Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Artistic Mother-What I've been inspired by

Helllllloooooo to my girlies!! Life is just so good right now. 

I have had a change of heart and I feel like I'm flyyyyyiiiinnnnggggg...

It's a good feeling.:)

Yesterday I treated myself to a trip to our small town's antique and used books shop. It was so peaceful just snooping around, looking for any yummy vintage thing I could find.

I found 2 sweet deals...

Webster's Thesaurus. A gem of a book filled with 944 pages of WORDS like whim wham, zeal and grapple. A true treasure for every word artist don't you agree?

Then, as I was on the last row I happen to look down and found this!! Oh, how I've longed for this book for nearly a decade!!

Amazing little finds right in my own backyard...YES!

Then today, while at Wal-Mart...thought I'd check out their clearance rack. I mean money is tight but a girl's allowed a few treats, right. And the clearance aisle is a good place to go when money is low...sooooo... I was so very, very happy when I found 5 paper birds from Martha Stewart {perfect for my collages and art journals} and Autumn Leaves acrylic WORD stamps for $2!!!! I have been smiling ever since.

It's the little things in life that make me happiest...:)

Speaking of books and treasures and things that make me happy...ThIs is making me so very happy right now..."The Artistic Mother" by Shona Cole.

You may have noticed this button on my side bar the past month. I purchased this book last month and have been nothing but inspired. I have felt my creativity soar. I am wanting to try new things...this is what gave me the "power" to paint my very first collage with Em last month.

Trudy over at Artistic Creations  has formed a group to share the principles and projects from Shona's book. In the book she outlines 12 projects to complete in 12 weeks {or at your own pace}. I am currently working on Week One of the book and creating backgrounds for my journal pages. Lots of painting going on-LOL! I still have several to finish and hope to be able to post by Friday. Stay tuned!!

By the way...if you are interested in learning new techniques, balancing your time between being a mom and being an artist and just plain old being inspired...you NEED this book!!

Just a few notes...

Yes, we are still having "Make My Monday" interviews with cool blog authors. I have about 5 ladies I've contacted that are waiting on me to get them their questions.

Also...I haven't forgotten about sharing my Weekly Words with you. I have soooo many ideas running around in my brain right now that their doesn't seem to be enough space or time...but Friday look for those words along with my FridayFavs.

And finally...A HUGE welcome to all my NEW followers and readers!! I appreciate all your comments so much:)

And to my "old" followers and readers...what a blessing you have been in my life. My creativity is so high right now because of YOUR encouragement!! I am grateful!!


  1. love your new finds....i am up to making the tote...nearly started it but will wait til the kids go back to school...would love to follow your blog...xxx

  2. i am so happy your creativity is soaring, it's exciting isn't it?? you sound so joyful, sweet girl...

  3. It makes me smile to read how happy you are!!! It also sounds like I need to pick up that book! ;)

  4. How exciting. So many good things happening. So glad you've joined our group.

    Host of The Artistic Mother's Art Group

  5. I can really feel your excitement!

    The Artist's Way is fab, I did it last year and it really changed my life for the better. And the Artistic Mother book is doing the same! Enjoy both of them. Can't wait to see your backgrounds when they're ready.

  6. Feeling like our bookcases may be very similar, Leslie....I bought The Artist's Way a few months ago (finally), too....and I had a THREE BOOK thesaurus for the LONGEST time, until if finally fell apart and I had to recycle it. I'm feeling inspired to hunt for a replacement. And I LOVE used bookstores....time for a trip!

  7. hi leslie, sounds like you're on a great role! thanks for stopping in to my blog. i have shona's book too but haven't been able to dive into it yet!

  8. Dear Leslie-I feel your happiness spilling over right through the computer!!! I am so happy that you have found these treasures (it's the little things huh?)and...I have heard about Shona Cole's book (I will get around to it-I promise!). I can't wait to see your art journal pages-sounds so juicy and exciting!! (I got the juicy pages part from Sark!)
    Thank you so much for all your encouragement and support over at my blog. I could use it right now-major overwhelm mode! All this stuff about pointing domain name to host and zoning requirement license and ...So your support and encouragement mean the world. xxx

  9. p.s. I used the Artist's way years ago (when I had the time for morning pages!!) and it was such an amazing and productive experience.

  10. The Artists Way is a favorite of mine. A friend and I did it together years ago, and it is a book I always go back to for inspiration, for learning to deal with my inner critic, etc...etc...in fact sometimes when I write a blog post, it somehow takes me back to doing the morning pages...I try to remember to write freely and just let it flow (wish I was still doing the morning pages, but with a 18 month old it just doesn't happen for me). Enjoy it along with the other fav...Artistic Mother...Look out artworld, here comes Leslie!!

  11. What a great post! So happy that you're playing along and so eager to see your first journal pages - have so much fun, Kristin xo

  12. how exciting to find some treasured books!!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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