Monday, June 14, 2010

Random Facts about Me and a GIVE AWAY!!!

We are back from the Show Me Games in Columbia. And while "Strike" didn't win a game we did come close every time, one game ended in a tie and one game we would have won {i just know it} but it began lightening and then POURING rain. We were DRENCHED {to say the least}. All in all a fun weekend! {and no i am a loser and forgot my camera!!}

Usually it's "Make My Monday" here at Words of Me Project...but today I thought it would be fun to share some random facts about me. {Plus in all my camp chaos last week i forgot to get the questions to Courtney...tune in next week}

So here goes..."I Betcha Didn't Know"

I don't like chocolate. Not really. If I do eat chocolate I prefer white to milk or dark.

I grew up with on the Mississippi River and with a pool in my backyard...but I hate water.

"Jaws" is my favorite summer movie...and "Mystic Pizza".

I have finished 2 marathons and 1 triathlon. I learned how to swim when I was 33 so I could do the triathlon.

I have only lived in 2 places. Fort Madison, Iowa and now Maryville.

I have walked or jogged 5 days a week for the past 13 years. It clears my mind, helps me be more productive and is a great stress reliever.

I love to eat. My favorite foods are chips and dip. I could eat the whole bag of chips and whole carton of dip.

Mexican food is the bomb!

Music from the 60's and 70's inspires me. It's my fave music to listen to while I create.

I have a B.S. in Broadcasting from Northwest Missouri State University. I have worked at 3 different radio stations...KDLX, KXCV and KNIM. I have also done some television. Directing is my favorite TV thing to do.

I love movies...especially scary ones. The oldies like "Halloween", "Friday the 13th" and "The Believers". One of my fave scary movies of all time is "The Skeleton Key". Spooky!

My dream vacation destination is Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio and Forks, Washington. We are planning a trip to Forks next summer!!

This summer we are headed to Roswell, New Mexico. Home of the UFO Museum. My son can't wait {neither can we}

I try to be organized but I'm terrible at it.

I collect notebooks, pads of paper and stationary. I have them stashed everywhere yet can NEVER find a piece of paper when I need it!!

I feel most at home when I'm writing. It calms me down.

I have just recently lost 13 pounds and am shooting for 20 more!!

This July 4th weekend is my 25 year class reunion. Has it been that long?!?!

I had every lead in my HS plays. And I went to Nationals in Speech where I placed 6th in Extemporaneous Speaking.

I love people but can be pretty shy in a group.

I love life and look forward to what each and everyday brings!!!

**I hope I didn't bore you with those random facts about me. I had fun thinking of them!!

On a completely OTHER note...we leave for vacation July 10th...about 4 weeks from now. Currently my Blog has 64 followers here and 65 on Facebook. I would LOVE to raise both those numbers to 80 before I leave!! So here's how it's gonna work!! I have TWO fabulous prizes to give away!!

The first one is Jillian Micheal's book "Master Your Metabolism". It is brand new!! If you are a Jillian fan you will love this book and gain new knowledge about what you should be eating.

The second prize is a bag of collage and scrappy goodies!! Chipboard shapes, stickers, random ephemera {including old postcards}, papers and MORE. I will be posting a photo of both prizes later in the week!!

Here's what you need to do to be eligible to win...

*leave a comment here {one entry}
*leave me a comment on my Words of Me fan page {one entry}
*Become a follower here AND on FB {2 entries}
*If you are already a follower here and/or FB you get 1 entry {be sure and leave me a comment, too!!}

So to be clear...for every comment you leave me on every post I write from today through July 7th, 2010 you will get an entry!!! Yep, you have LOTS of opportunities to WIN!! And I would appreciate the help to grow my blog!!!


  1. Oh, such fun facts Leslie! I had no idea about most of those! Fun! Oh how I wish I didn't like chocolate! I would be SO much thinner :D

    Vacation? Yippee! I'll be on my mini-mommy vacation soon :)

    Good luck on adding to your followers and fans!!


  2. Loved learning more about you!
    I would love to win your giveaway...even 2 place will do :O)

  3. alreadt a loyal follower of your blog :OP

  4. already follow you on fb too...

  5. You should take your family on a vacation to Cedar Point one summer. It is fun there! I got to go a few times while growing up in Ohio. Cleveland is fun too in the summer.

  6. love give aways....and girls named Leslie...and I follow! ;)

  7. CHECK YOU OUT, LES!! I'm LOVING the new blog design! (I'm addicted to changing mine! I can't stop!! help!!!) But I'm LOVING this one for you!!! Oh, and I just about thought that you and I were separated at birth UNTIL I found out that YOU DON'T LIKE CHOCOLATE!?!?!? I mean, was that a typo? Or is that for REAL?? ;)

    Ok, I guess I love ya anyway!!! ;)

  8. THis is great!! Loved learning random things about you. Except I'm with Leanne, What's up with the chocolate!?!? HA!!!


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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