Saturday, July 31, 2010

A bit of YOUR creativity {Day 6}

I stayed up till 2 last night! This summer time zone my family is in...I tell ya'. It's fun but then I sleep later than normal. I'm writing this at 10:15 AM!! So much to do today!!

Yesterday I gave you the Challenge to write down 50 things you love. How did you do? Was it hard to come up with 50 things? Were several of them the same types of things? Here is a peek at some of MY 50 Things I LOVE...

1. Family vacation-road trips and listening to Bon Jovi's "Lost Highway".
2. Sugar and cinnamon pies-Yum-o.
3.Being cozy in our home with my family.
4.The first time I hear Christmas music.
5.Walking with friends. 
6. Getting a letter or a surprise gift in the mail. This is REALLY fun!
7. Blizzards, hot chocolate and crafting or reading with the kids.
8. Reading inspirational blogs.
9. Hearing Dave's diesel truck coming home.
10.Writing in my Blog. It gives me pure joy!
11.Fresh popcorn with REAL butter.
12. Riding roller coasters with my kids.
13.Old typewriters. I want one really bad.
14.The smell of apple orchards.
15. Going out to eat with my family. And talking. And laughing. Love it!!

This is just a sample of my 50 things. Not only did I enjoy doing this but I now have 50 scrapbook or creative art project ideas!! My creative plans today include making a layout from one of my "loves" and then sharing here next week.

Here is Day 6's Challenge:

What wonderfully creative things are you doing today? Spending time with family can be so inspirational. Challenge #6...invite your family to create with you. Maybe do a photo shoot, share your art supplies with your children and play or bake something together.


Before I go just a few things...

I will be posting EVERYDAY of this Challenge. Normally I don't do Saturday and Sunday posts...but I am during these 31 Days!!

Another thing...remember last Tuesday or Wednesday I challenged you to come up with your 3 favorite words then create a piece of art with them? Please visit Leanne's blog this weekend from "Chaos Comes Happiness" to see what her and Cindi and Peggy came up with...just AMAZING!!!

Love you, girls. Have a family filled, creative  and inspiring weekend.


  1. Today, we are creating space in my basement. Not too exciting to the outsider, but to me it frees my spirit!! This has been a long awaited, highly anticipated event for me! When one lives with a packrat, it's not easy to get things thrown out! Here's to freeing the spirit!!!

  2. Hooray, Peggy!! I completely understand. I really do!!:)

  3. I'm enjoying your posts and challenges. I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog it's been great fun!
    I just blogged about the things I love...Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Behind on my stuff, took some great photos today of my son and his friends but I didn't see the list of 50 things until right now. I'm eager to sit down and figure out my 3rd word. I have my first two but can't seem to pick a 3rd that works for me.

  5. visited ikea today and got inspiration for day 3 i recreate something doing my backroom up to begin with...but aso spent some quaity time with my man.....we finished with bunnings picking paint colours and then re arranging furniture...its a

  6. I love your list. And I really admire you for hosting this challenge. I wish I wasn't so overwhelmed by it. Looks like fun. I'll have to keep the ideas for the future and continue to enjoy reading your journey through it. Take care.


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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