Thursday, August 5, 2010

On Being Creative{Day 11}

"I am always doing that which I can not do in order that I may learn how to do it." -Pablo Picasso

These past few months I have been learning.

I have been growing.

I am stretching myself so I can begin calling myself an artist.

An artist of what I haven't decided yet :)

I am drawn to painting and words and spiritual thoughts and butterflies and birds and collage and jewelry and inks and tags.

I picked up an old edition of "Artists Sketchbook" magazine from a yard sale last week for 10 cents. And while I won't use much of the content I LOVE the article "How to Enthuse Your Muse". The author {Gail McMeekin} lists 7 ways you can give some "oooomph" to your creativity. Throughout the rest of the 31 Days Challenge I will be sharing these practical and energizing tips.

 "Start each creative session with music. You may want your music to reflect the mood of the art you're working on, or just pick inspiring and uplifting tunes."

Do you create with music or without? 99% of the time I have music playing. We have Sirius Radio on our TV so it's easy for me to just turn a particular genre on and work away. Depending on my mood I listen to anything from 70's, 80's, light rock, old country or big band. Occasionally I'll play 60's or classical.

Lots of years ago there was this old AM station called "Magic". It was the BEST. They played some big band, some late 50's, lots of 60's and 70's and a few early 80's. All lighter stuff. The best part though was all the static from the AM radio:). Sadly they moved on the radio dial and I can no longer pick it up:( Lots of good, creating memories from those Magic days.

So I would like to know...what kinds of music {if any} do you put on when creating? Please leave a comment below!

Here's a bit of what I've been doing this week...

1. visiting new art blogs
2. made a list of new art materials I want to try {gel medium, old clothes patterns for collages, old kids books and matte medium for sealing my art.
3. Wrote down a few ideas for collages.
4. Re-arranged and creatively displayed photos and other decorative materials in our home.
5.blogged and took lots of photos
6. created a two page layout of Jacks inspired by my 50 Things I love list
7. Created a darling layout of Em with one of my homemade background papers and butterflies
8. Have written daily in my journal.

Lots of creativity going on here. Sometimes {most times} in bits and pieces but I am creating and I am finishing projects. It's so exciting!!

Here is today's Challenge!

Challenge #11: Let's do another journaling prompt today. I find when I write anything I become refreshed. This particular prompt is inspired by an old edition of "O" magazine..."Convinced you don't have the hours to make a life {creative} change? Make a time map of your day's activities to see how and where you spend... your days. Where could you reclaim half an hour?

Ladies, I promised you that as soon as I hit 100 Followers we would have another give away...and we will!! Next week I will post what's up for grabs:)

Also if you are participating in the 31 Days Challenge I have a surprise for YOU:)


  1. So happy I happened across your blog, it's delightful! I can't wait to follow you along all of life's grand adventures!

  2. I love it over here! Thanks for visiting me and I will definitely be's my kind of blog!!!

  3. Leslie,
    I just found you by "stumbling along" and am so happy to me meet sound so very much like me.
    I look forward to more great posts from you.



I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!