Friday, January 8, 2016

Journey to the Heart:Shake it Up/Do What it Takes to Listen

Never be afraid to try something newRemember that a lone amateur built the Ark. A large group of professionals built the Titanic.” – Dave Barry

There are times when I just want to think.

 I don't want my mind cluttered. 

I don't want to worry about others...
I just want to think.

Yesterday was a day like that. I woke up with a Heart filled with anxiety and fear. Instead of seeing the bright side of everything I was only seeing the negative. From the clothes hanging in my closet (I have NOTHING to wear/I look fat in EVERYTHING) to my hair (I threatened to cut it all off....LOL) I was a big, ugly ball of negativity. 

One of my first mixed-media pieces. I create so differently now!

As I continued to spew pessimistic sarcasm throughout our home I suddenly stopped. What the HECK was I doing?? 

I went to the kitchen, made myself a healthy lunch and sat at the table. As I looked around at our clutter I could feel my heart tighten...I knew what I needed to do...

This may sound crazy to you but when I am so over the top unwilling to even crack a smile I know what I NEED...I need to put some of my favorite tunes on and CLEAN!


There are few things more rewarding to me than an orderly,  fresh-smelling home. And while I am sweeping, mopping and putting things away I am thinking. I am submersing myself and connecting to my Heart. It's one of the few times in my week when I don't check my phone, stop by the computer, sit down to watch a favorite show. 

I just clean.
And think.

I have had some of my best ideas while scrubbing the toilet!

What My Heart Told Me

During my Scrub Fest I heard my Heart tell me I need to bust out of a rut. It is the New Year after all and I have Big Dreams to Dream, goals to reach, blog posts to write! I thought about what NEW Challenges I have started and what practices I want to keep in 2016. There are quite a few...maybe almost too many...and yet this is the year I want Grow and CONNECT to people, to my art, to my my Big Dreams. 

Today's Challenge

This weekend take a few hours to break out of your rut. Try something NEW...Find something NEW! Sometimes it's just fun to Google a new art technique or head over to YouTube and watch a few videos. Here are MY NEW Challenges for 2016...I am so excited to try them all!!

Here is what I am working on for their January Challenge...Time Flies.

His Kingdom Come
I have been a member of this faith-based group for a year but never participated in their challenges. My intention this year is to complete each monthly challenge and post on their site. Shonna is a wonderful leader! If you want to enrich your relationship with God I encourage you to check this out!

52 Card Pick Up

My cousin actually told me about this and I loved it! A fun and very easy challenge creating ATC's (I am using index cards) with their weekly prompts. Here is mine from last week...

I have ALWAYS loved lists so it's a natural for me to participate in the Reset Girl's Lister's Gotta List Challenge!!   Cori even has FREE downloads that fit perfectly in your planner or in an art journal. I am using a small journal for my lists...all I need is a pen or marker and I am good! Super simple and VERY do-able!!!

Girls, the bottom line is this...if your Heart is telling you to be creative...then BE CREATIVE. I found mixed-media art 8 years ago...and even thought I DID wasn't much when I look back. I thought about it, I made plans to do it...but I always put something ahead of MY TIME. In the past 2 years I rarely make excuses for my art time...I just DO IT! And this year I am SUPER EXCITED about these challenges...they will hold me accountable to my ART! When we create we become more's TRUE!!

So take time...find a new challenge to shake it up a bit. Listen to your Heart...scrub a whatever it takes to HEAR those Heart Whispers. It will be so worth it!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing the HKC site!!! You are such a sweetie pie!! Your blog is rich with creativity and fun-ness!!!

  2. Thank you again for sharing this story. I recognize your challenges and struggles. After reading your blog I've immediately started to clean my
    bedroom :-) This is the room that inspires me to have some quiet time, to do a little meditation or yoga. So it has to be clean.

    I discovered art journaling last year and I'm 41 years old now, so reading your story and see how you have come this far helps me to hold high hopes for myself.

    This year I know I still have to face some challenges, but I also intend to let go of my fear and worries about about it and really try to step up this year. The fear and worries keep me stuck in a vicious circle for too long. So I am with you on this path. You sharing your story so warm and open-heartedly really help me to keep going on.

    I wish for both of us that we may reach our goals and fulfill our wishes this year.



I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!