Thursday, July 29, 2010

Artistic Mother:background papers {Day 4}

Whew. We have been doing lots of creating haven't we? Please remember to not burn yourself out!! The goal of these 31 Days is to inject something creative and inspirational into our days everyday.
Remember Creativity is all around us. It's in everything.

I think this quote by John Updike says it best. Creativity is merely a plus name for regular activity. Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or better.

A couple of months ago I bought the book "The Artistic Mother" by Shona Cole. I've shared it here before. I am also a part of an on-line group of women who are doing the 12 week course laid out in the book. Part of the inspiration for this 31 Days Challenge comes from Shona's book. Several of my readers are playing along there as well including Cindi. You should stop by her Blog today for a boost of creative energy!! I LOVE the page she created today!!!

In the book Shona encourages us to create our very own background papers to use in art journals, scrapbook pages and more. Here is what I've been up to! I love using foam brushes and acrylic paint and just kind of swirling and twirling it on the paper. These ribbons are so FUN!

See those pink polka dots? I used a Coke Zero bottle cap.

Here's a background paper I made using just pink paint and a foam brush. I ended up creating a layout with it and really love how it turned out.

One of my favorite backgrounds so far is this and brown are two of my fave color combinations.

After the paint the paint dried I outlined the letters with brown marker and wrote my art goals down.

Love the pinks!! There are those polka dots again:)

Yesterday I had a blast with the cool dollar products I purchased on Tuesday...remember? The sponge, the dish scraper and bubble wrap? Here is what happened...using the sponge...

This page was created with the wire pot scratcher. This was just fun to play with and I love the effect.

Another technique {learned from Shona's book} is this one...

Those black lines were made by dipping an old credit card in paint then dragging across the paper. Looks grungy. Very cool. Probably my very favorite look though is the bubble wrap. See those tiny dots below? Just put paint right on the wrap then lightly {or not depending how you want the dots to look} place on your paper. This was a fun collage to make last night. This background color was amazing, too.

Rmember that "L" I showed you yesterday. I finished it, too...

Okay, so the lighting is just's a close-up of the sun I drew with cra-pas...

Now, girls please know that I don't even pretend to be an artist. I am stretching myself. I have never done this before. I was always a scrapbooker. This is all very new to me and I'm just taking baby steps. So if this all looks is:)

And remember our Challenge from Tuesday to pick 3 of your favorite words and begin creating art with them? Here is a sneak peak at what I'm doing...

A few more photos...snapped this one of Gizmo a few minutes ago. He is a little stinker:)

And finally this is me at the computer writing on my Blog. Jackson told me that you all need to see what I look like when I'm "talking" to you!!

That silly guy!!!

Before I go here is today's Challenge:

Day #4 Challenge: Today I want you to take a deep breathe and realize how AMAZING you are!! The fact that you are putting yourself out there and creating, and writing and sharing is enough. TRULY enough. Today, catch up on the past 3 days, write down any inspiring thoughts or ideas you have in your journals. Just take time to BE...


How are you doing girls? Please let me know. I LOVE your comments and I LOVE reading YOUR blogs!!!


  1. and you look so professional while you "talk" to us too!!!!

    Yes, I got my prize in the mail. They are adorable and I can't wait to use them. You have such a nack for crafting!

    Thanks again!

  2. Dear Leslie-I love all your artwork-your backgrounds and the bubble wrap is a fave! You are an artist! If you are an artist! I also really appreciate the kind words in your challenge for today. Sometimes I forget how much courage it takes to put ourselves out there. Thanks for the reminder-I especially needed it today:)

  3. you cant beat playing round with paint for your pages especially the butterfly one

  4. Love your "pink" ones....great papers! I really enjoyed just slowly looking through each picture of your artwork.....lovely.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did with the paper. The "Art Goals" is awesome -but I also love "BE" with the bird and the wings. I came up with my 3 words and have a "vision" for my project. Will be working on it Friday night and will share it with you over the weekend. Had a big "be" moment on Day 3 and blogged about it. Felt really really good to do that. Still having fun! (Love the photo of you at the computer - super cute!)

  6. Hi Friend!
    Thank you for taking the time to send such a sweet comment!
    I love what you have done here - I have to say, the background papers are just my favorite! I love your pink and polka dots and the brown ink really makes it pop! Wonderful goals too, Kristin xo

  7. It all looks great but I really LOVE the art goal page and the orange one with the black credit card streaks! It looks like something I'd love to frame and hang in my game room! I'm LOVING this challenge- I've walked around all day feeling so inpsired- even at work! Thank you so much for doing this. I really needed something to break me out of the funk!

    P.S. glad Jackson snapped the photo! ;)

  8. hi eslie...i am so excited...i got my pack of them and will use some in my 3 word l...which i drew up very late last night....think i will show thw process on my blog after the weekend...cant wait to see it finished...thanks for the inspiration...i love the time to just be...perfect!!!!xxx

  9. Cute background papers. Love all the different effects. Looks like you had loads of fun. Keep it up. You are an artist.

    Host of The Artistic Mother's Art Group

  10. I LOVE your background papers, Leslie! I need to take a deep breath and BE! Thanks so much for what you are doing here!!!

    love and grace to you~

  11. love it, love the swirling and twirling paint and your commitment to pursuing 31 days of creative things! I love having goals.


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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