Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Attack of the.....

This is what's making me happy this summer. 
My kids and good friends.

Did you know my son, Jackson makes movies??
 He does...really good ones.

Several years ago my awesome husband bought 2 pretty 
cool cameras and Jackson has
had a creative blast
ever since.

These photos are from his
latest production...

"Attack of the Giz".

Yes...I am talking about 

Pretty scary don't you think??

Here is Jacks and Elder Jourdain Scoubes.
He is currently serving his mission in our area.
These two are like brothers!!

Em and Elder Scoubes during filming.

He has been with us since January.
We have grown pretty close to 
this amazing young man!!

Two years ago Jacks filmed and produced 
a short music video that our church
used in the mission field. 
It was sweet!!

And if I can figure out
YouTube I will 
share a link to his 
first short film
a spoof on the movie 

That's Elder Daniel Hall using
our mini camera {love this young man!!}
 and one of our former missionaries 
on the couch, Courd.
He served here 2 years ago
and came back for a visit
last week!! 

We had a 
GREAT time!

As soon as Jacks
puts "Attack of the Giz" together
and posts on YouTube 
I will make sure we put
links here so you
can see. 
It looks pretty silly:)

Girls, I am enjoying my summer
and look forward to sharing more 
art with you soon!!

What crazy things did YOU do when you were young??


  1. Your house looks like the center of fun right now, Leslie! One of my best friends in high school had a little brother (in middle school at the time) who loved to make movies with his friends. They used to crack me up! I will always remember one scene where they were crawling across the grass, but held the camera at an angle so it looked like they were struggling up a mountain...what a riot they were!

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