Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Go Team Edward

Yes, I admit it. I am a Twilight Fan. I wouldn't call myself obsessed but oh, how easily I could be:)

Today, of course is a monumental day for us Twilight groupies...the 3rd movie in the series "Eclipse" opens...we can't wait!!!

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About three years ago my daughter Em and I were standing in Deseret Bookstore in Odgen, Utah searching for church history books. Em ran up to me all excited and asked if she could buy this book about vampires. I was surprised to hear that our church's bookstore would sell a book about the undead (LOL).

The book, of course, was "Twilight". 

At the time Em was just 10 and couldn't get into it. I tried as well but was bored after the first few chapters. 

Time passed and before you knew it a whole year had passed. 

July 2008. I kept hearing about this movie called "Twilight" that was coming out in the fall. The internet was buzzing with Edward and Bella. And I learned more about the author Stephanie Meyers and that she had went to BYU and was a member of my church {LDS}. All of this piqued my interest so I decided to give the book another try. 

I had no idea what I was in for!! 

I became Edward OBSESSED!!!

I couldn't get enough...I was reading while standing up...I was reading in the bathtub...

I was talking like a teenager about this vampire-Edward. My husband thought I had lost it!!

Once I finished with "Twilight" I went immediately to Wal-mart and bought "New Moon". Then a friend told me they had "Eclipse"...then my darling husband surprised me with "Breaking Dawn."

Never had I read a series of books so FAST! 

In a matter of months I had devoured 4 books and was ready for a 5th {aren't we all?!}

I bought key chains, buttons and tee shirts all adorned with my dear, sweet Edward. *sigh*

I stood in line for hours to get our "Twilight" tickets. I can still remember that first time in the movie when we all see know what I'm talking about. I swear the entire theater gasped!!

Heck, Em and I even made the front page of our local newspaper at our library's "Twilight" party!!

That's me on the right side in the middle. Em is on the right in the red shirt and my friend Kristin is on the left.

Last night Em and I went to our Library's "Eclipse" party. Emmie won a Jacob bookmark {she is TEAM JACOB all the way so that was perfect!}

We decided not to go to opening night tonight. We still have so much to do to get ready for leaving for the weekend soooooo....

I bought tickets for the late show tomorrow night...Dave, Jacks, Em and I are all going. Can't wait!!

So what about you? Are you Twilight obessed? If not {it's okay!} what has made you so crazy that you stay up till wee hours of the morning reading {or creating or watching}? I would love to know!!

Oh, yeah...are YOU Team Jacob or Team Edward?!


  1. I too am obsessed with Twilight Leslie :D I read all 4 books in two weeks. Should I feel guilty that I am twice most of the casts ages? Nah!

    I am a Team Edward/ Jacob fan. Once I read all of the books I was happy with how it turned out, everybody wins : )

    Let me know what you think about Eclipse. I think I'll be seeing it next week with all of my friends. Yeah!!


  2. WOOOO HOOOOOOOO Les!! I'm Team Edward, too! And unfortunately can't get to the movie this weekend (family in from out of town), but I'm REALLY counting the days until I CAN get to see it! SO excited! Let me know how it is, ok??

  3. I had no idea that I was in a newspaper pic with you and Emma from the Twilight Party. I will have to look at that sometime. I haven't seen the new movie yet either, but Kellie's friends went last night and sent her texts that it was amazing. We are in Cali now. I can't wait to spend the day at the beach tomorrow. Miss you!!

  4. Just added your pretty blog to my Artistic Mothers group list. Glad to have you in the group!Look forward to seeing your artwork!
    Your friend,

  5. I am not a twi-hard. Sorry. Yes i read all the books. Didn't like movie #1, and haven't seen #2 and not planning on any others.

    However, i have the book "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner" (an Eclipse novella....spinoff of a character mentioned very briefly in Eclipse) and you can borrow it if you like. Heather made me buy it.


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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