you will give it your all and lean into your faith to find the path that is ...the way for you and your girls. When I get stressed I go for a walk, have a hot cup of tea or write in my gratitude journal. xxx

  2. Beautiful, Leslie! Sounds like you had just the breakthrough you needed. I love that listening to your son speak in church prepared your heart to hear what God was trying to tell you! With those thoughts and that focus, your camp experience is sure to be exactly what those girls (and you!) need.

  3. i keep telling you you will rock this

  4. Beautiful post. Wonderful sentiment and beautiful quotes to support it (as usual).


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