Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Let's Do Lunch

As I was checking out all my blogging friends late into the night and then again this morning I found so much inspiration.

Seriously...you all make me want to create, inspire and be a better me. Who needs magazines when the world has women bloggers?!?!?

My darling friend, Leanne wrote the cutest post about how she and her PG went to the Smithsonian where she got to see Julia Child's kitchen. What made me love it so is that my sweet friend ADORES Julie Child and the wonderful movie Julie and Julia...{me, too!!}
{image from this blog}

She went on to share that if she could cook with anyone it would be Julia and if she could eat with someone it would be Queen Elizabeth. Read the entire post here.

That got me to thinking...who would I enjoy cooking with? The Food Network has become my favorite channel. There are so many cooks I LOVE...

The "Barefoot Contessa"
{photo from here}

Guy Ferrari, Paula Deen and of course Julia Childs. Oooo, I love Ellie Krieger, too. She is so healthy!!
 {image from here}

 But I'd have to say the cook I would most want to cook with is...

{image from here}

Rachel cooks like I would cook if I had my own show. She is just so down to earth...especially her older "30 Minute Meals" shows. They are my favorite and what got me back into cooking! I even have her "Yum-O" shirt!!

Let's see...now to answer the question "who would I have dinner with?" Hmmmmmm.....so many options here, too. I mean I could pick someone famous and gorgeous like

 or one of my favorite talk show hosts...


I could pick a famous historical figure...
George Washington


Helen Keller
{she was amazing}

But after much thought I think I would have to choose...

The pioneers
{image from here}
The pioneers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints spent months walking from Illinois to Salt Lake City...all in the name of faith. They suffered one heartbreak after another. You can read a bit about their story here.
I want to know how and why they did what they did. I mean I have strong faith. But when I think about the pioneer sacrifice I can't help but wonder if I would do the same thing. Would I risk losing my loved ones for the Lord? Having dinner with these strong individuals would probably last for hours!!

What about you? Who would you have dinner with? Who would you cook with? Leave a comment below or why not do your own post? If you do...join in the fun and link Leanne's post along with my post on your blog. Sound like fun...all right then...get to it:)

P.S. My creative space is really taking shape!! Yesterday I was overwhelmed and ready to give up. But it is turning out nice and soon I will be ready to share.


  1. what a great post! hmmm...lets see...if I could have dinner with anyone it would be Reba....yep, pretty shallow I know. But she just looks like she woul dbe so fun to hang out with. She is a mom of a teenager like me so we would have tons to talk about.
    Oh, love your new look chick and thanks for adding my button to your sidebar{I am so glad you feel at home while hanging out over my way}
    Have a wonderful week. I will be back to blogging soon.

  2. Oooo! Fantastic stuff here! Thanks for playing along and with me and my questions today! I'm LOVING ALL of you answers! You've got some great people in here - and your final answers are, of course, brilliant! (I'm a big Rachel fan, too! I cook most like her, as well. Although I WANT to cook like Ina!) Great post, Les!

  3. Dear Leanne-intriguing questions! Who would I cook with? MMMM! I think...Rachel Ray-she is so bubbly or maybe Paula Deene (I love her personality!) but her food is way too fattening! And who would I want to have dinner with? Like can I pick absolutely ANYONE??? Oprah or maybe...Buddha or Obama or...to many choices! It would be AWESOME if all of us FLYING Classmates + Kelly could have dinner together!!! That would be AWESOME!!
    thanks so much for signing the petition. Yes, It is a horrible (and silent) problem; this female genocide in India. The numbers are shocking and only getting worst. My heart breaks to think of it...Thank you for your help.

  4. Who would I have dinner with.... I'd say John Wooden. I had no idea who he was until he passed away a week or so ago. My sons teacher is a HUGE UCLA fan and I was struggling trying to figure out an end of the year thank you gift for her. I was volunteering at school the day they said John wouldn't make it and I overheard her mention it to another sports fan. When I asked my husband about him he told me what a great man he was and started showing me all of his quotes. I decided to have a friend paint a sign for her with one of his quotes that could relate to teaching. "Never mistake activity for achievement." From there I saw something called Pryamid of success. You can see it here:http://www.salem.k12.va.us/shs/moore/johnwoodensuccess.html


I appreciate your thoughts and ideas...they inspire me!! I will be visiting you soon. Have a CREATIVE day!!

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