Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A True Brave Girl

Tonight my sweet Mama
 took Em and I out for a "Girl Night".
It was perfect.

We saw the movie "Brave".

Have you seen it?!!
It was GREAT!!!
So, So GREAT!!

Merida is the star of Brave 
and boy does she SHINE.
She is my new Hero.

"Our fate lies within us."


  1. My dear friend, I saw it with my girls on Saturday . . . And loved every second of it! (I actually want to go see it again). I love that the story, unlike so many of the other princess stories out there, had nothing to do with ending up with a prince. I love that it really had to do with a mother and daughter relationship. It melted my heart. This one will be purchased when released on DVD, for sure!!!

  2. I want to see it! I'm waiting to take my son (don't have a daughter, lol) when the crowds die down. I love strong female leads, and she's a red head! :-)

  3. costs 21 dollars to go to the movies here in we wait for cheap dollars...our school holiday started today...and i promised my kids we Will go see it Tuesday....i can't


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