Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We're on a Roll! {Day 3}

So, how are ya' doing?! From the looks and sounds of things...I'd say pretty darn creative:) What an inspiration you are to me. Here are what a few of my friends are doing with this 31 Days Challenge. You will BE inspired...

Leanne has whipped up a yummy treat and just yesterday she got right in the thick of things and painted with her girls. Be sure and see what the end result was here.  SWEET!

Peggy had fun on Day 1 sorting through photos and getting her mojo on. Stop by and see what she's doing!

Then there's Jodene. She is one creative and spiritual soul. You will be inspired!!

Yesterday I challenged you to come up with THREE of your favorite words, think about their meaning to you then take the next few days {or weeks} and create something. My 3 words are:


I wrote each word in my 31 Days journal then listed what I associated with each word. Here are a few examples...

write: my column, My dream of writing a book, of inspiring others, my grandma Kern and the diary she gave me.

faith: Heavenly Father, finding the church, my fave chapter in Hebrews

be: being Me, Gordon B. Hinckley's "Be" Speech, the Beatles "Let it Be"

I plan on taking my words and what I associate with each one and creating. I think I'll use a canvas and a few new painting techniques for each one. Remember to really think about can actually create them later in the Challenge!

I did lots of creative things yesterday. I started my morning posting here then headed to my kitchen to tackle these...
We have a huge garden outside of town we share with other families. We have been blessed with so much produce!! 
Anyway, after reading Leanne's post from Monday I decided to try making homemade spaghetti sauce. I chopped up the tomatoes...

Gathered my seasonings...

Softened the onions and garlic and a bit of green pepper in the skillet with olive oil...

Then placed all this in the crock pot, on low for 6 -7 hours. Check out who helped me chop up the pepper:)

 I think he just wanted a spot on my Blog...Hi, Honey!!

While this was cooking I made our favorite summer dish...cucumbers with seasoned rice vinegar. You take these...

add to the cucumbers then sprinkled these on...

and you have a yummy treat...

Zero calories, tons of flavor. Yum-o!

Okay, so after that I ventured uptown to the dollar shop looking for anything creative I could find. I was thinking outside the box here...not paintbrushes or markers or paper. No, something not meant for art. I found the coolest "paint tools" that I'm trying today!! After that I went a few blocks to our local library hoping to find collage art or mixed media art books. No such luck. However I did find a delightful book by Sarah Ban Breathnach all about the Victorian Era. Everything from poems, to photos, to drawings and other super cool stuff. Sure to be inspiring:) Check it all out...

There's a sponge, bubble wrap and wire scratchers for painting, Sarah's book is on the left and that's my journal on the right...did lots of writing in there yesterday, too.

After running some other errands, picking up my niece on the border of Nebraska, finishing up some laundry and cleaning bathrooms we finally got to eat the sauce from earlier in the day! Here's Jacks and Em dishing some up...

And the finished product...

It was delicious!!!!!!!

On to today's Challenge.

Here is Challenge #3: Look at a space in your home that needs a makeover or just "gone through". It may be a bookshelf, a jewelry box or like me my bedroom dresser. Clear it out, go through each book, or piece or whatever it is. What are your thoughts and feelings? Are you finding things you forgot about? Re-organize,... re-invent- create a whole new "feel" or look! 


I took this photo yesterday of my dresser. I am going to create a whole new space...

It's usually filled with oddball stuff, hairbrushes, change and dust {lol} No more! I want to create a place that's filled with pretty things I love. Tomorrow we are headed to St. Joe to shop...I'm searching for maybe a bird or two, a few things around here...something nice. I'll let you know how this turns out:)

Okay, so looooong posts lately girls. Sorry:( I have so much to share! Be sure and find the Daily Challenges on Facebook of you don't have time to stop by here!! 

How are you doing? What creative things are you doing? I can't wait to hear!


  1. Hello there, that cooking sure looks good...
    Maybe im too late but my three Fav. Words that mean so much to me and on a daily basis.
    I truly love and absorb all the inspiration i recieve in blog land and in my shoppe, I think it is the best to get inspired by someone else as it is to inspire.
    I love to Create anything out of nothing, it gets me excited and makes me just so happy, and I feel if you believe stongly enough in something whether it is a dream, purpose it will happen.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog-
    A New FOllower ill be back...

  2. Hi Leslie-guess what/ I had no idea that you have always wanted to write a book when I wrote on your post yesterday that you should...WRITE A BOOK!!! KIsmet! I think the stars are aligned! Nice pasta BTW-I am hungry now! xxx

  3. Hey Leslie...thanks so much!!!

    my 3 words: authentic, truth, intended.

    my creativity is flowing into an idea for an e-course...i had NEVER considered it as an alternative to writing a book or a preparation, or a way to share my message until i took flying is what i am seriously thinking is my weaving together picture from my post creativity is flowing!!!

    grace & love to you, friend,

  4. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! Your cooking looks fabulous!♥

  5. i love what you are doing here, and as i visit other blogs, i can see that what you are challenging others to do is making a difference...
    love ya...

  6. Dinner looked soooo good!!! Going to postpone day 3 until this weekend and tackle my junk pile in my game room! Planning on doing a blog post on Saturday showing my progress! ;)

  7. love it a...looking forward to seeing your finished too many to pick from for this

  8. Dearest Leslie, this is such a wonderful post!! It's making me want to cook, have some greens and pasta!! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful links! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  9. Wow!!! Dinner looks SUPER YUMMY!!! What time should I be over? I love how dear hubby jumped right into the sauce project - What a guy!!!

    Thanks for your constant inspiration with teh 31 Days!! I'm having a really great time with it!!!!!

  10. Enjoying your posts so much! You know, I may need a little time to catch up, but I am with you, girl! I did go through my closet and get rid of stuff that wasn't "me" anymore. I'm getting 2 new dressers soon and I want to only have things that are "me now" .... so that kind of goes with what you did today...right?


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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