Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Embracing Life

He who has so little knowledge of human nature as to seek happiness by changing anything but his own disposition will waste his life in fruitless efforts.  ~Samuel Johnson

I have been doing a lot of cleaning around our home. And when I clean I think
Lately all I've been thinking about is where I am going in life.

Me, this morning.

It seems I'm not alone...which has made me feel like I'm not so weird after all.;)
My mentor Melody Ross {please click on her name and read her post. It is wonderful!}  and friend Leanne from "Chaos Comes Happiness" have been wondering the very same thing. 

In my last post I wrote...

"Trying to 
what's best 
for me 
at this
very moment in myLife.
Where am I going?
What am I supposed to do?
What do I want to do?"
Cover of March/April Cloth.Paper.Scissors
I KNOW I want to be BOLD. I want to let loose and have some FUN!!!!
My doodle I created last night.
I want to stop worrying about what I'm gonna paint next or if it's good enough to sell. I want to stop over thinking every time I sit down to work on a piece in my studio.
My friend Megan left this comment the other day...
"those sure are the hard questions! hope you get it figured out! or not, is it really so bad to do what you want in the moment and not worry about what's going to happen in the future?"

Oh boy, Megan!! Your comment hit me hard!! It has had me thinking all week long.
Is it so bad to just BE?
Is it so bad to not know what the future brings?
I just want to enjoy the process. 
Be free. 
Be spontaneous!
From one of my favorite layouts.
This was me 2 years ago in May...
Mother's Day 2010
I LOVE this picture of me...why? Because I had worked really hard and was on my way to losing 15 pounds. I see this photo and want to be there again so badly.

I have gained nearly all of it back. 
I have been in a funk.
From shutting our business down in December to family issues and financial struggles now, I have eaten myself back up to a size 14.
NONE of my clothes fit. And right at this moment there is absolutely NO WAY I can buy any new ones...

I started the New Year promising myself that THIS would be MY year! 
 My Word is Story and each one of my goals revolves around the Story I want to share once I reach each goal.

I had been doing so well with my clean eating plan in January but saw very little results. By February I was like..."Who cares, it doesn't matter anyway" and began eating my way through my days. That along with a family issue my body went crazy and all my stress put me in severe pain daily.

I have been in depression but just didn't want to face it.
Until now.

I decided...


Mt Brave Art~2011

With God all things are possible. 
And I KNOW I have faith. 
And when we have faith and go to the Lord
 He will always help us....

So that's what I did. I prayed and prayed and asked for His help.
I cast my burdens on Him. 

And you know what?
I got answers.
I did.
And I went to the Doctor and was put on migraine prevention medicine.
I went back to my old chiropractor.
I began walking outside for an hour in the afternoons.

I stopped watching TV all the time.
I stopped beating myself up so much.
I stopped my negative attitude.
This is the Personal Manifesto canvas I made for myself in December. It is filled with Words and Phrases I want more of in 2012.

My favorite image is on the left...the girl holding the snow heart. Isn't she sweet?

I am taking my days back.
I am taking my time 
and spending it better.

I may not know exactly where I am going...
but that's ok.
“Life is a journey, not a destination.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

To celebrate my new found energy to get my life back I am offering YOU a FREE 6 week challenge called...

6 Weeks: Mind.Body.Soul.

This challenge will be filled with ideas to help YOU be your BEST self this year! It's not too late!! We will combine the healing power of ART with life skills to help YOU be the YOU you were meant to be!!
More details to come soon!!:)
Starts Monday, March 12th.

Question: What is your Word 2012? Are you living it? Please share!


  1. I can't believe the synchronicity of your post. I had been searching the web for "what to do now that I'm 60", " living large", "getting more out of life". I too lost weight last year and have gained it back. I started the year wanting to get back on track but so many things have conspired against it.
    I love your idea of "Body and Soul"!
    All the best!

  2. Very inspiring! I know how you feel! And you look fabulous no matter what size you are!

  3. What I see in those photos is someone that is happy, truly happy. I love the outfit in today's photo by the way. My word for 2012 is blossom and I feel as though I've been doing that at least with my art.

