Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A little bit of Happy

"Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence." -Aristotle

Most people would tell you that I am a happy person. Whether I'm in Wal-Mart, at church, taking my daily walk or driving in my car I make a point of waving at others, smiling and saying "Hi". 

It's the simple things that make me happiest. Like these flowers on my dining room table. Everytime I walk by them I smile.

Some people never find happiness, it seems. They are always searching for it. Whether in books, therapists or from others. But true happiness must come from within.

"Resolve to be thyself; and know that who finds himself, loses his misery." -Matthew Arnold

Some of my happiest moments have come at times I least expect. 

Yesterday, I found this....

This is "Mom'sLittle Message Board". Everyday I put what's for dinner on here along with a happy thought, our daily chores or something fun we're gonna do as a family. 

Do you see what's written at the bottom?

"Love Ya Mom!!"

My sweet son Jackson left this message for me. Talk about making me happy....:)

"The happiness of life is made up of minute fractions-the little, soon forgotten charities of a kiss or smile, a kind look, a heart-felt compliment, and the countess infinitesimals of pleasurable and genial feeling." -Samuel Taylor Coleridge

I hope today you find a little bit of happy in your day. Whether it's from writing in your blog, creating a scrapbook page, chatting with a friend or spending time with your family.

Speaking of is the latest pic of mine. This was taken on July 4th in Fort Madison, Iowa...

We are standing my a lamp post we bought in  memory of my father who passed away 14 years this summer. We try and visit every year.

Just looking at this photo of the people I love most in this world gives me great joy and gratitude in my heart.

"Family life is the source of the greatest human happiness." -Robert J. Havighurst

What brings you great happiness? I would love to know!


  1. Just wanted to share, that I am reading a book called the Happiness Hypothesis. (well actually I am listening to it) It is probably different than your normal approach to happiness and mood lifting, in that it is more scientific based as opposed to faith based, not that it is anti faith. But I think it is a really interesting way to look at things and has shown me a few 'tools' to use - like meditation (I still stink at it but the book convinced me to try it) and metaphors for dealing with increasing will power and things.

  2. Another beautiful post - I bet you help someone with this today - I know it made me smile!
    I love your positivity and your family is just beautiful!
    My family makes me smile too - last night the 3 of us sat on the couch past bedtime watching Dinosaur Planet (with our 4 year old girl!) as Kendra is obsessed with them. It was very sweet and that makes me happy!
    Kristin xo

  3. Your Happy-Mom board with a menu and a little love made me VERY happy. I am going to try that out, also.

    Happy is clean laundry and an almost thirteen year old who is content...

    (Great to meet you through the Artistic Mother group!)

    This Artistic Mom leaps into a poetic Wednesday.

  4. I agree with you: most of my happy thoughts and moments come from or with my family. I love my brothers and sisters, my in-laws (I'm so lucky to have great ones!) and my own dear, quirky children.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mom Board - and the message from Jackson - I caught it right away when I looked at the board, and thought, "That's a GREAT KID!!" You KNOW I am ALL OVER the happiness thing ... and while there are plenty of days I may visit that darn "crankville" town - I am, generally, a happy person. I believe, whole-heartedly, that the choice to live a HAPPY LIFE is yours. No one elses. So, I CHOOSE to do it. period. Smile. Laugh. Love.

    And life is good this way.

    Love this post, Les. It made me ... HAPPY!!!!

  6. love your post sweet are a beautiful family! happiness comes from the same sources...god, husband, kids, grandkids, my wonderful friends, to include you...

  7. I love your blog! So happy! And I love the quotes!

    I do agree, my family and friends bring me great happiness. And I am happiest when I can create, whether it be my word art or a handmade gift or even dinner.

  8. WWhat a greast family picture. You guys are the cutest!

    I love the dinner message board. What a cute and fun idea! I know it melted your heart to see the note to you(boys can be so offish sometimes).

    ....oh....what time is dinner????

  9. Summer rain makes me happy, the smell of my baby when he gets out of the tubby, the way my kids run to the door when my husband comes home. It is the simple things that bring me much joy.

  10. love your post too... that photo is beautiful and love the lamp post in memory of your finding moments of happiness whn i watch my kids with each other...that woud be my greatest source of

  11. What a sweet message and a beautiful family! My kids and my family are a constant source of happiness, as are my hobbies. Oh, and when something I've planted grows (I'm not much of a gardener) - that's cool!

  12. Stopping by from SITS! Love this post! I love simple things that make me happy, but sometimes we just get bogged down in life and forget. Thanks for the reminder :)

  13. I totally agree with you that sometimes people depend on other things/outside influences to make them happy. No doubt about it, sometimes we need an extra boost.
    I try to be more sensitive to the little things that make me God waking me up in the morning without the need of an annoying alarm clock. Or the joy I get when I hear little 4 & 5 year olds expressing themselves in public. Or the beautiful view I have of the FDR and water when I'm walking to the office in the morning (I live in NYC). One day I'll just take pictures of my morning commute to remind myself that there's beauty in lots of things that are "familiar.."
    I love the idea of the message board. It's so sweet and getting those extra surprises are great!
    Thanks for this post.

    New follower, I'm definitely up for the 'creative' challenge! Great idea.

  14. New follower...landed here from Diary of A Chocoholic which I follow. Taking the 31 day challenge and blogging about it today on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Kids, grandkids fill me with happiness. Creating makes me happy. A warm hug and a slow tender kiss from my PG makes me happy. Watching all the activity in our birdbath makes me happy. A clean room makes me happy. Life makes me happy. Friendships make me happy.

  16. Another great post Les!! I've been catching up all moring on what i've missed from yours and Leanne's blog and it's all making me so emotional!! I'm missing being home with my kids. I can't seem to stop focusing on what I'm missing by not being here. I'm also having a hard time with things being done differently then what I would do if I were home with them. I'm not a control freak by any means but after 11 years being home with them, it's safe to say we had a routine that worked well. Let's just say your "challenge" couldn't be coming at a better time! I need some positive creativeness in my life right now! ;)


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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