Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Favs {photos}

Is it really Friday?! I think I say this every single time it comes around. These summer days are faster than a speeding bullet-LOL!

Okay, so yesterday, I soooo needed one of is my friend Leanne's "Get out of Crankville" card.

Yes, me, the perpetual "Happy Girl" woke up in Crankville yesterday morning.

I woke up complaining about money {the lack of}, owning a business {somedays I wish we were NOT self-employed} and the fact that so and so is going to Hawaii...and how we've never been to Hawaii and we'll probably never be boing to Hawaii and how unfair it all is and blah, blah, blah.

There was just no getting me out of Crankville.

1 ) Until these two silly girls came down the stairs.

Maddie and Emmi. These two spend as much time together as possible. This summer Maddie has practically lived here.

Aren't they pretty:)

So, these two came down the stairs, laughing and Em asked me what we're going to do today.

Me in my crankiness, grimaces and says "Nothing".


I continue..."We could go to St. Joe and get my phone" {I have been without my phone for 3 weeks. It just died one day and they were replacing it with a free phone}

It was decided then...Dave even gave me a bit of cash so I could buy some fruit and veggies at Sam's Club. On the way down we listened to music, sang at the top of our lungs and giggled all the way down {it's a 40 minute drive}. We even managed a trip to Hobby Lobby where I bought my first set of drawing pencils {graphite and charcoal pencils). They one cost $8.99 for the entire set {and it is the girl's and I's secret!!} I am grateful for these two girls who turned my crankiness into happiness:)

 2) My office space and all the stuff in it.

As you may remember I spent a week sorting, tossing and re-arranging my office.

I have a REALLY nice creative space in my basement...built in cupboards, a desk, etc. It is where I've created for the past 3 years. But there are no windows in my space and I'm a sunshine kind of girl. Soooo I moved a few of my supplies up here to office in hope the big window and open space would inspire me.

After cruising through dozens of blogs last week with the "Where I Create" Series...I wish for a more cozier and sweet space...but for now this will do.

This is what I call my "Faith" Wall. Everything that inspires me is here {not everything but a few of my fave things}. I love suns, my Mom gave me that cross, one of my fave words is FAITH and there is that Maya Angelou quote I showed you the other day...This is my favorite thing on the wall...
Remember my Dad I told you about? This is a photo strip I found of him and I after he died. There are hardly any photos of us together when I was a baby so I treasure this. I was like a year old here...I had it professionally framed.

Love my Twilight journals...

And look at this treasure. My Grandma Jackson made this for me before I was in Kindergarten.

Here is what it looks like opened...

That's me. It's an old cigar box she mod podged!! I sure wish I would have mod podged with her!!! 

I put my collection of old postcards in it.

Here is my favorite thing in my space. It hangs right about and to the right of my computer.

It's my Inspiration Board. I have had one of these in my bedroom since I was in grade school. I love them!! When I hung this up a few weeks ago {it had been downstairs} I was inspired to add the punched butterflies!! I just attached with glue dots:)

I love that photo of me. I was going in the 8th grade!

I have everything from stickers to tags to photos to scraps of inspirational paper to my Art Goals on this board. I will add or remove stuff as I feel inspired to. I'm confident it will be jam packed with goodies in no time!

Now I KNOW that eventually I'll end up back in my space downstairs. I LOVE it there. That's why I only brought up a few things I can use to scrap or collage or paint. I am very blessed to have several spaces I can call my own. This is my space for now.

3) Cheesy "B" type scary movies. Yes, sad I know. But they are so much fun to watch!! Me and Jackson enjoy watching them whenever they are on the Chiller Channel. This morning I came across one I'm really looking forward to and one I'm sure will be just TERRIBLE [in a fun sort of way!!} It stars two 80's pop icons...Debbie Gibson and Tiffany and is called "Mega Python versus Gatoroid". How cheesy is that??! You can read about it here.

4} My WORD of the Week.


preoccupied with one's thoughts, interests, etc.
These past few weeks I have been consumed with organizing, cleaning, doing my own thing...Usually I am more giving, but's all about me. {time to have a balance again}.

5)  My NEW amazingly beautiful Header and Button from Leanne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! {please grab a buton!!}


Just so you know...I love all the comments from the NEW girls and thank you for becoming a Follower!! And of course you girls that have been faithful followers and readers for some time now...I love you guys!! A reminder about the give aways...

2 Collage kits and the book by Jillian Micheals "Master Your Metabolism". 

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We are up to 71 followers now!! Just need 9 more to reach my goal of 80 by July 8th!!!!

Happy Friday, girls. Thanks for all your support!!!


  1. I'm so happy that the girls were able to pull you from crankyville! I know those days trust me. It was good to get out of town so I could appreciate the life I have here with my family.

    The space looks great! I love those pictures of you and your dad, a treasure for sure!

    Self absorbed is my word of the decade. So sad. I am trying to climb out of that hole though. I'm glad I have a partner in crime;D

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Oh, sweetie! So sorry you needed a crankville card yesterday. I'm going to mail you a bunch so you have them on hand! ;) I, too, am in a crankville state (a little bit) today...I'm feeling a little sorry for myself about my own bank account, too! (that's a bummer!)But we must look at the positive! And those girls are 100% POSITIVE!!!! Also, your creative space ...FANTASTIC!!!!

  3. Really enjoyed reading this post and then seeing the photos. Gave me some real inspiration as my office is in need of an overhaul with not a bunch of money to do it. Glad I found your blog via Leanne! :)


  4. I am glad you found me too..if you had not I would have never found you. Delightful blog. Love your Faith Wall. I too have a collection of old postcards ..


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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