Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Challenge TODAY!

Today is Day One of our Summer Art Challenge-2012. Join me as I create my way through last summer's Somerset Studio Gallery. Here's how it goes...super simple!!

1. Every few days or once a week {it depends on time} I will be posting a project from this magazine for inspiration.

2. The goal is not to create the exact same project {although you can} but rather to be inspired and   create something of your very own.

3. I will be posting MY project when I post the next week's project...make sense?? If you would like to share YOUR projects please post in our Mind.Body. Soul Face book group. 

4. That's it!! Simple, easy, inspirational and no pressure.

Here is Project #1,,,

Found on pg. 56 &57

The project is called "Men Men Men-Mrs. Guker's Courtship Cards". Each card was created on a tag using cardboard. Each card measures 41/2 x 6.

The artist is Cathy Ward. You can visit her blog at here.

Remember you can create cards just like these or take an element that inspires you and use it in something of your own. Working on other Challenges this summer like me?? Then why not use something from here to inspire you in your other Challenges??

Look for me to share my creations by Thursday of this week. Can't wait to see what YOU created, too!! Remember to post in our Facebook group here.

A few GOOD memories to share with you today....we have already created so many this summer!!

Me and my girl Marilyn. Did you know I collect Marilyn everything??

Osage Beach

Daddy and Ems being silly...

Osage Beach

LOVE icees with my girly!!

Osage Beach

Soooo proud of Jacks!!!

$2500 State Champ!!

What GOOD memories have you made so far this summer???


  1. Beautiful post! I LOVE Marilyn too! I have an original issue of Time with her on the cover (her first cover!) I love everything about her ;)
    AND wonderful first project - I will be checking on you all and sending you love, xoxo

    1. You know I think I remember you saying you loved her, too!! Great minds, right??:)

  2. I think I'm going to have some fun with this assignment. I'll print out this post and let's see what I come up with. My dining room table needs to get messy!!!!




I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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