Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hope, Resilience & Trust

Something is happening.
Something wonderful 
and happy
and good.

I am waking up each day
making better choices 
than the day before.

I am exercising.
I am eating better.
I am choosing joy.

My heart is telling me today
to go for it.
To be everything God 
intended me to be.

My WORD for 2012 is Story.
I promised myself I would
tell my story with 
words and my art.

As I ask myself if
I've done a good job of that
I am reminded of the importance
of staying TRUE to myself.

In sharing MY STORY
my words and art must be
directly from the heart.
There is no other way.

That's what I've learned this year.
The year I'd like to forget.
The year that quite possibly 
could go down as the worst in my life.

But then I think...
haven't there been 
those "beautiful moments"?
Haven't there been rays of sunshine
through the rain?


is one of

All of these things have been in my art this year...on my blog.

For even though the days have been dark...
the problems hard...
the heartache almost too much to bear....

In my art
I see 

I see myself wanting to FLY ANYWAY.
Dreaming dreams and making goals.

This is MY life
right now.

This is MY STORY.

If you want to fly,
 you have to give up
 the things that 
weigh you down.


  1. This has been a bad year for you.... But as you point out... It was sprinkled with beautiful moments. Glad you survived! Thanks for sharing.

  2. None of us would ever know about the dark parts of your year, because you sparkle so much here on your blog! Thanks for sharing positivity and happiness. Great post Leslie! :)

  3. Such a heartfelt post, my friend. I know how hard this year has been for you, but I believe that everything and every experience you have just adds to the amazing person you are. And you ARE a wonderful, amazing, creative, kind, inspiring and uplifting soul, my friend. Thank you for always sharing your STORY with us, and for helping us to look at the positive in our lives. My three words right now are Content, Calm and Hopeful. I love these words . . . and yours, too! Hugs.

  4. I'm so sorry that it's been a tough year, Leslie, but your blog posts HAVE reflected some bright life moments, so I hope you will go back to look at them when the moments seem dark. Thanks goodness for art to help you work through all the emotions!

  5. Your attitude towards your life is inspiring! I wish I had half of your positivity!

  6. I feel and see your hope.. and you ARE changing! Many blessings, my friend.


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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