    As for weight - I've had issues for years. The last couple have been especially hard for me. I had a total knee replacement in 2010. Prior to that I was walking five miles a day at least three days a week. I was healthy and happy. Then the knee pain started. It was terrible pain. Finally, I have the knee replacement and am on my way to recovery. Then, for no reason I was always tired, no motivation, anemia, aches and pains all over. I was so weak I couldn't even squeeze the toothpaste tube! I was diagnosed with SLE Lupus last year. Holy moly. Talk about a double whammy! I'm finally starting to feel better but I still have those days of aches and lack of energy.

    I'm so proud of you - getting out and walking is great for one's body and soul. As a matter of fact, I'm going to try to start this weekend. You've motivated me. Don't give up. Be your biggest cheerleader! Woo Hoo. Let's get going!!


  4. groan!!! Thats how I feel! Some parts of my life are rock solid, and others, mostly the internal, personal things, are causing havoc in my mind. I dont have a word for the year, but maybe I am close to coming up with it too late? ha!

    I too want to get fit! We joined a gym, but I havent gone yet...maybe I will see when they have a fun night class next, that could be great... these things are hard.

    Hang in there as always!

  5. Leslie, you've read some of my posts to know that I have been dealing with a case of the funk too. I'm hoping beyond hope that I can get to the place where I really can let go of the burdens and just enjoy the journey. I'm working on it, and today is a better day than yesterday, so I can only hope that things (my attitude at least) can get better. I'm having the same struggles....weight, finances, some family things and they are very stressful, last night I felt like I was going to implode...that was until my sister reminded me to ask the Lord to take my burdens and give me strength to carry the ones I have, that is what the Atonement is all about. I keep forgetting that. Thank you for sharing your stories, I feel I can relate alot to your words. Oh..and my 2012 word is Action/Active..because I need to get off my behind and get busy doing something, whether it's exercise or creating, just something other than watching tv.

    Sure do love ya Les!


  6. Let me start by saying what an inspiration you are; your writing, your ability to share, your outlook, etc.. I am sorry that you have been going through a funk (especially while I retreated from the internet; I'm sorry I wasn't around). I am happy to see that we are getting back into the swing of things and I love the idea for your challenge. Its funny your comment about giving yourself permission to "just be" because so often I tell myself the same thing and I think of you (don't you like the word "be"? Or was it bees? Somehow I've connected you to the word "be." Listen to me ramble. Its no wonder I want to start working on my writing). Well anyways I'm happy to see you feeling better and I hope I can join your challenge.

  7. I love your manifesto canvas! I've been meaning to do something like that, an inspiration board or something, but haven't gotten around to it. I don't have a word for this year but I am hoping to find my way this year, too. Looking forward to learning more about your challenge! :-)

  8. I am super excited for your upcoming challenge. I LoVE your challenges. I have done them all.... some more faithfully than others. Iam not going to beat myself up over what I DIDN'T do. I will reward myself for what I DID do. There are just too many things that I can beat myself up over- I didn't give my girls enough one on one time when they were small, I didn't get my kids into a better elementary school, I don't date my husband as much as I should and I am not as good of a friend as I need to be. Rather than focus on all the 'SHOULD HAVES' and 'DIDN'T DO'S' I will learn and grow and celebrate the 'I DIDS'. lOVE YOU lESLIE!
    mAGGIE G.

  9. oh I am so glad you got what I was saying! I wasn't sure it really made sense. But you nailed it! What you said even made it clearer for me. It's not about not going anywhere, or not caring where you go, it's about enjoying the journey and just doing the best you can in the present. I too am still struggling with weight, depression and health issues. When I was running regularly it made me feel so good! I wasn't weighing myself, but people said I looked like I lost weight. The big deal for me was how good it made me FEEL. I was happier and had less anxiety and I was even eating better without really trying. Then I hurt my knee again. But I am going to try to start again next monday march 5th, even if my knee still hurts a little. (it isn't the running that was hurting it so I should be ok to run through the pain a little) anyway, I will be looking for your challenge!

  10. Dearest Brave Leslie, (((((HUGS))))). I love you so much. You are honest, brave, and such a wonderful artist. I totally get the gaining weight thing, and I am so proud of you for walking, and turning off the TV! Always remember, dear one, that God loves you, and so do I, and Jesus thinks you're to die for!!

  11. Well I think you look amazing! It sure is easy to get into a funk and hard as heck to get out isn't it?? I'm proud of you for taking the steps to make yourself feel better.


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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