Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Favs

Hey, is it going today? I have a skip in my step as we approach the weekend. It has been a very good week for me. Life is good right now:)

So, ya' know how my Blog is called Words of Me Project? Have I shared last week's word, NO.

Try as I might Mondays just don't do it for me. I think because I do "Make My Monday" interviews. So I have decided to start sharing my word during my Friday Favs post. Makes sense...afterall words are my very favorite thing of all.

Last week was Girl's Camp. I was one of the cooks remember? also And while it was long hours and work it was also Fun! I met wonderful women from the area, amazing girls and I got to see my daughter giggling and making new friends, too. And I  was able to spend hours and hours with two of my best girlfriends!!

I'd have to say my Word from last week is....


imparting inspiration.
under the influence of inspiration; inspired.
of or pertaining to inspiration.
Last week I was most certainly under the influence of inspiration!! 
{to be clear...since today I begin posting my Word on Fridays...I will be going from Friday to Friday} 
My Word from this past week has to be
without fear; bold or brave; intrepid.
Love that "bold or brave". While I wasn't fearless against anything major like some bad person trying to do wrong or standing up for myself in some unpleasant situation...what I have done this week is stepped out of my comfort zone. I created a space so I could do my art. Just saying "do my art" sounds foreign and a bit silly coming out of my mouth.
I mean...I don't "do art". I'm no artist. I'm just a Mom, a housewife, a woman who has this deep down need {secret} to play with paper and glue and paint and words and ideas and inspirations.  
And yesterday I began. I used gesso. I painted. I used techniques. I collaged. I used a pencil to sketch something on my collage. I mod podged. 
I can't wait to do it again. 
On with my Friday Favs for the week. 
1. Spending time being inspired by my darling daughter Emma. Love her fearlessness when it comes to ART! 
 That is Em on the left

2. Collage Blogs. Holy Moly there are DOZENS and DOZENS of amazing collage blogs out there!!! Check out won't be sorry!!!

Frosted Petunias {thanks, Leanne!!}

My Awakened Heart {Bev, you are amazing!!}
Like I sure and check these talented and inspiring ladies out!! 
3. Date Nights. Yep!! My husband and I {and Em} are all going out tonight...dinner and a movie and I can't wait!
Have a magical weekend, girlies!!
Don't forget you can WIN a collage kit that I'm putting together of all sorts of goodies and you can win the book by Jillinan Michal's called "Master Your Metabolism".
Be sure and leave a comment below...become a follower and click HERE to "Like" me on FB! You will get an entry for each thing you do!!!  
Happy Weekend GIRLS!!


  1. hey ya!! love the look of your blog! very pretty!

    I have a date night tonight with my husband, our 10 year anniversary!!

    So you enjoy your weekend as well! Im looking forward to checking out your collage blog links. fun!!

  2. Enjoy your weekend and your "date night plus 1"...hehehe
    Still can't wait to see whta you have in the making....{{taps foot impatiently}}

  3. I have a feeling I'm headed back to girls camp next year (as the nurse)... I'm kind of dreading it but I never thought of making friends of my OWN. That does sound nice. :)

  4. I am so thrilled that you are joining The Artistic Mother's Group.
    We will be allowing two weeks for each project. But if you get behind, please don't worry. Just keep working a little each day. The whole point of this group is to develop the habit of doing art each day. It is also so we can encourage one another and be an accountability group. I personally need the accountability part of it. Knowing that others are coming to see what I'm up to is very motivational; otherwise, I may not finish it on my own. Some projects may be easier for you than others and may allow you to catch up. But if you don't, don't get discouraged. Just keep on going. This is a low pressure group. I want everyone to have fun and also enjoy visiting one another.

    Each week do a post of your progress as you go through the book. When posting each week, please mention the group with a link to my blog. That way people can go to my blog and see the list of the other participants and click around to see their progress as well.

    Please check my blog often for tips, notes of encouragement and exciting news. And please go and read my previous posts because they contain resources that will help you get a good start with the group.

    Please also go back and read all of the posts I have written about The Artistic Mother group, starting near the end of February because there is a lot of good information in those posts that will help you get a good start with us. You can find all of them easily by going to "Labels" a little ways down in my side bar and clicking on "The Artistic Mother" label.

    And one last thing. Please come and check the blog list of participants on a regular basis and visit and comment as much as you can. We want to all encourage one another.

    Trudy Callan
    Be sure and check my blog often for updates and notes of encouragement.

    I am signing up as follower and putting you on my blog list so I can know when you post, and I am adding your name to the list right now.

Again, I am so glad you could join us.
    Note: Due to copyright laws, we are not allowed to do tutorials or step-by-step photos of the projects on our blogs or take photos of the pages in the book and post them. You may post a photo of your version of the project and talk about your experiences and feelings relating to it.

    Also, if you are doing this project with a friend, each person must have their book unless you are doing it together under the same roof. No photocopying of the book, please.

  5. Sounds great!! Will we get to see what you've worked on?? ;)

  6. hey girlfriend...thanks for the shout about my blog, you are an angel...have a fun night out!

  7. What a great post and blog! I love your inspirational words and reading about the little known facts about you. I too was a drama head in HS - good luck with your reunion and thank you for becoming a follower - look forward to seeing your work this Monday, Kristin xo


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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