Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Becoming Connected in 2016

As part of holding myself accountable to my Word of the Year each month I will be checking in...sharing how it's going. What's working and what's not. If there is one thing I have learned in the  years of blogging...writing about it helps me stay on track. 

My Word for 2016 is CONNECT. Here is how dictionary.com defines the word...

to join, link, or fasten together; unite or bind:
to establish communication between; put in communication:
to have as an accompanying or associated feature:
to cause to be associated, as in a personal or business relationship:
to associate mentally or emotionally

The past few years I haven't done so well when it comes to making connections. I mean I do okay on-line...but face to face...not so much. I tend to be shy and I like to stay all safe and cozy in my Home. And when it comes to Connecting to my Father in Heaven...while it's so important to me, my Bible study has been anything but stellar. 

My other connections include my sweet husband, my mom and my kids. Each relationship could use a step up! 

And then there is my Health. Ugh. I have Hashimoto's and honestly I have ignored it for YEARS. My body has been screaming at me that something is just not right but I haven't made that Connection until now.

So here I am...in the last week of January and I must say...things are going pretty darn GOOD! Here is where I am today...

*I have joined a church, making new friends, reaching out and hey, I am now in charge of our Sunday morning breakfast/coffee bar!! It's awesome!

*My sweet husband and I have gone out on  a few dates...just us. We have laughed and acted like twenty year olds...it's just what I need!!

*I am seeking ways to improve my health based on my Hashimoto's Disease. It's gonna be a process but I have begun!

*My Mom and I are communicating better and I am more patient, giving and understanding. We are playing cards weekly and Connecting!!

Life is so good and I can FEEL myself becoming Connected again. It's been a wonderful journey and I look forward to February and welcome new friendships, new memories and new growth!

How is YOUR Word being implemented into your life?


  1. You are beautiful! You are very hard on yourself. Nice to hear you are happy! My brothers has the same thyroid disease and he ignored it for years. Take care of yourself, you are WORTH it. I am happy to say with lots of encouragement my brother is down 200 lbs.

  2. Love the journal page & congratulations on your connect progress!


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