Monday, July 19, 2010

Make My Monday Interview with Hope {and you can do it!}

Okay, so just to make myself clear...this 31 Days Creativity Challenge that starts one week from today?

You can do it!! Even if you are going on vacation or starting a new job or babysitting your brother's kids or training for a marathon...





I promise. 

You know why I promise?

Because just about everything we do can be creative if we look at it that way. 


Saturday I went for a drive with my hubby out to the farm. He needed to put salt down for the deer. Now, just so you know...I'm not a farm kind of girl. Or a deer kind of girl. No I am not. However, I thought what the heck and went. I decided to make this all about becoming aware and being creative. I thought maybe being out in nature would inspire me.

Okay, just a side note...being out in nature when it's 99.5 degrees is anything but inspiring!! I did try my best to see the positive though and really looked at all the beautiful scenary {from the air conditioned truck of course} point is anything can be creative. Truly! That is part of the 31 Days Challenge. It's to get you to look at everything in a creative way!! So even if you're on vacation, at work, cleaning house, etc...begin looking at your daily life with a creative eye. Try to get something inspirational out of it and see if you can use it in your writing or your art or your scrapbook pages. You can do this!!!

Today is Monday and I am so excited to have an interview!! Here is Hope. Enjoy!!!

ope, first of all you must know how very much I ADORE your blog. I love journaling and your art journals are the BEST!! Tell us all about them...and may we see some samples please:)
Thank you - and thank you for interviewing me! I have so much playing in my journals - I work in Several types, depending on my mood when I start one. Ringed, stitched and moleskines are the three main types, right now working in a moleskine is my favourite. 

When and how did you begin art journaling?

I have kept a journal on and off all since I was a child, but they were usually written, or inspiration clippings. I started art journaling last spring when I was feeling a little disjointed. I wanted to work through some issues and also start a journal that was an inspiration, written and art journal all in one. Once I started mixing them together I was addicted!

How long have you had your site? Give us the details on it.

Paper Relics (my greeting card and ephemera company) has been around since 2004, and I used to blog as 'The Soul of Hope' but had stopped years ago. When I started journaling last spring, I also started blogging again, and that is when Besottment was born.

If there were three things you could have with you for the rest of your life to create your journals with what would they be?

Moleskine lined notebooks
Some pretty Japanese Masking tape
My pen case filled with faber castell Pitt brush pens and a pilot razor point extra fine pen

Top 3 books that have most impacted your creative life?
The Sweet Life by Laura Stoddart (Laura Stoddart's work has been an inspiration to me for over 10 years)
Style Statement by Carrie McCarthy & Danielle LaPorte
Graphic Style : From Victorian to Digital by Steven Heller

Top 3 movies that make you LAUGH till it hurts!! Make you cry? INspire you???

Love Actually

Pride & Prejudice

Anything else you want to add?
It took a bit for my own journaling style to show up, so I encourage people interested in starting to journal to just start and watch your style develop, I promise you will have fun along the way!

Thank you so much, Hope for this interveiw. Your art journals are so inspiring to me!! I am currently working on my own...largely due to your work!! Thank you! Please check her blog out here.


  1. Great interview, Les - can't wait to check out her site! Thanks for introducing me to Hope!!!! (Ohhhhh - and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for my goodie package!!! It arrived TODAY and I AM SO EXCITED to have it!!! Can't wait to start reading ... will share my thoughts with you! And tags are darling! So talented are YOU!!!!) Thanks,again!

  2. Dear Leslie-I really enjoyed reading this interview-I love these art journals! I have to check out Hope's blog now! And I loved reading your post about your creative adventure on Friday!I may just try to take your 31 day Creative Challenge Leslie!

  3. I need to get ahold of this japanese masking tape. I had not heard of it before this interview but seeing that it is in Hope's three "must haves"-MUST SEE!

  4. Oh, what a wonderful interview! I can't wait to check out her blog - the pictures here are just stunning. Thank you for the introduction, Kristin xo

  5. Great interview!!! I also really LOVED what you said about the challenge! VERY inspiring!!! I can't wait to get started!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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