Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wordy Wednesday {and a chance to win}

Happy Hump Day!! Lots going on in my world today. All good though so I can't complain:).

Today's Wordy Wednesday actually doesn't come directly from me today. As I was reading through my favorite Blogs this morning I came across Stacy Julian's post about moms. I have been a fan of Stacy for YEARS. For those of you who don't know her...she was the Editor {and founder} of Simple Scrapbooks Magazine. She has written several books on simplifying your scrapbook style and gives you a whole new way to look at the hobby. One of my favorite books on the subject is "Big Picture Scrapbooking". Pure Genius!
If you haven't read this out and buy it!! Seriously it is THAT good:)

Anyway, I just loved what Stacy posted today. Please read all about it here.

She asks us to write down 22 things we've learned as a Mom. Below is my list...{and like Stacy says:PLEASE don't read mine until you create your own!!} goes....

22 Things I've learned Being Mom
1.It's okay to say you're sorry.
2. That I can {and do!} love somebody unconditionally.
3. I need to live in the moment more
4. I need to have lots more fun!!
5. Nothing is better than a big bucket of sidewalk chalk {and a sidewalk!}
6. Running around in the rain can be a blast!
7. Snuggling on the couch is the best way to spend a Friday night
8. The Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause really are important
9. The sweetest prayers ever said come from children
10. You can't be a good mom and be selfish
11. There are seasons in your life. You have to learn what is okay for you now at this "season" in your life
12. Having family meals together should be a priority
13. Kids don't like cleaning there room:)
14. You MUST be an advocate for your child in all things {I'm thinking school here}
15. Kids will try and get by with a BUNCH! You gotta be on your toes!!
16. It is okay to be their friend...but being there parent is most important in some circumstances
17. Children watch EVERYTHING we do. You must live by example!!
18. At first kids may not want to do something but soon they will be fine.
19. Big Birthday parties aren't as important as just remembering and make it really, really special. Make them feel like a King/Queen for the day!
20. McDonald's and other fast food don't have to be a staple in your home. Children love to cook and try new foods.
21. It's best to let them help whenever they can. Whether it is cooking, cleaning, wrapping presents, whatever. They enjoy it and they learn so much.
22 Being a Mom is a gift!! One that I treasure and thank my Heavenly Father for daily!!!!

Okay, so there was my list. What about you??? 


Please go check this out over at Rhonda's blog...what a cool thing to win, right??


  1. I was inspired to make my list:

  2. LOL- I do believe that the sweetest prayers come from children. I'm inspired to make my own list too...25 Things I've Learned from being a daughter... :)


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