Monday, July 2, 2012

My MUST Read List

One of my main sources of inspiration for anything creative are books. I love books!!

Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Journal Revolution was the first mixed media/art journal book I ever bought. As soon as I saw it I KNEW this was gonna change the way I create.
2. 1000 Artist Journal Pages is very cool. Each page is filled with at least one, full-color art journal page from people all over the world. Lots of eye candy and inspiration here!!

3. Creative is a Verb is just one of those books that will make you want to be a better YOU. The author Patti Digh has a whole blog revolution going on. Check it out here.

4.  Make Your Creative Dreams Real by Sark. I remember buying this book lots of years ago just because it was so different...lots of scribbles and hand drawn doodles. This book definately helped bring me to the point I am at now in my creative journey.

5.  The Artistic Mother by Shona Cole. I looked and looked for this book several years ago. When I finally found it I was elated!! I need to get it out many great projects in here.

6.  Faith books/Spiritual Journaling. I bought this book when scrapbooking was all the craze and most of us had never even heard of art journaling or mixed media. This book was different than scrapping and that's why I liked it. Full of awesome/faith inspired projects.

7.  52 Scrapbookiing Challenges by Elsie Flannigan. The first time I laid eyes on Elsie's quirkt style I KNEW I had found my kind of look...lots of bold colors, doodles, shapes and all full of heart. LOVE this book!!!!

8.  Art Saves is full of 25 artists (or there about) stories. Why they create, what inspires them, their fave quote, their motivations, etc. My fave artist Melody Ross and Brave Girls Club is featured!

9. Life Artist by Ali Edwards. Ali is just awesome!! She documents her life better than anyone I know!!!! This book is still a fave. I was fortunate enough to meet her at CHA when this book came out. A definite must for telling your stories.

10.  Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts. This book came out when I was at CHA in Chicago. I think Kelly may have even been there (I honestly think I met her, too but don't remember). This was before anyone had heard of her. Still...I wanted her book so much! Just reading what it was about and her sweet girl art on the cover won me over. I have read this book many times as well as answered the questions from each chapter. I LOVE mixed media art today and believe I can do it thanks to this book!!!

I hope you enjoyed my list of favorite books. I would LOVE to find some new ones to go with my collection.

Please tell me what are YOUR favorites??


  1. Great suggestions. I love SARK!
    My suggestions:
    Creative Companion by SARK
    Tribes by Seth Godin
    Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon
    The Firer Starter Sessions by Danielle Laporte
    Brave intuitive Painting by Flora Bowley
    I have so many more. Maybe I'll do a blog post too. Thanks Leslie!

  2. I love the peek at your bookshelf, Leslie! It's so funny to see how many titles we have in common. Even better than Creative is a Verb, I really liked Patty Digh's Life is a Verb. And Good Mail Day with Jennie Hinchcliff. And Alphabetica by Lynne Perrella. I'm with Kathy Anne, above...maybe I'll do a post too!

  3. OOH.. I want to play in your library!!!

  4. The Life Organizer...I want to read that one! <3


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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