Thursday, August 19, 2010

School is IN session {Day 25}

If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers.  ~Edgar W. Howe

So, my kids are back in school.

Jacks is a Sophomore.

Em is an 8th grader.

And while a big part of me felt like I needed an asylum just a few days ago...

today, watching them get ready to leave...

my heart ached a bit...

Each one of my kids is such a special soul.

Jacks is independent. outspokem, brash, dramatic and a jokester.

Em is sweet, fiery, loud, outspoken and a bit over the top :).

I love them so much...

On to today's Challenge...less than a week to go!!!

Creative Challenge Day #25: Today, with the kids back in school I plan on working on a project I started last week. Do you have something you've put off doing for lack of time? Why not take today and put a few more touches on it or try something new!! Let me know how you're doing.


  1. What cutie patooties!!!!

    congrats on a quiet house!

    Kyle still has one week left.

  2. Ha Ha! How perfect ... today I dropped my girl off for her first day of kindergarten! I cannot believe how fast the years have gone by (and yet, those projects sit and patiently wait for me ...)

    Today I hope to go home and work on some journal pages I started while we were on vacation. A lot of watercolors that I want to go over with pen and ink. I also have 2 more napkins to sew as part of a new course I signed up for (i have a wee problem with saying yes to everything!)

    and if i was looking under my piles ... a larger painting waiting for more paint ... but i may end up at home listening to the silence. :)

  3. School doesn't start for a few more weeks here - we are still in the throws of summer including our local county I will continue to "paint" milk bottles while working the museum booth and talking walks through the animal barns (hoping to see a new calf being born today!).

    Have a wonderful (quiet) day!

  4. your kids are so cute leslie...
    i do remember those fun days of summer, then the longing for the kids to be back in school before they drove me COMPLETELY nuts! love the quote you chose! enjoy the time to yourself...
    love ya!

  5. What beautiful piccies!!! I haven't given birth yet so I'm guessing the time to myself is ending shortly!! Love the doggie pic!!

  6. wish i had more projects underway but i really need to start a scrap page for my sister and her new little baby boy marshall....i have had sick kids at hom,e all week...busy weekend will try and squeeze some me time next week...oh...i laughed when i read your bridge/water fear....i nearly have panic attacks crossing a bridge with water under it...really!!!!the higher the bridge the sweatier my hands get...i deep breathe over them.....leve; rail crossings do it to me too actually...oh well!!!!coud be worse i

  7. Oh, Boy, Les!!! I can tell time is moving WAY TO FAST when I can even see how fast your kids are growing ... just through blogland!!! I can't believe it! How blessed, huh? I hope they had lovely first days - I'm off to meet Katie's teacher this morning!!!

  8. Oh, I can't believe school is already started for them! This summer just flew by! Mine start on the 1st and I know it will be here before I know it :(

    Have fun getting creative!!



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