Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Me Being Fearless - {just a wee bit scared!!}

Alrighty then. Me. Being. Fearless.

Aw, yeah. About that...

I am tremendously nervous about posting my first canvas.


Here is my darling Emma's creation...

Here is a close-up...

Isn't this GREAT!!?? Isn't she amazing??! Yes, she is. She inspires me like no other. Seriously. She has always been a FEARLESS artist. Always!

And here we go...here is mine.

Oh and before you see it I must apologize...one of the angel's wings is bigger and weirder looking than the other.

I know.

I know because Em and Jacks pointed it out. Thanks, kids.

Yeah, you...thanks.  A lot.

Nice outfit, Em...

Deep breath...Whew...here is a piece of it. That saying is from Kelly Rae's class I'm currently taking.

Another piece...

I love birds and butterflies. They inspire me so!! The birds are from a very old {early 1900} postcard...I Mod Podged these things on the canvas...

Here is the entire piece...

Yes, this piece was inspired by Kelly Rae. She is amazing:) I don't even pretend to be like her...LOL.

A close up...

The words on her dress say "make it possible it will breathe peace to our souls."

So yeah...what do you think? I know...it's pretty childish looking really. I mean that poor angels face {and those wings} but ya' know I least I tried, right?

Maya Angelou says it best...this hangs on my office wall as a daily reminder...

 I stretched my soul. 

Sure does feel good:)

So, I keep talking about these prizes I'm giving out right?! It's about time I showed them to you!! Here is prize number 1...Jillian Michaels book...this is a good one!!

Prize #2...

Dozens of goodies to scrap with, collage or use in some other craft!! I will also be including some hand stamped tags and shapes in here, too:)

Prize #3

This is a DARLING mini chipboard album from Jenni Bowlin Studios. She is one of my faves!! Also included are these super cute pattern papers to use in your album and some hand stamped tags from me.

Remember...to win one of these AWESOME prizes you can do the following:

1) leave me a comment (1 entry)
2) become a fan on FB here (1 entry)
3) become a follower (1 entry)

More photos tomorrow of my space!!!!


  1. wow, what a brave girl!! i am very proud of you...putting your art out there is very scary. your collage is beautiful, from you heart and soul!
    ok. i'm a follower and i left a comment, didn't do facebook...so put me in for 2 entries...i soooo love prize #2...just so ya know! LOL!

  2. you did an amazing & fearless job girl! I am so proud you did it!

    And of course you know I want to enter your giveaway...and I am already a follower of your blog...and I'm already your friend on fb...so that about sums it up....I am all over ya chick!

  3. Aw, Leslie...I love it!! You most definitely stretched your soul!! Way to go, Girl!! And what Em and Jacks didn't take into account is the wings look like that because they were in "flutter mode". I'm so proud of you!! You inspire others to stretch a little farther!! Thanks for being brave enough to share! Love Em's piece, too, by the way!

  4. Les, it's amazingly perfect!!! I LOVE it!! Stretching your soul is ALWAYS a good thing!!! ;)

  5. It is so sweet... count me in on your giveaway, I love the crafty bits and pieces, in New Zealand we don't get such a great selection. I am also a follower. x

  6. What a beautiful masterpiece :)

  7. I am so proud of you!!! What you can't see...is that I am standing and APPLAUDING YOU!!! I absolutely LOVE your canvas - and Em's ... OMGoodness! What an absolutely wonderfully creative piece you both created! You, once again, inspire me to DO IT!!!!

    Really . . . I am so proud of you!!! Let's do another, ok!?!

  8. Shut Up! I am so inspired by you! You are super brave! I love your canvas! Its so real, and bright! L.O.V.E. it! I'm so glad you came and stopped by Kreative Knack! Otherwise I'm not sure if I would have found your awesome blog! I love your "words" make me just stop and smell the roses :) lol
    Talk to ya later! And thanks for the spot on your sidebar *blushing*

  9. your piece is wonderful - so glad you shared it!

  10. Thanks for putting yourself out there! I think that the canvas looks great. You have imported your own style to it. Who cares if the wings are exactly the same? No one is exactly symmetrical.

  11. Thanks for sharing! The canvases and Maya Angelou quote are great :)

  12. Just happened upon your blog while blog-stalking, lol. Thank you so much for the smiles tonight. Aren't kids, erm, fantastic?

  13. Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day! Love your painting. Hope you have a great week!

  14. P.S. I am a new follower! Thanks for hosting a fun giveaway!

  15. What joy I hear in your post Leslie. So wonderful : ) That makes the angel even more beautiful!

    P.S. We had a great time at Legends, breezy as it was :o) Wish you were there!


  16. ck your email - sent you a surprise!

  17. Wow Les, I'm seriously impressed. With yours and Emma's! Both of them are so adorable and creative, you should definetly find a place to hang them. I commend you on your braveness. It's not easy to try a new craft and then post it online. But you have not only inspired me but I'm sure you've inspired others on here. You.Are.Awesome!

  18. Woooooooo Hoooooo!!! LOVE the header and button, les!! FanTAStic!!!

  19. I love your canvas it just makes me smile to even see it. I love emmas too she is so creative

  20. Hey Les -- loving the new look and the artwork!

    I am hoping to get the Jillian book!


  21. i love that you did this! how fun :)
    im following now :)


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